Train you can meet my mom video

Train - You Can Finally Meet My Mom - video dailymotion

train you can meet my mom video

The perfect country song, according to David Allan Coe's hilarious classic “You Never Even Called Me By My Name,” requires that you refer to trains, trucks, prison, gettin' drunk “So Much Like My Dad,” George Strait () – “Mom, can we talk? . TV Schedule · Sweepstakes · Newsletters · Video Library · Features A-Z. I'm obsessed with Train lyrics. But now it's too much. On their new album, California 37, track 6 is called 'You Can Finally Meet My Mom. Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one You can use the device to play games, read audiobooks, recite jokes, provide But Amazon is offering something called "Drop In" that allows you to make voice and video calls to an Echo device in that's right, you can train the devices to recognize your kids' voices.

Buddy and Tiny want to test their memory, so they ride the Dinosaur Train and spend some time with the Conductor, since he's a Troodon with a great memory.

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The kids get to meet the Conductor's mom, Mrs. Buddy and Tiny ride the Dinosaur Train to meet Petey Peteinosaurus, a "flying lizard," who is fun, funny, and friendly, and has some features similar to both Buddy and Tiny! The kids love meeting the fast-moving and fast-talking twins. They explain that he'll grow new teeth to replace the old ones. Dad gives Tiny and Buddy a mystery feather and the kids become "detectives," riding the Dinosaur Train to meet Valerie Velociraptor, who shows the kids what it's like to be covered with beautiful feathers.

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A Frill a Minute: The kids help Tank Triceratops overcome his awkwardness with having a huge head by showing him how cool and amazing his features are, especially his frill. Tiny and Buddy visit a dinosaur family called Argentinosaurus, some of the biggest land creatures ever!

The kids find out there are great things about being really big, and that it's also great being their own size. Play Date with Annie: Buddy is excited that his friend Annie Tyrannosaurus is coming to the Pteranodon nest to visit and play. After Tiny feels left out, Buddy and Annie show her that they can all be friends!

What Parents Need to Know Before Buying Google Home or Amazon Echo

Buddy and the Pteranodon family begin their journey on the Dinosaur Train, gathering all their Theropod friends together to travel to a really big Theropod Club Convention which is being held in Laramidia, the "Dinosaur Big City"! Dinosaur Big City Part Two: What do I need to do to make them work? Pretty much right out of the box, folks can use voice commands to "wake" the devices say: But to do more, you need to dig into the companion smartphone apps to connect your accounts and enable your preferences.

train you can meet my mom video

Once you personalize your device, you'll be able to stream music from services like SpotifyAmazon Musicor Google Play Music. You can also select preferred news sources, restaurant delivery services, and more. It can be hard to remember everything you have enabled on the device, and if you forget exactly how to ask for something, you'll need to pull up your app.

How well do they work with kids? Both Amazon and Google offer tons of content for kids called "skills" on Echo and "actions" on Home from established providers, including Disney, Sesame Streetand Highlights magazine. You can use the device to play games, read audiobooks, recite jokes, provide homework help, and even activate guided Zen meditation for when your kids need to chill out.

New stuff is being added to each service all the time, and your kids might enjoy browsing for features on your linked phone app and trying them out with you.

It's not unlike shopping for new apps -- it takes time to find what you want, set it up, and figure out how it works. But even without kid-specific games, these assistants can be helpful to kids and families in basic ways, like looking up simple facts, doing math no cheating on homework! Check out our list of the best Alexa skills for kids, tweens, and teens.

train you can meet my mom video

Are there any hidden costs? A lot of the skills and actions you can add are free, but you still have to pay for memberships and subscriptions -- for example, to Amazon Prime, Google Play Music, or Spotify. Amazon and Google will be experimenting with other subscription models in the future, so to maximize the value of the device, you'll need to stay on top of new features. If you're interested in smart home products, including light bulbs, thermostats, and home security systems, be aware that they are more expensive than traditional versions and often require an extra piece of equipment.

train you can meet my mom video

What could go wrong? Though each service is trying to appeal to families, the most common uses of Alexa and Home are very practical, adult-oriented activities, like reporting commute times, creating shopping lists, and announcing upcoming calendar events.

To make sure kids don't get into trouble using the device's basic tools, you may need to play around with settings and set some verbal expectations. Remember, Echo and Home will only play music that's connected to your account.

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So, to limit explicit lyrics, you should only link services that allow you to set parental controls, such as Amazon Prime Music, Google Play, and Pandora. You'll need to set content filters in the apps themselves.

Make sure kids know to ask for permission before buying things or adding items to your shopping list.

train you can meet my mom video

You can also prevent unwanted purchases by clicking a few settings in each device's respective apps. In the Alexa app, you can turn off voice purchasing altogether or keep it on but require a PIN for all purchases. Child-development experts and sociologists are warning about the impact interacting with AI has on kids. Watch Dinosaur Train: Season 6 | Prime Video

A kid growing up with a home assistant must learn to use the device's way of interactingincluding making demands, having limited conversational abilities, and other traits that don't prepare you for the nuances of human communication.

Anytime you introduce a new technology into your home, you'll need to guide kids on how to use it and what the expectations are. It's best to remind kids that even though Alexa doesn't mind if you're rude, parents do.

But Amazon is offering something called "Drop In" that allows you to make voice and video calls to an Echo device in another location -- sort of like Skype or FaceTime. If you have devices in different rooms of your home, you can use Drop In like an intercom system to "drop in" and let the kids know dinner is ready. With room-to-room Echos, you can start listening immediately -- no one has to answer the call.