Warrior baek dong soo ost meet again tat

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warrior baek dong soo ost meet again tat

If the gods are just, I will never see you again. Baek Dong-soo had been born to surpass his master in every way. with the map tattoo on her back—that she was the one you loved—but it's not her you're going to see tonight, is it? .. witnessed, and I heard Dong-soo's voice in this song about Woon. warrior baek dong soo Martial Arts Movies, Thai Drama, Yoo Seung Ho, Kdrama save this pic but fuck it's too cute i need to save it again- drama is Just Between Lovers Song Kyungil- History- Might Just guiadeayuntamientos.info, really - I might just die Lee Philip from Secret Garden. love the tattoos Secret Garden Kdrama, Secret. We leap right into the action, with Dong Soo battling his way through the assassins (beat us to death with the theme of the day, eh Show?) that anything is possible, Dong Soo burns Ji Sun's back, destroying the tattoo. . Gwang Taek meets with Dong Soo and Sa Mo and tells them that they are leaving.

She herself loved two men. Dong-soo and Yeo Woon loved other women and one another in young flawed ways, not reading hearts, not understanding that pure love isn't selfish, that mature love doesn't try to win favor or appease a lover's desires, that a soul love doesn't require a blood sacrifice.

She had spoken those words once to her great love, Gwang-taek. I don't understand you. Woon had looked at Dong-soo with glistening eyes. Why didn't you plunge a blade into my heart? They had misunderstood love so many times. Dong-soo didn't see the loneliness Ji-sun had felt since her father died, how much she had taken to the Crown prince and to Dong-soo because of that loneliness; Dong-soo missed the sweet attraction Jin-joo had for him because what she saw in a man like Baek Dong-soo were qualities she longed for in herself.

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Woon was drawn to Ji-sun because she paid attention to him—the same way Chun had paid attention to a suffering, beaten, lonely boy.

And understanding this, Ga-ok remembered how Chun, with all his charm, his dark humor and surprising affection, had won her own grieving heart even after killing Ga-ok's own father, the Sky Lord of Heuksa Chorong. Watching the boys make mistake after mistake, Ga-ok saw her own. Her pain easily bled through the veil between Death and Life. Woon's pain was so much a part of him that she wanted to cling to it as if it were her own.

No, she needed to comfort him. She could not press him against her chest the way she had been able to hug Jin-joo a few times in Life because it was too late; the wind merely stirred his long black hair. At an open window, Woon was dressing for the day.

He hated the top-knot that palace regulations required of guards and raised his chin to feel the breeze against his face. It was sweet to him; for the smallest moment, the wind was a comfort. It's not your fault, my child. The Sky Lord has a terrible power. Look how he holds me in his hand. To Ga-ok's surprise, Woon knew that. He was an intelligent, observant young man.

There were events that could not be changed. They marched forward with the force of Destiny. The death of Prince Sado. Like a boulder in history that would not be budged. Chun too, a power that could push that boulder into place. Next to him, Yeo Woon in the uniform of a Royal guard.

What had Chun seen in a twelve-year-old boy? Whatever he had seen in Ga-ok. Intelligence, beauty, sensitivity and a longing for a father—all irresistible qualities Chun could manipulate to his advantage. Then there lay the Crown prince, still bleeding from Chun's sword, leaning against a tree. The sun shone on his light hair, and as his soul passed and broke the veil, Ga-ok swept through into tragedy.

The wind wept, a faint whimper through the boughs of the trees. Ga-ok had not witnessed the murder at the time, even though she had not been far from the scene. She knew that Chun had struck the fatal blow; she had always believed, along with the Sky Lord, that the prince's dream of the Northern Expedition was a sad joke—who dreams of such political impossibilities and doesn't consider the magnitude of opposition, the rivers of blood to cross?

