Sydenham college alumni meet

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sydenham college alumni meet

Introducing an institution like Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics bright alumni who by their outstanding contributions in the respective fields, not. Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai, Maharashtra Application The college is famous for its notable alumni and it also included the . termed as semester examinations in order to meet the requirements of coursework. The Sydenham Management Association (SMA) stands at the apex of the the Alumni informed about the various events and achievements of the college.

sydenham college alumni meet

Not only this but also once the faculty is on campus, we ensure the batch is attentive and respectful towards the faculty and all the pre-requisites of the visiting faculties are taken care of. We need to be efficient in time management, need to think on our feet, and need to have good communication skills. Not to forget that a CC has to be a tough taskmaster yet approachable and a diligent problem solver of his or her batch mates.

So far, all the people on this position have done an amazing job and have done it with the good wishes of all our batch mates and the admin staff.

sydenham college alumni meet

Every year, the faces change, but the responsibilities and the contribution of a course co-ordinator remains the same. We also conduct various interactive sessions with industry stalwarts from diverse domains which helps in inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit among potential go-getters at SIMSREE.

The event consists of two main formats.

Srcc Alumni Association

This will not only help the students willing to start their own business but also will bring about a sense of responsibility and passion, shown by an entrepreneur, in their future daily work life. To take forward this goal, we are working on setting up a much needed Incubation Centre in our very own Campus. Guest Lectures and Entrepreneur Meets: Industry Exposure and Stories of successful and even unsuccessful ventures is extremely important for the students to be inspired and also to be able to identify the sectors in the world where they could solve real problems.

To achieve this, we aim to bring the Industry to the Students and we focus on inviting experienced Entrepreneurs from different domains. A community of students who can come together to share opinions, interact with classmates who Involves activities like Book Reviews, Case Studies, Interviews with Entrepreneurs, Opportunity to attend Start Up Events, etc.

With the full-fledged support from the institute and chairpersons, the committee is heading towards success.

John Abraham attends Jai Hind College Alumni meet party

We strive to get the best possible events to campus, for our peers to enjoy! The events we put up help students and the faculty to get their brains out of their textbooks and their dozy faces into the sun.

Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai

Not to mention, this brings them back to their lectures with better and fresher minds. After this vicious display of strength, skill and stamina, the students gear up later in the year for the Garba Night. Wearing traditional outfits and their smiles, Garba Night has students showing off the Desi culture with friends, teachers and guests all through.

Closely on its heels, the same year saw the entry of M. Economicsand in M. Inwhen the B. Com Honours Degree was instituted in the University of Delhi, teaching the course seemed to be natural task of the College. Honours Economics was introduced in Its Alumni occupy distinguished positions in almost all spheres of society, government, bureaucracy, banking, finance, academics, business, journalism and media.

It has been a long journey through the seventy-five years and yet the journey has perhaps just begun. The students were awestruck.

sydenham college alumni meet

After a successful stint at Lamborghini, Mr. Shetty was given responsibility to handle the business of Porsche, where sir is the Director today.

He spoke about the history of Porsche, how it was started. He provided many insights about how the marketing is done for Porsche, how the company leverages the BTL techniques and the digital media marketing.

sydenham college alumni meet

But when a customer has an experience of driving a Porsche, you know he cannot resist. The students were curious about many things and they kept interacting with Shetty sir. Be who you are and have intense engagement with whatever you want to do. He emphasized upon the adaptability in your manner of work. He also told that marketing lies in observing people and figuring out what they want.

The batch was showered with these and many more valuable insights. Last but not the least, he said not to forget to have a fun!

sydenham college alumni meet

Develop a passion or a hobby and work on it, enjoy it apart from your business.