Up 4 a meet tickets to jimmy

How To Get Tickets To The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

up 4 a meet tickets to jimmy

Jimmy Kimmel Live Hollywood, CA Free Tickets. We only accept requests for event dates currently released, new dates are posted as they become available. Sold Out This does not include check-in, seating, and the audience warm-up. Thanks to everyone who supported NEXT for AUTISM to. Swap Pants with Jimmy Fallon and Score Tickets to the Super Bowl Support Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and. Meet Dolly Parton and Be Her VIP Guest at Dollywood . Sign Up. email. Next. email. password. Sign Up. Login Forgot Password. Looks like we. The tickets to the show are available at a certain time of the month (follow The Tonight Show on twitter for more details). They would At the end of the show he ran up into the audience and started to high five everyone.

I checked mine daily and the title of one of my emails read "Reminder". Boom- that was the email!!

Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"

I had been notified under that heading of that particular email that I had two tickets to the monologue rehearsal on October 15th.

We made it in!!

My experience at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - New York City Inspired

Our tickets stated "priority" but honestly I do not know if that really helps you get ahead of the general ticket holders. At least in our case. We were told 4 different places. But keep in mind what your ticket says- it says the staircase by the mezzanine. Well, that's exactly where you will end up.

We arrived early so of course you hit that little panic button because nobody is there. They do not like people hanging around the area really early so nobody will meet you until the exact time that your ticket says to get there. In our case it was 2: You stand in a line in that room and then they start checking everyone in.

Everyone from your party must be with you when you check in!

Jimmy Fallon Monologue Rehearsal - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

This waiting room was the one thing that I really wished I could have gotten a picture of. There are big ledges that look like they are shelves holding up giant canvases of different sizes, but they are actually holding up different sized screens and the photos change constantly.

They are all photos from the show. There are big pillars in the room with huge screens on them that the photos change in too.

up 4 a meet tickets to jimmy

It is fun to look around and get the giggles as you remember each of those moments on The Tonight Show. It was really fun to just soak up the experience.

up 4 a meet tickets to jimmy

The cellular service was so bad though, I just turned my phone off at this point. When it gets closer to the time of the show starting, they announce to everyone to make sure that their phones are turned off.

They remind you of this about 15 times before you go into the studio. It is a BIG deal! They start calling people over to line up in the order of their tickets. On the back of each ticket, they write a letter or a number on it. They start with the alphabet and then work into the numbers, so letters are better to have than a number.

My experience at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

We were letter O, so we were right in the middle of the pack of the people lining up in the alphabet. They bring your group over and guide you to the elevators where you ride up to the floor that the studio is on. Once you are up there, they have you give your ticket to someone as you walk into the studio. As we walked in, there was a guy who pointed to which aisle we needed to walk down and we saw another guy who we had chatted with in the waiting room and he showed us our seats.

They seat you totally random, but we lucked out big time! We were on the 3rd row! Our row only had 2 seats on them, so the fact that we only had 2 of us helped us to get those amazing seats!

Our new friend who we had talked to in the waiting room totally hooked us up too. We sat down and were kind of freaking out again. Just looking at the entire set was crazy! It is much smaller than I had pictured it. Once we got a little more composure, I looked for the clover on the floor. That is where Jimmy stands to give his monologue.

My eyes slowly moved closer and closer to where we were sitting and I saw it! The clover was only about 6 feet away from us! Right about then, Seth Herzog came in. He gets to know the audience a little bit and was a great way to start the show. He brought The Roots out and they got us pumped up too! I have loved The Roots for a long time and it was so fun to see them.

Shortly after they came out, the show started! Steve Higgins came out and introduced Jimmy and it all went from there! It was crazy to see how many people are involved during the show. There are cameras everywhere, hair and makeup people, cue card holders, etc. They all did a great job! While the crew was getting everything set up for Alan Jackson, Jimmy came and interacted a lot more with the crowd.

He let audience members ask him questions.

Getting The Tonight Show Tickets and My Experience Attending the Show! - Girl Loves Glam

Actually ask him a question! Yes, that actually happened Jimmy was really nice about all of these random comments, but I think other people in the audience were a little annoyed. After the show ends, Jimmy runs up the aisle and gives people high fives.

Holly caught the whole high five and I caught his pinky. I will take it! They send Seth Herzog back out to keep everyone entertained while they excuse row by row to leave the studio.

Some of the questions that were asked were: The audience then started to laugh, and he said, yea, like that.

Another audience member asked how his finger was doing he had an accident last year that tore part of his finer off. He explained how the accident happened, and that he still goes to physical therapy every night, and hopefully in the next few months they will see if it will be back to normal.

Jimmy loved it and went on to tell a funny story about when he first started working at SNL. Just like the vibes he gives on TV!

At the end of the show he ran up into the audience and started to high five everyone. The show ends at that point, but hey, we were on TV again! This was an absolutely amazing experience!! The show is over at about 6: You never know who you might see!!