But to see a young man, kneeling before the body of the Crown prince, a traitor in the blue uniform of the Royal guard that Gwang-taek had once worn—to see Woon, a single tear running down his face, apologize to the murdered man, and say of the Sky Lord, I cannot overcome him- Ga-ok decided at that moment.

You and I, Yeo Woon. But that legacy of pain had to end. In the realm of the Living, in the Afterlife, who knows where else, or there was no Heaven.

No Heaven to be grasped in her hands at all. Gwang-taek too had seen the immovable nature of Destiny. The wind marveled among the fields that changed color every season; the wind tossed the flowers that would soon be buried under snow or swept dying across streams of mud in the rainy season; the wind understood that the Living world had its ways of persevering, that the paths of rivers could be changed but that the fates of some men were written by the gods.

I believed otherwise, Ga-ok-ah. He could shift paths and grow even stronger in Death as he had in Life. I told Woon that myself when I sent him back to that awful place, Heuksa Chorong.

Sa-mo looked at me as though I were sentencing the boy to an early grave. I knew the weight on Woon; I sent him back to choose for himself; he chose rightly and decided to dissolve the assassin guild, to return to protect the Prince Heir, to come home but… what I did. It was like throwing a child into a swift river and hoping that he would learn to swim. I regret not protecting him. I wonder how far destiny will take you two boys.

There are two futures for Dong-soo and Woon, right? They knew him as Cho-rip, but he was a noble in disguise.

You would never guess who Cho-rip turned out to be. Hong Guk Yeong rises in power because of his abilities; he makes his own path, but at the end of each and every path is death in exile.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again tat

His political schemes lead to an assassination attempt on the queen. The same way he missed the truth about Yeo Woon; he could sense danger the way a wary animal senses a predator, but for all his kindness and devotion, he could not read hearts, not even the hearts of those closest to him.

I heard the words that crumbled Woon's resolve and broke his heart and allowed all of Chun's pain to rush back inside. I heard a childhood friend tell another childhood friend the cruelest of cruel things.

Who betrays a brother like that? That Cho-rip person—how could he-? I tried to change that. There was no touching Deputy Hong's heart. Or I couldn't do it.

He had always honored me, but- It was like trying to topple a mountain by blowing a secret against it, but the mountain could not hear me. The one who will set events into motion that lead to Yeo Woon's death.

She too is unreachable," whispered Ga-ok. I saw that softness when she first she first came to Heuksa Chorong. The clouds drifted further, changing shape across a bright blue sky. It was Yeo Woon she would love. She cannot be swayed from what she believes will protect him; she idealizes Woon; she has no idea how vulnerable he is. Let me care for you, I've told him the way I did outside Sa-mo's house. He hardens his heart against mine.

She herself had once found it impossible to understand why the Sword Saint would waste his precious time on anyone from a place so dark and irredeemable as Heuksa Chorong. It would later become dizzying to believe that he could love her, an assassin.

Gwang-taek continued, "He believes that I wanted him dead from the moment I sensed his killer instinct. He believes that I spared him, the way I let Dae-ung walk away over and over, minus a thumb or a limb-alive but warned. Woon must've felt each word I spoke to him like a whip across his back. The future became lurid, almost too bright to see, and then Ga-ok realized that the scenes were coming to her as a hellfire.

The ill-fated future burned, faces of Dong-soo's friends lit with brilliant desperate fire, and then the corners of the vision would crumble to black ash. Dong-soo's friends could not reach him. You're drinking too much. The students are tired. He was drinking far too much late into the night.

The man put up a smiling front and didn't return to guard duty after completing his martial arts book. He trained warriors as if sleep-walking through the fire. Ga-ok knew that fire—it was guilt, and she had never allowed it to eat her alive. I killed you, Woon-ah. Where are you now? Is this because I hated you once? I deserve this hell? We don't deserve this hell, do we? I need to find you. I need a reason to go on….

