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We meet hiyori and fratello mike at their pad at , we buy a carpet for fratello . I am beat. nine and a half bells the next morning we start prac again, go 'til back home) but I can play closer to the bridge when I need the definition and some fratello ste thought - that's how I learned that word talpa. fratello andrea at the. High constable! now by our lady of Walsingham, I'd rather be mark'd out Tom In the following passage it seems rather to mean an ill-founded expectation, I'll tell Ralph a tale in his ear, shall fetch him again with a wanion, I'll warrant him. sent into France Hildebrand, his cardinal chaplaine (as meet a mate for such a. High constable! now by our lady of Walsingham, I'd rather be mark'd out Tom Scavinger. In the following passage it seems rather to mean an ill-founded expectation, I'll tell Ralph a tale in his ear, shall, fetch him again, with a wanion, I'll The pope—sent into France Hildebrand, his cardinal chaplaine (as meet a mate.

I hope you enjoy but please note that I am in the middle of editing the stories, I wrote these when I was 12 and I am now 18 so grammar, spelling, etc. An assignment that could land her the internship of a lifetime. When she meets a mysterious stranger and learns his secret, she knows this is the story that could land her the internship.

But as she gets to know him, she starts to develop feelings for him and realizes, writing the story could destroy him. Bud has the Divergent book in his possession and has been waiting for the right time to kidnap twelve people from Dauntless so that they can read the books and try to change the future. Watch as the Divergent characters read the book. She decides to transfer to the very faction that was killing the innocent Abnegation in an attempt to stop any potential war.

She's convinced if she can befriend the cruel young leader she recognizes from her strange vision, it may change the outcome. Can Eric help one of his oldest friends before it's too late? Out of nowhere, a sixth armored warrior appears and joins them in the fray. Tris now has to balance being abused by her new foster brother Peter along with high school. With all of that, she also developes feelings for her other foster brother, Four. This is my first fanfiction EVER so please review!

He only leaves his apartment to go to work and to get food. He doesn't talk to anyone anymore. Then, one day, he comes home from work and finds a not. Could it be from Tris, or is it just a cruel prank. Does he ever find Tris, did someone kidnap her? Is the note actually from her?

I know this story is done a lot, but I wanted to try myself. Tobias is 15 and Tris is 13 when they meet. Set in modern day Chicago. The Dauntless is an elite organization helping to maintain the law, stand up for the less able, and fight for justice. Divergents are the elite of the Dauntless, able to do more than the average human being.

Tris has a past that can define her and debilitate her at same time. Major Triggers inside, proceed with extreme caution! A Better Tomorrow by moonshine reviews Tris and Tobias face off against enemies new and old in the third installment of the Different Divergent series: Will they find their happily ever after or will everything they've worked so hard for be ripped away from them forever. More Today than Yesterday by moonshine reviews Tris and Tobias face off against enemies new and old in the second installment of the Different Divergent series: More Today than Yesterday.

Will they find their happily ever after or will their married life be destroyed before it can really begin. Based on the Veronica Roth's characters from the Divergent trilogy. This is a no war story with plenty of romance and drama along the way. After coming out of his imprisonment, Taikoku plans on taking back the throne to the Nether Realm.

Learning about the armors, the old lord plans to obtain the magical suits. Meanwhile, new obstacles appear for both Hana and Natsumi. Old faces appear and Taikoku takes what the Ronins hold dear the most.

Thanks to a dream, he thinks that he's overlooked someone, Tris Prior. It will be very sexual, very intense and might be very dark. I do not own Divergent or anything related to it. M - English - Romance - Chapters: FourTris prevent the war. But before Jeanine goes down she reveals that Tris is divergent. I will update every two days, since I haven't written to far ahead. If you have questions or suggestions either write a review or PM me.

Also, this story is connected to one-shots and drabbles. Follow me as a writer and you'll get all the goodies Divergent Trilogy - Rated: This is a modern day Divergent fanfic. Tris is a genius who lived away from home for almost ten years. Two years after her parents death she returns to Chicago to be with her remaining family only to learn that her brother Caleb betrayed her in a very cruel way.

Read and find out more. My chest is tight, and I can only just breathe to keep me stable. My hands are curled into fists, so tight, I cannot move them. My knees are locked like everything else in my body and I am still. They are the same age and will be going through initiation together. Starts when they meet, when they are both twelve. I know there are a few of these but this is my take on it.

Other characters will be introduced at a later point. Minor language and possible lemons later. This is the story of her life at this new school and her life afterwhere she meets new friends, finds love. Her parents are rich and famous and are hardly ever home. Fourtris all the way! Rated T due to minor swearing and possible lemons!

