Taken airport scene meet

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taken airport scene meet

Taken () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more In Paris, while standing in the line for a taxi at the airport, the two girls meet a friendly, handsome. Film locations for Taken (), in Los Angeles and Paris. Bryan sees off Kim and her pal Amanda (Katie Cassidy) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and soon Bryan meets up with Jean-Claude (Olivier Rabourdin), one of his old . Taken is a English-language action thriller film written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Upon arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Kim and Amanda meet Peter, an attractive young Frenchman who offers to share a taxi. Kim and.

Out of gratitude, Sheerah offers to have Kim assessed as a singer. Before Bryan can tell her about the offer, Kim asks her father for permission to travel to Paris with her best friend Amanda. As he's wary about Kim's safety since she wants to go on without him, he initially refuses, but eventually agrees. At the airport, Bryan learns the girls are actually planning to follow U2 during their European tour. Kim and Amanda go to Amanda's cousins'[ clarification needed ] apartment, where Kim finds out the cousins are in Spain.

While she makes a call to Bryan, Kim sees men enter the apartment and abduct Amanda. Kim follows her father's instructions to hide and listen closely.

taken airport scene meet

After she is dragged out from underneath a bed, Kim yells a description of her abductor. Bryan hears a person breathing heavily and, realising one of the abductors has picked up the phone, tells him that he will not go after the kidnappers if they release his daughter, but warns them that failure will result in their deaths.

A man tersely replies, "Good luck. Based on previous history, Kim will disappear for good if not found within 96 hours. Bryan flies to Paris, breaks into the apartment and finds Peter's reflection in a picture on Kim's phone. He finds Peter at the airport and tries to capture him. While fleeing, Peter gets rammed by a truck.

With his only lead dead, Bryan turns to an old contact, former French intelligence agent Jean-Claude Pitrel, who now has a desk job. Jean-Claude informs him of the local red-light district where the Albanian prostitution ring operates, but warns him not to get involved.

Bryan enters a makeshift brothel in a construction yard, where he rescues a drugged young woman who has Kim's denim jacket. Peter runs into traffic and Bryan jumps out of the taxi and chases Peter on foot. Peter then jumps over the overpass and seemingly lands safely when a truck hits and kills him. Bryan then meets with an old acquaintance named Jean-Claude, who is with French Intelligence, to ask for help. The Frenchman tells Bryan where the Albanian-pimped hookers are located, but warns Bryan to stay out of it and to not cause any problems.

As Bryan leaves, Jean-Claude sets up a tail to follow him. After getting a rental car, Bryan meets with an Albanian interpreter whom he's hired at the hooker area, first telling him to wait in the car after they drive to the Pigalle area of Paris.

taken airport scene meet

Bryan then deliberately wastes a prostitute's time so her pimp will come over to rough up the seemingly mild-mannered Bryan and demand some money. Bryan then slyly plants a listening device on the pimp. Back in the car, Bryan has the interpreter listen to the audio feed from the bug and translate the Albanian conversation. They talk about having trouble with some new merchandise at a nearby construction site. Bryan excuses the interpreter, but not before getting the Albanian-English dictionary he had asked him to bring.

At the construction site, there is a long line of men waiting to get into a trailer. Bryan acts like a customer and joins the line.

When Bryan reaches the head of the line, he hands the "doorman" his money and receives a scrap of paper with a single digit on it.

taken airport scene meet

Inside the trailer ropes have been strung with blankets draped over them to form 'rooms' on either side of a center aisle. As Bryan walks down the aisle, he looks into each 'room.

She beckons him to come to her, but, instead, he starts pulling more blankets aside to check the other rooms. Since each room has a customer, this invasion of privacy starts a ruckus. Bryan has to deal with a few bouncers as he makes his way along the length of the trailer. In the last room, Bryan sees his daughter's jacket and a drugged woman with hair like Kim's.

Rushing in, he finds it isn't Kim. Bryan tries to question this woman, but she is so drugged she can't talk.

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Bryan carries her to a nearby Jeep, hot-wires the ignition, and, after a wild chase, makes his escape from a swarm of angry Albanians. He drives to a quiet out-of-the-way hotel and rents two rooms from the owner another old acquaintance. In one of the rooms, Bryan rigs up an IV drip and injects the girl with Narcan, beginning an ultra-rapid detox of her system.