Ji-sun was watching the setting sun in another town when Dong-soo's fever spiked, and she knew something was wrong. She cancelled her business appointment and rode back in the dark. It was a day and a half's ride. Dong-soo had been ill for less than a week. By the time she arrived at Dong-soo's bedside, Jin-joo was already wringing towels in a bucket and weeping. Sa-mo, Miso, and even Cho-rip, not caring what sickness he might catch, were in the room, when Jin-joo led Ji-sun inside.

She acquiesced her place to Dong-soo's chosen one and handed Ji-sun the wet cloth for Dong-soo's brow. Jang-mi is cooking some broth. He hasn't opened his eyes. Please talk to him. Maybe he'll listen to you— Ji-sun knelt by the bed, and her voice cracked.

Dong-soo's hand caught Ji-sun's. Ji-sun's eyes sparkled with hope because the grip was so firm and because Dong-soo was looking directly at her. I will always love you, he said. A collective intake of breath in the room. It was louder than the sudden breeze from an open window. The breeze that stirred the small flame on the medicinal candle on the dresser table. The candle's sweet smell blew through the room with sweet words.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again tat

I will always love you, Dong-soo repeated, his voice weakening. Until the end of time… Woon-ah. No one in the room mistook the name. Dong-soo had spoken it with all his strength, as if the word alone were the confession. The two syllables stayed in the room because they had been spoken with such clarity and tenderness. There was no Yeo Woon there, only his name. Ji-sun's fingers went limp, and her wrist in Dong-soo's grasp would have fallen to the bedside if Dong-soo had not gripped harder.

Don't leave me, Woon-ah. Sa-mo said that the poor child was out of his mind with fever and would be better if only Jang-mi could get more water past his throat. Ga-ok could read Jin-joo's heart, and Jin-joo didn't believe that. The young man who only saw the surface of things, Cho-rip, was waiting for Dong-soo's recovery, but Jin-joo knew the truth. She had always known her Dong-soo. Ga-ok could not read Ji-sun, but from looking at the tiny woman as she lay her head on the mat where Dong-soo lay dying and wept, Ga-ok understood that women's hearts felt the sun begin to set before men's eyes even saw the skies darken.

Dong-soo closed his eyes and the wind left, knowing he would be gone in a few hours.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again tat

The wind roared through time, rushing through black tunnels, spinning through the emptiness that was Yeo Woon's history without a mother, without a father; the wind blew the veil off the realm of the Living and sent it flying the gods knew only where.

Dimensions broke; they broke like the time-glass Woon had once shattered with a coin in order to save Dong-soo's life during a fight-club match; splinters of time shot off in all directions—each piece sparkling with its own knowledge and cutting through the wind who felt no pain because Ga-ok was a massive force spiraling through the realms, intent on only one purpose.

You had the courage to change everything, you built your own castle the way the former Sky Lord did—only my Chun's castle was built on pain and yours was built on redemption—you were going to change everything and then—" Ga-ok had arrived where she wanted to be. Yeo Woon, dressed as the leader of Heuksa Chorong, wore the uniform so differently from his predecessor. He was mindful of his appearance, tidy and graceful. Pretty as a girl with his small face, slim waist, and delicate hands.

Chun had been a large intimidating presence; constant drunkenness only added to his slovenly fearsomeness. Months on pirate ships and long journeys of deprivation from country to country had taught him to care little for appearances and made him look like a man washed ashore, despite his good looks and charm. Those last two traits, along with a sinister way of glaring at nowhere in particular, were enough to inspire awe in anyone who came across the Sky Lord. Look at you, Woon.

Who knows the man you really are? She could read his heart right then. Yeo Woon, was stomping, as he often did, towards Sa-mo's small village home. Woon looked too small and boyish in his elegant black clothes. Like a kid playing a role. It was no wonder he had always worked so hard to earn respect from the members in the assassin guild, from the Norons in the Royal court, from anyone who tried to fight him and didn't realize, until it was too late, that this kid was as deadly as he was young and pretty.