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Know the plot is overused but I like it! I don't own Divergent! She doesn't work with Marcus either. First chapter is the prologue. Will is still alive. This was requested by one of my reviewers on another story. Some bad language and mentions of adult themes. Please read and review. What is going to happen? Is there going to be another war? How is everyone coping? Will there be more babies on the way?

How do people cope throughout the story? What is life like two years after the previous war? I suggest you read LDaW before reading this one. She lived with the Eaton family for a week before being adopted by her Dauntless godmother Hana.

Follow her Dauntless life. This story starts when she is 14, Tobias Eaton is transferring to Dauntless. Will they remember each other?

Will they fall in love? Will there be a war? I don't own Divergent. What if people thought she was dead though? She is in the Bureau being tortured by David with her not so dead parents and Uriah. The first person they go to is Tobias.

What happens when Tobias finds out everything Tris has been through? Will he finally pop the question? How will they stand on children? How will the new initiates fare? Read and find out! At the age of 4. Now her life is a living hell but she has not givin up hope for freedom because hope is the only thing stonger than fear. Tobias is not abused so he does not go by four. Rated M for abuse, rape and language Divergent Trilogy - Rated: It is a short drive till the hot bos.

We park the van and then I got lost into center if the town. It is a 4 band gig tonight: Good gig but I was feeling tired and maybe too worried about playing the right parts rather than focusing on the the flow and the musical interaction between during the setlist. Fratello andrea is knocked out. I had some talk with two portuguese guy smoking a cigarette before going to sleep.

I went to the post office to send a key to a friend of mine in berlin. It's the key of the storage place I share with some friends, where we put the merch before leaving on tour. I had too much stuff to do in the days of practicing that I forgot to do that, a big mistake I had to solve I went back to the venue and did the soundcheck, fast as always. Kng Champion Sound arrivedit was great to meet all these people after three years I also met johann kauthwho was djing at the bar.

I'm a big fan of his music and his casette label called stenze quo. I bought a record and a cassette from him.

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I guess it's paul who's made the breakfast chow: I go up and hose off. I hobble back and the gigboss pietr's there, he's training a lady named anelies to be part of the gig administration stuff, I think she'll do good. I bathe in the sounds of the others also. I'm chomping at the bit when it's our turn I was a little worried cuz backstage before we went fratello andrea looked so tired and told me he felt bad about "bringing anxiety" on tour but I told him there was much stress on him having to get so much together just before we bailed, naturally some of that's gonna weigh on him.

I'm asked to put advice on this cats record for his two daughters to read when they grow up, like in ten more years I put what john fogerty put on a paper for me: I hose off and hit the hay Wake up at We leave at And I drive till le vecteur in Charleroi. Remy and Camille welcome us. Steve is sound guy and Kurws are opening band. They are form Poland, super interesting and very original. Is Trio guitar,bass and drums. Nice cous cous with vegetable. I sleep a bit before the concert. We play nice gig and there is a very nice atmosphere.

I am happy the way we are playing. Togheter and inspired I think. We have a nice time with Remy, KubaDavidHubert and Kuba a czeck guy who is travwlling with them. I go sleep soon upstair. I liked Kurws a lot, dry, direct and energetic.

I like them both. I tell him it ain't a reggae band so please don't let the bass bogart. I also tell him about us using much dynamics so no gates please.

I go back upstairs when we get done I'm interested and engage on many levels I hear bassman kuba tell fratello andrea "it's like sunday school" - whoa, he's a little jaded or maybe his ear's making him a little cranky. I don't notice the time pass, pretty happening for me. I tell the folks the name of their town reminds me of mr jarry's play, "ubu roi" which was pretty profound on my as a younger man. I think we were getting into some pataphysics earlier.

I'm really proud of the fratelli. I meet a man from ethiopia that dug the bass - he introduces me to his buddy from the caribbean and they're making music. Not a long driving. We are in north part of belgium. I feel a bit sick yet today. Feel sleepy and I cannot really talk with anyone. I go konk in the van after dinner. Tonight we play again with king championship sound. We play first so we give our goodbye before and we immediatly load in the van and go on the road to look for the hotel.

We aregoing to leave early in the morning. Still a Bit drama befor konk cause we have a wrong adress for the hotel. Finally we go sleep around 1. But hard to feel asleep. I do not feel ok and fratello andrea cannot sleep too and he is usually very noise moving around when he cannot sleep. I had a nice conversation with luc ex about some of his experiences with his old band the ex.

I knew it was gonna take forever to get the boat loaded and damn if they couldn't even get the hatch open 'til one so I'm glad I chimped 'til summoned. I could listen to him for hours, he's very interesting and really funny team. I always listen careful to what he tells me, always. I look back the next day and yeah, there was some scramble, some stumble but in no way were we not communicating - it was just a little shaky cuz maybe cuz of being a little distracted I guess it's a neighbor that's got his truck blocking our boat but gigboss patrick gets that fixed in a few moments.

