Top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

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top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

Meet the Top Shot Season 2 contestants! Sixteen fearless marksmen, carefully selected from thousands of applicants, will aim for the $ prize. 2. Shoot Or Be Shot. For the first time on Top Shot, contestants will be able to shoot One of the most intense challenges of the season allows us to see who has. Season 1, Episode 2: "Fifteen Million Merits" This twist on "American Idol"-style Season 4, Episode 4: "Hang the DJ"Boy and girl meet cute in The System, Season 4, Episode 1: USS CallisterThis one makes the Top 5 on.

Using prohibition era weapons, teams will have to hit their targets, all while the other team tries to shoot them with paintball guns.

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In the elimination challenge, two contestants face off with the iconic "Tommy Gun". Uphill Battle In this military-themed episode, teams try to blow up an ammo dump. Using the legendary M1A rifle, they face a literal uphill battle. One contestant's shocking mistakes put his team in jeopardy.

top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

In the elimination challenge, marksmen face an obscured targets challenge using the Glock 17 pistol. Compound Fracture Using a modern compound bow, contestants' archery skills are put to the test. Contestants must rank themselves before competing in a tubular team challenge.

Meanwhile, tensions with team leadership threaten to unravel the group. Quickfire Face-off It's all about speed as marksmen face off in a head-to-head speed-shooting showdown. Bury The Hatchet Marksmen compete with legendary primitive weapons: One of the most intense challenges of the season allows us to see who has natural skills and adaptability -- and who doesn't.

Contestants split a bullet on an axe, shoot with both hands and upside down as they attempt iconic shots from exhibition shooting history.

Some marksmen step up to the extreme challenge while others fall short. With only eight remaining, it's back to marksmanship basics.

top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

Red Team returned back to the house later where they hung Frank's shirt. Week Three Edit Kelly confronting Bill.

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Bill never made eye contact with me, nor even pointed his face in my direction at all. Kelly then made a comment which upset Bill. He apologized for the rude comment, but Bill had not accepted it. The following day, both teams got up in the morning to attend their third Practice Session.

top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

Unlike the first two challenges, it was announced that the weapon that would be used would not be a firearm, but a longbow. Both teams were given time to practice under guidance of bowman, Chris Palmer. Here, Kelly did very well with the weapon, as noted by Denny Chapman, who stated that his stance and technique probably came from his rifle shooting.

When the Red Team returned to the house, Bill, who still wasn't over what Kelly had said the night before, refused to speak to Kelly. Later, Kelly confronted Bill about not talking to him, asking if there was a problem between them. Bill then stated that he was not enjoying the man Kelly was on his way to be, and that it was all he had to say to him. Kelly walked away, stating that he could not mend his relationship with Bill using nice words and apologies.

Kelly with the longbow in the Team Challenge. Colby stated that, using the longbow, whichever team could hit closer to the bullseye would be victorious.

top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

His first two shots went over the target, his third hit the green, which didn't compare to Iain's hit in the yellow, then his fourth shot was short, but his final shot hit in the yellow closer to the bullseye than Iain's shot, giving Red Team a lead. This lead was maintained for a while until J. Racaza, the last shooter for the Blue Team was up, managing to beat Kelly's shot by inches.

Bill, the last shooter for Red Team, had to hit closer to the bullseye than J. However, this did not happen, resulting in Red Team's third consecutive loss. Therefore, I want to see that kid gone, and I'd like to see him gone sooner rather than later.

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However, Denny stated that had already made his mind up. At the Nomination Range, Bill voted first, and to no surprise, voted for Kelly. Kelly was then up, voting for Bill. After Denny had made the last vote, he ensured Bill's spot in the Elimination Challenge along with Brad. Here, four apples were set up on targets, and whichever of the two contestants could hit all of the apples in the quickest amount of time would be victorious.

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Brad had won the challenge. Red Team then returned to the house where they hung Bill's shirt. Week Four Edit After another night of rest, the contestants got up the following morning to attend a fourth Practice Session. This time, Colby announced that the AR would be used to shoot at foe targets and avoid friend targets.

To guide the contestants, expert Craig Sawyer returned. Here, Kelly was assigned to shoot at black foe targets. To the surprise of his fellow teammates, he was only able to hit five of his ten foe targets. Peter spoke to Kelly after this and helped him correct his stance. Red Team left confident, and knowing that they really had to win the challenge.

top shot season 2 meet contestants on american

Kelly using the AR On this grid, seven friend and foe targets would be set up. Each contestant would be given an opportunity to look at the grid before it was concealed. If they were able to hit a foe target, their team would gain a point, but if they hit a friend target, their team would lose a point. To remember the placement of the targets, Kelly broke the grid down into four quadrants.

He managed to hit six of the seven foe targets, bringing the point total of the Red Team up to Nearing the end, Red Team had 20 points while Blue Team had However, this did not happen. Peter was the last shooter for Red Team, and only had to hit four targets to win the challenge. Peter was able to do this, confident with shooting only five of his seven rounds, resulting in Red Team's first victory.

Both the teams returned to the house where Blue Team held their first team meeting.