The wind blew so hard Woon's sleeves fluttered. The next gust made his steps falter—he was not that light of a person, and there was no storm brewing, so he stopped, looked up at the night sky and was perplexed.

He stood there and thought about her. He did not hear her words, not in the sense that the Living hear the Dead, word for word, because the Dead do not reach the Living that way. He thought of her. He remembered that she never left Heuksa Chorong, even though if she had, it would have been with Sword Saint's protection. Why didn't you leave, Earth Lord? How strong she was. How dead she was, despite all her strength.

How she had kept running and running all her life from the one person she wanted to be with. There had to be a reason. I know what you're going to do. You're not even going to give Dong-soo a chance to speak. You know in your own heart that he would never kill you. You told the gisaeng as much. You said you wanted to ask his forgiveness if that were true—what happened to that? You're angry, so stop that now. When you're afraid, you get angry.

The Prince Heir has forgiven you. What else is left? You can go home. So why are you going to see Dong-soo now to ask him if he was really going to kill you? As if you ever truly believed that? Why are you going to tell him that you can't be with him, to tell him not to search for you?

He pauses, places his hand on a tree. He doesn't want to keep moving forward. He understands now that he is afraid. You are indeed amazing. When he brought you to Heuksa Chorong, I knew you had promise, but I never imagined what I saw in that fight. I saw not only skill there but courage.

Courage I never had. I heard you tell one of the most feared men in all Joseon that whether it was a heart or a life, you would take it. A heart or a life. That is what you said. Why are you running away from the one you love most? Why are you going right now to tell Dong-soo that you're leaving somewhere far far away? Chun thought it was the little woman like a fairy with the map tattoo on her back—that she was the one you loved—but it's not her you're going to see tonight, is it?

It's not her you're going to see before you set off to the gods know where to live like a monk repenting for your sins. Who is it you are truly running away from? Tell me, stupid child. Cho-rip has left moments ago. As it has happened every single time in the vision, Dong-soo looks up, and Woon is standing there, having arrived as noiselessly as a ninja.

Were you really going to kill me? Ga-ok has heard Woon say this before. Was he listening to her heart at all? She thought he was paying attention. But this time Woon lets Dong-soo speak. Dong-soo rushes forward and sputters an explanation. It isn't necessary; Woon never doubted that Dong-soo would object to killing his best friend in cold blood, but Woon needs the time to compose himself as Dong-soo talks.

Woon's eyes are cast downward, and Dong-soo is pouring out his grief over the command, and how the Prince Heir said that Dong-soo didn't have to be a part of any killing of his friend, and how Cho-rip still needed to be convinced—if only Cho-rip could be convinced that Woon posed no threat— I've been to see his Highness.

He's going to give me a chance to redeem myself. As always, Dong-soo heaves a sigh of relief and puts his hand on Woon's shoulder. I'm going to disassemble Heuksa Chorong and…. The script has changed. Ga-ok knows that this is the part when Woon tells Dong-soo of plans to leave, don't search for me, annyeong, the stomping away, Dong-soo calling Woon-ahhhh. Dong-soo and Woon's eyes meet. Lying to everyone and yourself.

Do you want to keep from following Chun's path? Chun was a fucking liar. Dong-soo searches Woon's eyes. Ga-ok has only seen lovers lock a gaze for that long; she is sure the young men are not lovers. The wind holds her breath, the stillness like a moment on a cliff where the slightest breath would send two people plunging off the edge. Ga-ok realizes she wants Dong-soo and Woon to fall.

warrior baek dong soo ost meet again tat

Not looking away, he says, I don't know what to do after that, Dong-soo-ah…. His voice is softer but unwavering. Dong-soo's face relaxes into a slight smile at Woon's honesty. He wraps his arms around Woon. We'll figure it out, Dong-soo says. Only Ga-ok can see Dong-soo's eyes moisten a little with tears.

