Team 7 meet minato fanfiction

Team 7 and Team Minato WHAT!, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

team 7 meet minato fanfiction

"Okay how about we get going it's almost time to meet your team." Yamato said this time it wasn't Minato who disappear but team seven. Minato and friends travel to the future,but did not expect to meet his son All 7 were Konoha shinobis, the fact that surprised Kakashi's team. "Unbelievable he asks us to meet at five and what's the time now?" Sakura asked . Kakashi replied "Seven I think " Team Minato decided to unhenge from their transformation jutsu's to show what they really looked like.

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In the end, it was the girl, Sakura, who gave his full name. She caught Obito's gaze and then gave Kakashi's shirt a tug. Is Minato Namikaze Hokage? The Third's Hokage, remember? Their teacher was dead?

That couldn't - it just couldn't - Kakashi, who had to be closest with the man, did not react as she thought he might. He rolled with it, voice cool as he said, "Take me to the Third then, I don't care. Our sensei is dead and you don't care!?

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Maybe he wasn't as unaffected as they'd thought, Rin considered. Rin didn't know how she felt about Kakashi's future student. He seemed a lot more like the Uchihas she saw walking around on the street.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction

Not like Obito… She sent said-boy a half-smile. Maybe they hadn't lucked out like she thought, maybe he wasn't so bad a teammate after all. Suddenly, two men appeared beside either team. Looking up, Rin gave a laugh. It didn't slip her notice, though, that he kept his hand on Kakashi as they all looked back to the other man standing by the strange kids. Rin had to cover her mouth.

It was their Kakashi. But instead of the short kid she was used to, he was a tall lanky man with only one eye visible. Had he lost it in the war, she wondered?

What was interesting, though, was how this Kakashi stared at them. His gaze was fond. As if he liked them and wasn't afraid to show it. The man's lone eye curved into what could only be described as a smile. The kids and their teacher just got mixed-up in a misfired jutsu. She saw Minato tighten his hold on Kakashi. Looking to the boy's face, Rin saw why.

He was wearing his, "You're an idiot and I think someone me should knock some sense into you" face. The adult Kakashi must have realized this too, as he leaned in and with a teasing lilt, to his surprisingly mellow voice, chided his younger self.

Glancing to her teacher, she snickered at his expression. He looked a bit horrified. His eyes had come to settle on Obito, whom was glaring back with a similar intensity.

Ruffling the boy's hair, the adult Kakashi replied, "The Hokage's working on it. He's looking for the old report - you don't think this went unwritten up, do you?

I think you and me should go check on the Hokage and see if he wants any help first, yeah? It amazed her sometimes how well her teacher knew Kakashi.

How he could calm their teammate down in a way she never could. The two zipped off, leaving the adult version of their teammate and his students. Rin smiled at him. In the end, they chose sushi even though Naruto complained about it not being as good as ramen. Kakashi was quiet as he watched them all. He didn't actually feel all that much different from her Kakashi, maybe a little more worldly, mature, and once or twice she was sure she caught a haunted shadow lurking in the depths of his eye.

The girl attempted to be tactful, though, and instead took her time talking with Sakura and brought in Obito when she felt he might say or ask something inappropriate for their situation. It's in the middle of their meal that Minato-sensei and Kakashi return. Smiling at them, she brought her hands together and inquired, "Are we ready to go back home?

Getting up, Rin shook hands with the three and said, "I guess this is goodbye! Briefly, their teacher reached out to the adult Kakashi and praised him, "You've done a good job, Kakashi.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction

I'm happy to see how well you're doing. Stepping back, he waved for them all to follow and, soon enough, they were in the Hokage's office where he preformed the same jutsu that they'd encountered before.

And, just as before, they found themselves stricken blind by a flash of bright light and then suddenly found themselves in the middle of the forest where they started. However, this time, their teacher was with them. Bringing them all close, Minato laughed. Wasn't that a trip? Kakashi jumped immediately and yanked his hand.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction

Sasuke and Neji were surprised by the sudden outburst. Sasuke looked towards the others and found that Kakashi's previous action caught everybody's attention not just him and Neji. Sasuke diverted his attention back to his sensei. He put his arms around Kakashi and Asuma's shoulders.

There was a beam of light and they all disappeared. He was wearing a black jacket with an orange lining and goggles. He knew that his role model in life was the 4th whose nickname was the Flash. So you graduated when you were ten neh? Sasuke stared dumbfounded at his relative.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction

Obito scratched his head sheepishly "Not really" he said "Kakashi is although I don't think it's fair since he graduated when he was five" "Five? They guessed her to be Rin. Minato suddenly whistled and they all diverted their attention to him. Kakashi stopped and turned to face his teammate "Get ready to lose" "No sparring" Minato ordered "You're only allowed to spar under supervision" "We're not kids" Obito said "Last time Kakashi almost killed you with a rasengan and you almost destroyed a training area with your grand fire ball.