Later, Jean-Claude demands a meeting with Bryan out in the open by the river. When Jean-Claude arrives, his cell phone rings. It is Bryan saying he doesn't trust meeting Jean-Claude until he gets Kim back. Jean-Claude says his boss hit the roof over the construction site violence. While the boss wanted Bryan arrested, Jean-Claude has convinced him to authorize instead a ticket to send Bryan back to America, "for previous services.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude's men have been triangulating the source of Bryan's phone call and a squad of men burst onto a nearby rooftop. There they find a cell phone rigged with a walkie-talkie. Bryan is actually on another roof nearby.

Bryan walks away easily. The girl comes back to consciousness and tells Bryan she got the jacket from another girl. All she can remember is it was at a house with red doors on the rue Paradis.

Bryan finds the house with the red doors, walks in bold and confident, and presents Jean-Claude's business card as his own. Bryan is led past several thugs to a dirty kitchen. Four Albanians are seated around a table. Bryan tries to ascertain who is the leader, but they all claim to be Marko and all from the town that Bryan's language expert had identified.

Bryan tells them that their former police contact, Mr. Macon, had been transferred and now he Bryan as Jean-Claude will be collecting the bribes, the rate for which has just gone up. After some hard bargaining, a deal is struck and Bryan thinks he has identified the figure from Kim's phone.

However, before he leaves, Bryan stops and says a friend gave him a note in Albanian. He hands it to the apparent leader and asks him to translate it.

The leader the real Marko responds "Good Luck. I told you I was going to find you," and, suddenly Bryan is shooting and fighting the house full of armed men. When the smoke clears, Bryan has killed all of them but Marko. Bryan searches for Kim in all the upper bedrooms of the building. He finds several women handcuffed to beds and Amanda's dead body apparently due to a drug overdose.

Bryan tortures Marko with electricity. Bryan then turns the power back on and leaves Marko screaming in agony, presumably to die.

Jean-Claude comes home for supper to discover Bryan is visiting like an old friend. Jean-Claude's wife, Isabelle, tells Jean-Claude to put the two kids to bed. As he does, he recovers a pistol from the lavatory and tucks it into the back of his waistband. At the dining room table, Bryan casually speaks about moving to Paris and drops the address of the Albanian pimp-house and Macon's name.

Isabelle naively says that she herself knows Macon. Bryan then confronts Jean-Claude on selling protection and anonymity to the Albanians and demands to know who Saint Clair is.

Jean-Claude pulls out his pistol and aims it at Bryan, angrily detailing the gap between his pay and his expenses. Bryan then tosses a handful of bullets onto the dining room table and tells Jean-Claude that he has been behind a desk too long if he can't tell the difference in weight between a loaded gun and an unloaded one. Bryan pulls his own pistol and shoots Isabelle in the arm, saying, it's a flesh wound but that his next shot will kill her unless Jean-Claude provides him with information on Saint Clair.

Jean-Claude then goes into his office and uses his computer to access police files that identify and locate Saint Clair. Bryan then tells Jean-Claude to tell his wife he is sorry for shooting her and he then pistol whips the Frenchman to the floor. Bryan discovers Saint Clair is hosting a much darker "party" on a lower level.

Bryan assumes the guise of a waiter and gains access to a darkened room facing a wall of glass, one of a series of the same types of rooms that encircle an open stage. On the stage are a young, drugged, scantily clad young woman and a handler. In each darkened cubicle, a bidder presses a red button when they wish to bid. The auction ends and the girl is led away. The auctioneer announces the last and best woman of the evening's auction: Bryan pulls a gun on the buyer in this darkened room and forces him to outbid the others to purchase her.

The bidding goes to , but, upon leaving the room with the buyer still at gunpoint, Bryan is knocked unconscious from behind.

taken airport scene meet

He awakens suspended from a pipe just below the ceiling. He admits to the Englishman, Saint Clair, that he is the last girl's father. Saint Clair says, "too bad. It's business and she is sold already. Despite being shackled to the overhead pipe, Bryan manages to break the pipe loose and escape while killing the guards. Bryan meets the surprised Saint Clair standing at the elevator. Saint Clair pleads unsuccessfully for his life by saying "it was just business" and telling him that Kim will be at a pier.

Bryan shoots him dead and sends the elevator up to the party.