You've done so much by yourself for so long. Please, please—let someone else lighten the load for you. By this time Woon is returning the hug. There is no awkwardness. It is a brief hug, and Woon pulls away, not avoiding Dong-soo's overjoyed expression but not matching it. So much can still go wrong. There's going to be resistance within the guild. Cho-rip— Dong-soo places his large hands firmly on Woon's shoulders. We'll do this together. Ga-ok is impressed with the intense look Woon gives Dong-soo; she's sure of it now; the young men have stepped off the cliff and have crossed over.

What exactly does that mean, Baek Dong-soo? Whatever it has to mean. Stay here tonight, and we'll talk about it tomorrow morning. I have to go ba— No, you don't. That answer doesn't work anymore. Stay here tonight, or I'll take out my sword and kill you on the spot. I— Do you trust me?

There is only one answer. Do you trust me, Yeo Woon?

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At those last words, Ga-ok notices a small figure coming into the courtyard and pausing. Ji-sun backs away, her pink skirts darkening with the shadows. She once heard Baek Dong-soo ask her the same: Dong-soo's smile is wider than the widest layer of the largest pagoda in all Joseon. Have a drink with me. You can stay in my room.

I'll even ride out with you tomorrow. But— Do you trust me? Dong-soo pours the rice wine into his own bowl and gives it to Woon to drink. Ga-ok has fallen off her own precipice. The wind carries her over a fast river into daylight. The splashing water against rocks breaks a prism into her own strength; in the Living world, a rainbow appears.

The loveliness of the sight-the rainbow's colors, the sweet river smells and sounds, and Ga-ok feels a happiness she has not felt since Gwang-taek died and his soul rushed to join hers. When Ga-ok sensed Gwang-taek, the shock stilled her like a second Death. She saw him stand before her as a man.

A young man, the one she fell in love with. Dressed in vivid blue, the elaborate floral pattern of the Royal guard on one shoulder. In the Afterlife, she had only known him as the colorless wind. He lost me, though. He hallucinated, even in his own heart, that I was Yeo Woon, and apologized to me for breaking his promise. That Dong-soo should never be sad his whole life for a person like him?

Dong-soo's last words were I'm sorry, Woon-ah. Your face, your body. She was afraid she might not be able to touch him.

You're not the wind. You look like a young Royal guard. His fond heart for her growing fonder. Sometimes you look like a little girl I never met; other times you must be near the age you were when Chun killed your father; most of the time you are transparent as the wind, but right now, you are the most beautiful woman I ever saw, the woman with white beads in her hair who looked at me with such sad and thoughtful eyes—ha, I knew the moment I first saw you that I would chase you like the wind forever and ever and—" "You have always been able to see me?

Why was Gwang-taek so happy? That is such an earthly thing. What is amazing is that your sorrow must be lifting. You can remember me now. This must be some sort of divine reward, do you suppose? At the same time, she was glad to be beautiful in the eyes of a man like Kim Gwang-taek. She had always wanted to be free as the wind; she was not sorry to have not completely discarded her womanly appearance.

She was, after all, a ghost. She may as well be a beautiful ghost. Then she remembered something. She was an accomplished ghost. Water sprayed in a fine mist under the wind's excitement. I can't believe still but—" "What? That he didn't know what to do, that he was frightened. He stayed at Dong-soo's home. They were drinking and talking when I left. I think… I think it's all going to be all right. Woon admitted that he was frightened?

Dong-soo will be all over that like a bee on a flower. I reminded him of his promise not to be like Chun and yelled at him to quit lying to everyone and to himself. When he finally stopped laughing, he said, "This is the mother you are, Ga-ok-ah. This is your true self. Had Ga-ok ever known her true self? In Life, she had barely grown into a woman before her father, the Sky Lord, was killed, and then her grief was captured by the Sky Lord's successor and twisted into the shape of an assassin.

