Us space shuttle program officially ends meet

NASA's Space Shuttle Program Officially Ends After Final Celebration

us space shuttle program officially ends meet

The final flight of the STS program came on July 8, , as the Atlantis soared out of the Florida STS February 24, | Space Shuttle Discovery . “ what the United States fears the most is taking casualties.” LOL. Sinking a US aircraft carrier is the fastest way for a hostile nation to meet its end. 4 days ago Discovery Liftoff. U.S. space shuttleDiscovery blasts off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, heading for the International Space. The retirement of NASA's Space Shuttle fleet took place from March to July Discovery was the first of the three active space shuttles to be retired, completing its final mission on March 9, ; Endeavour did so on June 1. The final shuttle mission was completed with the landing of Atlantis on July Hardware developed for the Space Shuttle met various ends with conclusion.

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Endeavour OV was built to replace Challenger using structural spare parts originally intended for the other orbiters and delivered in May ; it was first launched a year later.

After the loss of Challenger, NASA grounded the shuttle program for over two years, making numerous safety changes recommended by the Rogers Commission Reportwhich included a redesign of the SRB joint that failed in the Challenger accident. Other safety changes included a new escape system for use when the orbiter was in controlled flight, improved landing gear tires and brakes, and the reintroduction of pressure suits for shuttle astronauts these had been discontinued after STS-4 ; astronauts wore only coveralls and oxygen helmets from that point on until the Challenger accident.

us space shuttle program officially ends meet

The accidents did not just affect the technical design of the orbiter, but also NASA. This could be a new design eliminating the joint or a redesign of the current joint and seal.

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NASA should encourage the transition of qualified astronauts into agency management Positions. The tire, brake and nosewheel system must be improved. Recommendation VII — Make all efforts to provide a crew escape system for use during controlled gliding flight.

NASA must establish a flight rate that is consistent with its resources. Columbia [ edit ] The shuttle program operated accident-free for seventeen years after the Challenger disaster, until Columbia broke up on re-entrykilling all seven crew members, on February 1, The accident began when a piece of foam shed from the external tank struck the leading edge of the orbiter's left wing, puncturing one of the reinforced carbon-carbon RCC panels that covered the wing edge and protected it during re-entry.

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As Columbia re-entered the atmosphere, hot gas penetrated the wing and destroyed it from the inside out, causing the orbiter to lose control and disintegrate. After the Columbia disaster, the International Space Station operated on a skeleton crew of two for more than two years and was serviced primarily by Russian spacecraft.

While the "Return to Flight" mission STS in was successful, a similar piece of foam from a different portion of the tank was shed.

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As a backup for ISS crew rotation or other destinations remained an option, but it would need a man-rated launch vehicle Following the Space Shuttle Columbia disasterin early President George W.

Bushannounced his Vision for Space Exploration which called for the completion of the American portion of the International Space Station by due to delays this would not happen untilthe retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet following its completion, to return to the moon by and one day to Mars.

The Altair lunar lander would have landed crew and cargo onto the moon. The Constellation program experienced many cost overruns and schedule delays, and was openly criticized by the subsequent U. As the ISS lifeboat spacecraft all participants needed to train on it in the event of an emergency, if they stayed after the Shuttle left.

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The Orion spacecraft was left virtually unchanged from its previous design. The Space Launch System will launch both Orion and other necessary hardware.

us space shuttle program officially ends meet

It is then planned to be upgraded in various ways to lift tonnes, and then, eventually, tonnes. The delay is longer than expected because the Ares I was cancelled inleaving little time before the STS retired for something new to be ready for flight. Congress was aware a spaceflight gap could occur and accelerated funding in and in preparation for the retirement of the Shuttle. The first Dragon resupply mission occurred in May