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Anyone know if I can swap cams without pulling the heads off the VG33E engine I picked up a set of used early model () VG30 cams. Will the camshafts made for the zx VG30E engine work in the I'm pretty sure the ones in the US never really got any sort of cam change. I would not have performed this swap without his advice! If VG30 crank sprocket you must use vg30 cam gears/ t-beltIf vg33 crank sprocket.

If you are stuck with the vg33 crank as I am, this must be done if the filter housing is in the way. You can not run the filter on the side of the block if using this oil pump. I suppose you could if you fabed a loop for the two holes in the side of the oil pump, but if you are going to do this, you might as well run a remote oil filter. Crank pulleys are not interchangeable.

Water pump is a bit different. VG30 was shorter than the vg I ran the water pump that went with the crank so the belts would line up. The t-stat housing on the VG30 will not bolt to the vg33 block as there is casting material in the way of the housing. You may be able to grind, I did not try. The vg33 t-stat housing outlet puts the lower hose connection at an angle, not straight out as the vg30 housing did. This forced me to fab up some creative lower hose connections.

The cam gears are interchangeable with the camVG33 gears will work on a vg30 cam. The intakes are interchangeable. The flywheel from a vg30 will bolt to a vg33 crank. The cams from a vg30 will work in a vg33 head. The valve springs from a vg30 will work in a vg33 head.

The transmission from a vg30 will work on a vg33 block. Mounts are the same also. The vg30 distributor required some time on the grinder. I know the Pathfinder and Xterra use serpentine belts rather than V-belts. When I inquired about this several years ago, i was told I would have to swap over all my intakes, fuel rails, wiring and and other sorted items so it would be a direct drop in after swapping parts.

I know you were trying to have as much done to be able to drop in the new motor without your truck being down long. Remove LH rocker cover screwdriver to expose valve train. Remove the two rocker shaft assemblies. Remove the hydraulic follower cage assembly from the engine.

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In the manual it says to wire the hydraulic followers together prior to removal but I just lifted the assembly and turned it over quickly to prevent the followers falling out. I am looking in the Frontier FSM, but it is not helping me understand anything.

Best I can tell, that guy meant Step 20 in the image below, but that is for taking the Head Off. I really do not want to do that! Right now, the cams are applying tension to the valve springs, so they will not just pull free. Is LH and RH supposed to be referenced from sitting in the Driver's Seat or from standing in front of the Radiator looking at the engine?

This is why people pay to have this stuff done. Pictures in books and words on the Internet just are no match for knowing what you're doing. I know it's a lot to ask but are you going to make a full list of weird stuff, problems, etc. I'll be doing this same swap to my truck sometime in the future and like you, I'm just a guy fiddling with things by reading manuals.

If it doesn't look like the picture I'm going to get lost. I'm going to put it here. The new radiator is not essential, but my old radiator has bent fins in many spots and I know my dad has thrown Barz Leak in it before.

This is the radiator for the Nissan Frontier SC. I had to buy 2 packs of them. I believe it was 2 studs short initially. Those Mustang studs are easier to install and make it easier to get the nut started on the stud as well. How did you do that?


I'm reusing the one in my hardbody, I have it soaking in CLR to clean it up a little. Although I do like the drain plugs on the xterra rads jp2code You don't think a bigger radiator might be in order here?

Correct Joe, you do put a hurting on your HD for your daily use. It is wise to not skimp out and get a new proper radiator.

Coyote swap progress! *MUSTANG CAMS INSTALLED*

I have some electric fans and shroud from a V6 Altima on my SE pathfinder. If you are gonna order after that just google rockauto discount code, somebody will have one posted on a forum somewhere. Usually here or ratsun. Are you sure the frontier radiator will fit in there? You might try a custom 3 row radiator.

I used a Griffin radiator with my V8 swap and it could sit idling in August and not approach getting too hot.

The one I used fit under the top of the radiator support. Of course this would absolutely not fit with the all stock appearance theme. Someone said all it needed was the different top bracket out of a Frontier. Anybody got a Frontier they can loan me? I might have the brackets from my junk xterra, I will check tomorrow for sure. I still don't know why you didn't just get a NEW radiator for a V6 hardbody. The engines are very similar I'm sure a NEW replacement hardbody radiator would have been perfect.

So, if a Frontier radiator is bigger and fits, why not put it in there? It is possible my stock radiator is full of junk like Bars Leak. He's had a few strokes, so is hard to tell when you get a real answer out of him. I'd rather just replace it, but I don't want to buy a replacement and find out a VG30 would still be overheating when I pull a trailer. Getting a bigger radiator just seems the smart thing to do. It has to all be pulled out to remove the engine anyway. That's the VG33 Supercharged radiator in my shopping cart.

I just figured someone here would have noticed that. I'm actually working on the cooling system on my 92 4x4 this week. Let me know what you think? It may fit your 2 wheel drive frame better but it's going to be a tight fit!