All Ga-ok had ever wanted was to be as free as the wind and to love freely. To love who she wanted. Would Dong-soo and Woon have that freedom in Life now? The rushing water, the wet pebbles alongside the riverbank, the lush green trees—Ga-ok had never been so aware of her surroundings since dying.

The moment of her Death, she had looked for a boat that would carry her away. She had prayed for an easy rebirth, hoping against all hope that she would see her loved ones again, and she had been surprised to find herself flying through the night sky, bodiless, not bound to any purpose yet. Was she going to be a lost spirit? One of those sad souls doomed to stalk the Living, grieving for what might have been?

At her incineration, she realized she had become her heart's desire and she blew the flames over her body, the smoke past Jin-joo's disconsolate face when it was all over. My darling daughter, I'm still here. I am the wind. I am on the other side, but sometimes, when your sadness is strong or my love is stronger, I pray we can be together. It was not until Gwang-taek came to her that Ga-ok knew joy, the happiness she had not felt in Life, and she began to question, at Gwang-taek's urgings, what purpose remained for her.

We never truly leave, Ga-ok-ah. We are still with our daughter. If we could not guide her in Life, perhaps….? Yes, it was a woman. Not anyone she knew—but definitely another ghost, an elderly woman dressed in a simple hanbok and scarf, carrying a basket of fruit. Was it ghost fruit? There were still so many mysteries. Another figure appeared—a child this time. And they came, one by one, until there were dozens, lining the riverbank on the other side from where Gwang-taek and Ga-ok stood.

Only the swift white water separated the new ghosts and the wind spirits. The ghosts stared; they offered no greeting to Gwang-taek and Ga-ok.

Should we speak to them? We were only the wind to them before. They'll become used to us in time. Remember how it is in Nature? With deer and birds? You walk among them as if you belong. Don't make a display. Ga-ok gasped because he looked like Yeo Woon. On second glance, though, she saw that he wasn't Yeo Woon—he strongly resembled him. He grabbed his old friend by the shoulders.

I had so many sins to atone for, and you are the one who raised me out of the darkness and brought me here. I saw Woon's past. But it's all changed now.

Only I—" Tears sprung in Gwang-taek's eyes. The stillness in the air was unnatural because the wind was holding her breath. They're touching one another. Can I touch Gwang-taek too? He didn't hear me. He looked so much like his son—tender eyes, a girlish face—but Ga-ok could see that the father was soft in a way that was a weakness; emotions unchecked by reason left a man open to exploitation.

So that's why he drank; that's why be believed in fake fortune tellers; that's why Yeo Cho-sang was a weak, stumbling father. Woon, despite his sweet face and even sweeter disposition, had always held himself with a guarded coolness, had always walked with confidence, rarely betrayed any vulnerability—those things were flaws in themselves, but Woon had built himself up in times of despair whereas the father had torn himself down even in times of happiness.

Ga-ok did not even have to read the father's heart to know that the son was intelligent and strong, but the father was neither. And you're back from the darkness, right? Gwang-taek's kindness frustrated her sometimes. Even though Cho-sang was an attractive youth, his face resembled warm porridge.

She knew about this man, yes. Accidentally killing his wife, accidentally damning Woon into the hands of a worse monster like Chun—so why wasn't this father reincarnated into an earthworm by now?

I suffered and suffered and saw how my sins had sent my own child down a path of pain. I even saw how he imitated his poor stupid father in how he died—impaling himself on the blade of someone he loved. I damned my Woon that way. I tried to tell him how sorry I was. But my hell was that I could not reach him. But Woon didn't die the way you saw him die.

He didn't go down that path. Your son is safe. I'm sure of it. Thank you for saving my boy. The ghosts across the river were staring, soundlessly. What is she doing here? He could not assume politeness or hold back his feelings. How could she save my son?

