Volunteer sign up sheet for swim meet

7 of the Best Parent Volunteer Jobs at Swim Meets

volunteer sign up sheet for swim meet

Parent volunteering is essential for the running of all swim clubs. Sign up for DEVELOPMENT MEETS if your coach thinks your swimmer is ready; just you have enough knowledge about swim club that you will start to form your own ideas. TimeToSignUp > Sign Up Sheets by Patti Wrightstone > Swim Meet Volunteers. Swim Meet Volunteers: Select a Sign Up Sheet. Sign Up. Swim meets and swim team scheduling is a snap with guiadeayuntamientos.info's free and easy online signups. Schedule parent volunteers, carpools and registrations all.

The swim meets usually run First half positions usually last for They are a little longer because of the Gator Bits. If you are working at a meet and have younger children, it might be a good idea to have another parent, guardian, or friend there to help watch your children or take them home while you complete your shift. If you are a volunteer alternate, please be prepared to work 1st or 2nd half.


There are always last minute changes and we will need to fill any positions that become available. Meet Positions and Responsibilities During the meets: Clerk of Course 1 per team per meet - first half or second half of meet Line the swimmers up on benches prior to their races in a designated area of the pool so that they are ready for their events.

Make sure swimmers are at the starting blocks at the appropriate time for their races.

volunteer sign up sheet for swim meet

Head Timer 1 per home meet Ensures timers are ready and run back up stopwatch. Runners 1 per team per meet - first half or second half of meet Takes race results information from timers to scorers table.

Also obtains any disqualification forms from Stroke Judges and discreetly gives to scorer.

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Distributes heat winner ribbons to all heat winners in the 10 and under individual events. Data Entry Parent 1 or 2 per team per meet Enters swimmers times into software program and prints the ribbons. We hope to have the sign assembled as part of set up but if not, you will need to assemble it. The sign is tall, so you and the other sign manager will likely need to lean it down to flip the cards.

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Or if you come up with another solution, go for it! Your primary responsibilities are to do whatever Matti needs you to do. You will need to arrive 15 minutes before check-in to set up. This could include, but is not limited to: Your basic tasks could include, but are not limited to: Generally clean up the pool deck and balcony Help replace chairs to where the facility wants them stored Help coaches collect lane markers, etc.

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Throw trash in the trash can Collect lost items and give them to Melissa Your primary responsibility is to keep the meet moving. Stroke and Turn Judge Guidelines A. You are there to observe the swimmers, not look for disqualifications. You must take your job seriously; understand the rules and how they are applied.

volunteer sign up sheet for swim meet

Be confident and consistent in your calls. Have fun and make the meet enjoyable for the swimmers and spectators. Prior to Meet Review technical rules the night before or when convenient prior to the meet. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the meet. We are not using a meet director at this non-sanctioned meet.

Be present at your assigned position 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the meet. Jurisdiction and positioning may vary from pool to pool. Give swimmers in your jurisdiction your undivided attention.

Avoid any distractions such as casual conversations with spectators, coaches, etc. Always be aware of the appropriate heat of the swimmers in the water. All disqualifications are subject to dual confirmation with your judging partner. The swimmer is always given the benefit of the doubt. You must see the position of both hands. At the completion of the heat, one of you must fill out a DQ slip.

In the event of multiple infractions, make sure each is indicated. You are not the bad guy. Once completed, a DQ slip should be signed by one of you.

Relay take-offs and turns are also judged by dual confirmation. Note the lane, team, and swimmer number e. Your post will be the check-in table on the balcony. You will have a list of swimmers in the meet. Sharpies will be supplied for you.

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It is also helpful to write the event description i. If you are unsure of how to do this, the other Swimmer Check-In people can help you, or you can find a coach to help! Veteran swimmers and parents are also good at this and can help you out. Pass the BDA swimmers along to the tattoo person. You will not have to do anything with tattoos. The tattoo person will handle that. You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to check-in to set up.