Times to meet rockhopper on club penguin


times to meet rockhopper on club penguin

I KNOW ITS REALLY HARD TO FIND HIM MAJORITY OF THE TIME BUT DONT SEARCH EVERY SERVER BECAUSE MY SITE WILL BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. This page is about a character who is meetable on Club Penguin Rewritten. a few times each year, making him one of the most common mascots to meet. Our Rockhopper Tracker aims to help you meet our local pirate on Club visiting this party: Visited Rockhopper visited on 21st, on 22nd December three times.

You can talk to him and you can get a free background! So that means he can be on any server, in any place he wants to be.

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Mammoth, Frozen, Mittens, Rocky Road, and any highly populated Servers the ones on the left column of the first page of the U. But nowadays, he can be on any server! Now, finding him is kinda tough, but it can be done. Two helpful factors are: For example, he might appear in the Ship Hold, then move to the Beach, then the Town, then the Iceberg, etc.

times to meet rockhopper on club penguin

But sometimes he stays for a very short or long time in one or two rooms and switches servers. Here is a pretty good method: Sometimes the people on there will help you.

times to meet rockhopper on club penguin

Check the servers I mentioned above. Then check servers that have more dots than they usually have.

times to meet rockhopper on club penguin

For example, you see Snow Globe or Tundra has 1 or 2 more dots than the servers around them. And for every server, check the places I mentioned Beach, Dock, etc. I suggest staying at a crowded place for a bit if someone might shout where RH is. I suggest using Miniclip. How do I know if Rockhopper is online on Club Penguin?

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If he is online, the above image will show up!! D Here is a more reliable way of checking if he is online!! D How do I find Rockhopper? There are many methods to find him.

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Here are some methods that I have found out and you can try them out. Rumor has it that he also appears frequently on Parka to avoid crowds of penguins. There might also be many penguins waiting for Rockhopper making Club Penguin lag: D Worse, you might not even get to meet Rockhopper. Worst of the worst, Rockhopper goes to that location shortly after you leave happened to me once. D This is a highly monotonous method and does not work very well: All you have to do is to make friends with lots of penguins who are quite good at finding Rockhopper.


This is an awesome method and most people have applied it and it is very accurate as more people means there is a higher chance of finding him. If you are lucky, you will get to see Rockhopper very soon, using these tracker! Clich on the smiley face to get a Free Gift- And you will get a free Rockhopper player background with his signature. Also, you can send him some cards and chat with him too!! D More about Rockhopper Rockhopper is actually no bigger than an ordinary penguin, except that his Captain Hat is quite obvious among large crowds of penguins.