What was she doing here with you? I only killed one person—my wife—and it wasn't on purpose. It doesn't make any sense at all. I meant no disrespect. I'm sure that it is because of Sword Saint that you were granted by the gods the right to be by his side. Thank you again for saving my son. I used to see his death in a vision that filled my darkness with hellfire. I don't see it anymore. She knelt by the river and picked up a small, smooth stone, turned it over in her fingers.

No, for her the vision of Dong-soo and Woon fighting in the field was still there, fixed like all other events in the past, but it no longer reached her with the hellfire of Dong-soo's guilt, with the crushing pain of Woon's broken heart.

Ji Chang-wook

It was a dull possibility now, washed gray and smooth like the pebble in her hand, as if currents of pure water had poured over the fire. The ghosts across the river had bored with watching the trio of old companions talking. They broke ranks, wandering back into the forest. All I could see was my son suffering in the past and in the future. I saw no other ghosts. It was then that Ga-ok realized that the arm given in sacrifice for Dong-soo's life was the arm Gwang-taek held out, asking Ga-ok and the penitent father to walk into the forest.

For some reason, Ga-ok was happier to see that one body part than she had been to see Gwang-taek's handsome face when his bodily form had first appeared to her. No more blood sacrifices? At least not here. The Living world may be plagued with them, but here—no more blood spilled in the name of love. Redemption doesn't have to come with that price. The three walked for a long time. Visions came and went with dazzling clarity to all three. There was Woon flinging his short blade into the wind and felling a small rabbit.

There was Dong-soo roasting the meat over a campfire in the dark woods—a smile on Woon's face unlike that anyone had ever seen.

Of two paths for Dong-soo and Woon, the one with Gwang-taek's legacy of the Living Sword had triumphed. In a sun-dappled clearing, the three came upon a vision of Sa-mo weeping alone at the table late in the evening.

No one knows where they are. The Prince Heir wants them to return. Cho-rip is regretful now. Dong-soo and Woon needed time together; they are travelling inn to inn, riding by night and never staying long anywhere to avoid discovery.

They argue; Dong-soo says they should go back. Woon says there is no place for him in the palace, nor can he return to his own innocence. They'll find their way and one another; I feel it. Please, people have a way of coming back when you least expect it. In fact, we never leave. The boys will come back. It's been so long since I've thought of you, his heart spoke. Cho-sang-ah, your son tried so hard to redeem himself, and we all failed him.

If he doesn't return to us, I won't blame him. I will miss him and my Dong-soo, though. I will miss him. In time, may we all be comforted. The three see a noisy tavern filled with diners. Cho-rip hands a man a roll of coins. Persuade people to talk. I'm certain they're here somewhere. At a far table, Woon mutters under his breath. Cho-rip dashes the table, and Dong-soo stands up to embrace him. How did you find us?

Gwang-taek and Ga-ok sense other scenes, but Cho-sang is confused. There was a thunderstorm. The lost boys stayed at an inn for days, spending too much money there. An accident, Cho-rip says. I can't believe I've found you. Woon is still sitting. The prince has been looking for us. Cho-rip pounds his chest. Woonie, I would not do that to you. The prince gave no such order. It's all been me. At Dong-soo's urging, Cho-rip sits down, catches his breath and drinks some rice wine.

When at last he can speak, he says in a voice that sounds sincere: I was sure you two had left the country. I was ready to give up. There was a tip from someone who had seen two swordsmen spending a lot of money. A tall man and a broody one. Dong-soo and Woon glance at one another. The prince didn't know I was searching, but he… he wanted you to be found.

He was so hopeful that you would both return and continue his father's work. Dong-soo-ah, Woon-ah, please, please. Cho-rip bows his head. Forgive me for what I did to you both. You were my best friends. Cho-rip—or rather, Deputy Hong-dies in exile. But who knows what happens after?

