Top 10 worst celebrities to meet

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top 10 worst celebrities to meet

These are Gawker readers' best stories of their worst celebrity encounters. My partner was working first class, and had yet to reach the stage where he . and I swear I was there for a good 10 minutes on her couch with her. They have good days and bad days. and is hearsay. Here are 14 of the absolute worst stories of celebrity fan encounters. 10 Jeremy Piven. From Ed Sheeran to Lady Gaga, here are some of the nicest celebrities in Leno consistently makes Autograph Magazine's Top 10 Signers list and he recently.

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We and some of our business partners for example, advertisers use cookies on our Website. These cookies track usage of the site for security, analytics and targeted advertising purposes. On the lunch break, Chris Noth pulled her aside and asked if she would help him run lines He persisted, she kept saying no and he finally let it go.

A couple hours later, she's walking to set to play one of the police officers at the crime scene. Noth sees her, pulls the director aside, and a few minutes later my friend is asked to leave the set, as "Mr. Noth is uncomfortable playing the scene with a female cop. Very exciting, since he's a big TV star and we're a bunch of starving yr old actors.

top 10 worst celebrities to meet

He proceeded to sit at the head of the table and talk about himself the whole night, hit on all the girls, and then left the cast with the bill. The deal was that he got to fuck each of them whenever he wanted and bring them on tour with Fallout Boy one at a time and they were falling all over themselves to be the one he wanted in the moment, while still trying to remain friends.

It was awkward all around because one of them would show up with a new pair of expensive shoes he'd bought for her, and the other one would grit her teeth and smile because all she'd gotten was a quick fuck in the ass and then been asked to spend the night curled around his drum set on the tour bus in the driveway while he filled his parents' hot tub with local high school girls.

I heard he had a favorite thing to do with his bros and bandmates where they'd invite all of these young girls over and pour beers onto their heads and say things like "You fucking love it! It went back and forth like that for a while before I realized that all these people were such fucking assholes, I couldn't even look at any of them anymore. I was only actually around him once, when I went over to my friend's apartment to pick up some movies I'd loaned her. She asked me to come up and chat with her for a minute and I swear I was there for a good 10 minutes on her couch with her before I realized that Pete Wentz, Shadow Douche, was reclined in a chair back in a corner, hat pulled over his face, playing with his Sidekick, rolling his stupid lip piercing around with his tongue.

He hadn't said hello or acknowledged that another person had come in the room, so naturally I jumped a fucking mile when he muttered something out loud to his phone. A couple years later I was sitting in the back of a bar in Chicago where a couple of stable, adult friends had brought me for a low-key birthday drink when some kind of secret door opened in the wall and a bunch of men in black t-shirts pushed through.

Pete fucking Wentz walked in, dragging this really shiny, coked-out version of Ashley Simpson behind him, and behind her trailed both of Pete's cast-off fuck puppets, the two of them just kind of smiling dumbly and staring all bleary-eyed, like trained monkeys who were just happy that they still got a food pellet at the end of the day.

Ashley Simpson stepped on my foot on her way past, and then their security asked us to "clear the area" so these four high-priority human beings could have some privacy. He parked his motorcycle in the middle of the sidewalk directly outside the store.

He was wearing baggy crotch sweatpants.

I shrugged and said I had no idea who his bro was. Anyway, he walked around with the menswear manager for a few hours picking out clothes shirtless and generally being a fucking asshole. When it came time to pay, he asked if he was going to get the "I'm wearing your shirt discount. He's a fucking dick. We walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge Skateboard which was fairly empty at the time because high school was still in session for the day. My friend and I sat up against the wall while he rolled a joint and we noticed there was just 1 dude skating: He's got some skills.

He was there with a girl who also posted up against the same wall we were but about 20 ft away. After we finished rolling our joint we realized that our lighter was empty.

top 10 worst celebrities to meet

The girl posted up against the wall had pulled out a glass bowl and started packing it. My friend and I figured we could use her lighter for a sec so we waited until her and Dax were done killing the bowl. I made my friend walk up to her to politely ask to use her lighter. She said 'NO' and reamed us out for not having our own lighter.