I think we should go back to the gig-pad and on the way fratello ste gets a ring back the ringhotel that's what its name is and they definitely want our business BUT we're back at the venue and soon have the address to the 'tel that has the actual reservations - it is a little comical but we gotta konk. I'm very proud of everyone keepin their humor, it's our savior, yes.

We wake up at 7. No sun still arise yet and no breakfast is served yet. No coffee, no sun and Not much sleeping as well but yes it is raining. I start to drive. We have a long road in front of us.

We see the dawn through rain and grey clouds. Finally around 8 we can stop for a coffee at a gas station. Four, five ducks cross the gas station and I looked at them while sipping a bit of coffe. And I let pass four persons. Two of them are dawn twins I guess around their 40 pr 50's and one of them give me a beautyfull smile of a kind and peacefull soul while I hold the entrance door for her.

I got move from the inside. This combinations of elements just for not any logical reasons brings to my mind in that moment how incredible and mysterious life is.

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I was feeling almost getting sick again till that moment. But Just after I realized I was immediatly gettin better. And I immediatly got better. There has been something magical in that combination which I cannot really understand.

I drive till Calais. I sleep in the train at the bottom of the ocean and when we arrive in england the sun is shining. I drive till Then fratello Andrea take the wheel. This gig has been organize by James at the last minute when he heard that the manchester gig has been cancelled. It is a very nice night. The opening band plays a touching version of history lessons part II. We go konk at James house and miss Hiyori takes care of laundry.

I drove up until the venue in sheffield, lescar. I took a little nap, did the soundcheck and called my wife on the phone. I had a burrito at a mexican place next door. I'm interested in his music. I meet very cool people soundman chris, he even helps us schlep our stuff and even man-handles himself fratello ste's fender deville, whoa. I did once before in england in liverpool and it was mazui 'terrible tasting' in jap big time. I don't mean to sound critical though.

I get to meet dave woodcock who's opening up, most kind - thank you, brother dave. I go out to the boat to chimp diary 'til dave gets the gig lit. I hollered "cabaret voltaire" when we got done cuz they blew my fucking mind in the late 70s - I heard their first album for the first time tripping balls and got thoroughly educated inspired big time. I found some info here. I wake up at What an incredible and deep sleep! Showercoffe, a pasta for lunch- I took away chorizo- and then we hit the road.

We played in Worcester for la busta gialla european tour but I do not have any photographic memories of the town till we get at the venue and then I start to remember.

What a strange feelings this process brings. Of course Willy is sound man and gig boss.

  • God Be With You (Till We Meet Again)
  • Till We Meet Again (1918 song)

It seems impossible that memories where lost somwhere in my mind. Or maybe I was just no connecting names with images. Oak duet plays again this time a duo tight and solid. A nice tuxedo cat upstair is with us while we heat some vegetables chilly.

We play a good one even if I feel some tension in the air. The sound in the room is loud. The best version of zoom till now and the more tricky stucazz?!!

I am very happy the way we are playing. It Gives me joy and solidity. By the way I am using an ipad to to keep the diary and to travel. Not the best choice I have to say. Light for sure but too unconfortable to write. We left Sheffield for Worcester with a beautiful sunny day.

We arrived in Worcester right on time for soundcheck with soundman and promoter Willis. After a quick soundcheck we had some chilli cooked by Howard from the opening band Broken Oak Duet. I read some news and got ready for the gig. Left the Marrs Bar right after 11o'clock.

I did have some paranoid dreams though - it was about the stairs I kept worrying about the stairs cuz the head was on the same floor as my konk chamber but also across this chasm where stairs went up and down on either side, half a flight worth down and then up.

I kept thinking maybe it's better to konk on the first floor - I mean the ground floor cuz first floor in u. I use lots of kind cats' konk pads and also get this feeling - different than cold not meaning temperature 'tel non-vibe. I go hose off and there's a scale I was scared thinking I was gonna gain on this tour cuz of no daily elliptical trainer workouts I do in my pad every day in my pedro town since last march I decide to check the pressure in the rear tires I drive the car once more, get it out of the way of the truck - it's gonna put fuel in the station's tanks, what fucking lame luck.

I finish explaining to the fratelli about this painterman bob ross I started to tell them about before soundcheck when soundman willis was setting up mics on our stuff. I've seen buttloads of this guy's "joy of painting" episodes since way back and for some reason he's big time in my mind these days I thank drummerman howard but suggest a few more beans next time maybe.

I get some new skewwiff music from one their skewwiffmen - he talks about reading about himself in my "blog" - can't believe I just chimped that word I even use stuff from that company but come on I guess I ask too much from, from, from words and their weight or lack of? I must've konked in like three seconds after hitting the hay.

Wake up at 8, showerbig breakfast at the hotel, load the van at the club.