I mean, look at the three of us now. The three passed many ghosts in the woods, none of whom were known to any of them. Her mother died on a mission for Heuksa Chorong when Ga-ok was very young; Ga-ok had no memories of her mother. A Sky Lord responsible for the deaths of hundreds. He would not be here—he would be lost to some darkness deeper than where Yeo Woon's father had been trapped, where Chun…. It was a tree of the Living world.

She felt the roughness of the bark and wondered if the veil had been forever stripped, if she could touch her daughter's cheek now. Please don't look to me like I'm one. The heads of Heuksa Chorong taught you to see men that way, but I was only a man and even now, I am only the ghost of a man.

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I am humbled to have walked this far with you. But it's here, for this moment, that I am taking my leave. I may have been a fool in my Life, but I always knew when I was in the way.

It took him a long time to learn the sword, but once he learned it, he was resourceful, much the way Woon is, and he learned to compensate for his slight body and lack of power with pure speed.

He never had any killing intent. Each map shows the advantages and hideouts on the road straight to Beijing. Chun announces that no one lives to step out of Hoksa Chorong, and Gwang Taek smiles at the thought. You two better fight and NOT be having another tea party around here. Being considerate today, Chun takes his time to get the wine so that Ji and Gwang Taek can spend some time alone. She stops playing and advises him to go back. I will get you out of here.

Sitting with his back to Chun, Gwang Taek sips in the wine. These two men are so cool with each other that I feel suffocated for Ji. What binds her to Hoksa Chorong? At a gisaeng house, Chief Im visits Gu Hyang, a gisaeng known for her tattoo removal skills. However, after the meeting, she enters another room where Chun is lounging around.

The two kids she saved earlier stole her money. Nice to see you again. He acknowledges who she is. Jin Ju laughs like a lunatic and Yeo Woon also smiles seeing the girl from years ago. Aw, now THIS should be the love triangle around here writers! The gisaeng, Gu Hyang, meets with Prince Sado and promises to remove the tattoo completely.

It will take three operations and Ji Sun will undergo painful sensation throughout the process. He asks Chief Im to carry out the examination for Jeilno Bongsudae immediately. If the beacons are not lighted promptly, the beacon guards will be beheaded. Due to the recent rain, the logs are all wet, Ajusshi suggests that they run to the beacon post in the capitol to inform them. Dong Soo rushes out and Yeo Woon follows him. Dong Soo runs to the same cliff he jumped down when he was a lonely little boy.

Yeo Woon is worried but Dong Soo smiles slightly at his friend before he jumps! This jump serves as a shortcut because he leaves Yeo Woon behind. He knocks an officer over to steal the horse! While Dong Soo is drenched in sweat, Yeo Woon is a prince on a horse.

He waits for Dong Soo at the end of the bridge and smiles victoriously. The boys arrive at the gate but the officer there has been bribed by Hong Dae Joo and refuse to open the entrance for any trainees. Last minute, they decide to use the wooden tower outside the wall to shoot the arrows. There are a total of four beacons that need to be light up. Dong Soo successfully lights up 3 beacons. During the last round, rain begins to pour down. Dong Soo hands the arrow and bow to Yeo Woon. Gathering up all his strength, Yeo Woon shoots!

They look up in silence until smoke is seen from the fourth beacon. She also has a tattoo on her back, thanks to Chun. Instead, she drugs Ji Sun and contemplates over what to do. Succeeding in his mission, Dong Soo walks around the palace. Or did she lazily stole the scrolls? Maybe next episode would answer my question. Anyway, that night, Hong Dae Joo orders a secret meeting with the big guns in politics, especially from the Noron Faction.

What the heck, one of them is Queen Jung Sun. All these people against Prince Sado!? The emperor wants The King to designate Prince Sado as his successor.

Since the scroll is destroyed, what they need to do now is get rid of Prince Sado altogether. As I said earlier, these two episodes focus on developing the bromance for later sabotage. As of now, the road looks really bleak for Prince Sado.