It was Kristen Bell. One day, Rita Wilson walked in and bought a whole bunch of Brio stuff. In fact, they were compatible. Anyway, there were a bazillion different accessories, and in many cases we only had one of each item. The next day, she comes in to return a few of them, except she doesn't have a receipt, peeled off the stickers with the SKU, couldn't remember how much she paid for one item that was the last of its kind, which I found out because as a supervisor, I had to deal with it.

And boy, was she a bitch. She kept insisting that she was in a hurry, and when I told her it would be far easier with a receipt because I couldn't find the SKU for that one pesky item and had to look it up in a database and I wasn't quick enough for her and was she sure she didn't have it, she whips out her wallet, grabs a bunch of receipts and starts reciting "Saks, Diesel, Cynthia Rowley She ends with giving me this impertinent, bitchy, exasperated look, as if the situation were my doing, and never have I ever wanted to tell anybody how much I hate Forest Gump as I did at that moment.

I made up a price and did the return and sent her on her way. She was seriously one of the rudest people I have ever met. The company I worked for had a list of famous people who had done business with it over the years. Josh Brolin was one of those famous people, and was listed as an actor.

The problem is someone decided to list him as the son of James Brolin still okay so far and Barbara Streisand whoops! After being informed by Mr. Brolin that 1 Barbara Streisand was was not his mother and that 2 his mother had died tragically, I apologized as much as I could, put the phone down, walked over to our web team and had them make a quick update. Judy Collins and Shirley MacLaine Judy Collins came into my restaurant every Monday night with a gaggle of her friends who made the entire waitstaff utterly fucking miserable week after week.

They made us cut dessert into four sections. Collins was obsessed with people recognizing her even no one ever did.

top 10 worst celebrities to meet

One of her friends referred to my engagement ring as a "starter ring". My favorite celeb who also happened to be a total pain in the ass was Shirley MacLaine. I brought her a cappuccino she was on the balcony of her room relaxing but there were no bussers available to do room serviceand she asked me if we had Sugar in the Raw. She was super sassy and I loved her despite the fact that she bordered on rude.

The oddest was standing in line behind Barbara Hershey while she bought an enema kit at a drugstore in Beverly Hills. He demanded sugar free red bull, and for whatever reason we didn't have it. He threw a huge tantrum, refused to participate. He was unbearable, I couldn't believe it. He did the bare minimum that he was contractually obligated to do then asked for a car to come pick him up.

His NBC publicist, i won't name her here, scrambled and managed to quickly get three cars there ready for him. He came walking out and got into his own car that he arranged without telling us, leaving her practically in tears holding the keys to three cars.

Chandler is an asshole.

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Good story to balance it out. Working the red carpet of the emmys down at USC's Shrine Charlie and Martin sheen were stuck in jammed traffic several blocks away. I had to go pick them up in a golf cart and bring them back so they didn't miss Conan's opening, he was hosting that year.

They were kind and hilarious. Michelle Obama Always presents herself well. Miley Cyrus She disrespects everything and everyone for the sake of making a rude statement and getting attention. Uses sex as power. Does not show any self respect.

Inappropriate clothing, behavior, lyrics, performances, and lack of character. She started out being a great role model, lured our kids in, and then changed personalities completely leading our kids thinking that was okay. She is everything that I do not want my daughter to be. Thinks she can do anything with no consequences.

These comments went on and on, folks! I could never list them all. I think you got the idea! The Kardashians I have not witnessed any reason for them to be so admired other than wealth. Kim does not seem humble or display any kind of compassion.

Top 10 Worst Parody Movies

Too much emphasis on looks, pressure about weight, and lack of hard work. I think they send the wrong message to young girls. They portray the worst of our society: Terrible, horrible role models. Kanye West Seems to be very ignorant.

These Are the Best Worst Celebrity Traumas Submitted by Readers

Has made many racist comments. Rihanna Majority of her songs have highly inappropriate lyrics for any age! Her physical abuse became public and she proceeded to continue a relationship with that abuser, showing young girls that it is OK.

top 10 worst celebrities to meet

Sexualizes herself way too much. Justin Bieber Has made poor choices in his actions and his behavior. Seems to portray sexual promiscuity a little too much for my liking!

Letting fame go way too quickly to his head. Lance Armstrong His determination and his healthy body image were once highly admired.

Once he lied and cheated, it was all thrown out the window.