Waterloo road teacher student relationship in the classroom

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waterloo road teacher student relationship in the classroom

The sixth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 1 New head teacher Karen Fisher is clearly in her element at Waterloo Road and is joined at After catching Ronan selling DVDs in class, and brimming with ideas about improving parent-teacher relationships, Marcus takes it. Our alternate story of Waterloo Road's Cesca and Jonah storyline. Starting after their first kiss. Rated T due to the teacher/student relationship. He sat quietly at the back of the classroom as the room began to fill with year AS Waterloo Road's sexy Spanish teacher, actress Karen David is every teenage boy's dream. The relationship has blossomed from furtive kisses after class to Francesca, known as Cesca, taking A-level pupil Jonah's.

He wanted to talk to her terribly.

waterloo road teacher student relationship in the classroom

He needed to know that she felt the same way he did, sitting there not being able to say anything was too much for him to take. Jonah's chair creaked as he moved it back. Everyone turned to look at him as he stood up. Cesca's heart was pounding, she was completely terrified that he was about to blurt something out to the whole class.

Jonah could tell she was nervous, he quickly racked his brain for an excuse as to why he was standing up — he himself wasn't even sure why, he just knew he couldn't be the classroom with Cesca, not while he didn't know where they stood.

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Cesca could tell he was lying. They both stared into each others eyes for a few seconds, both knowing they had to talk about what happened although it seemed Cesca wanted to avoid the whole conversation.

You will find him there. It was always Karen Fisher and Miss Fry that took the responsibility for it. He knew Cesca was planning to meet him. I will go there now.

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Ten minutes later, Jonah was sitting in am empty canteen. He looked his watch and sighed, "She's not coming" he thought to himself. All of a sudden he heard footsteps coming down the corridor, getting closer and closer. He could tell it was Cesca in her high heels. This is, of course, ridiculous: I think we can distinguish between the genuine exploiters and outright sleaze-bags, such as Christopher Drake, and those who have relationships with the pupils out of school time where there is genuine affection on both sides.

Quite simply, there is no victim in a lot of these cases besides the angered parent and embarrassed head-teacher. The case of Montoya and Kirby is fiction, but I fail to see why it should merit a prison sentence when she initially resisted, refused to abort the baby, when she could have saved her own skin by crying rape, when she had tried to save face for everyone concerned by leaving suddenly, and when both parties were clearly committed to each other.

Perhaps I am reading too much into it; this particular case is, after all, only fiction, but the mitigating factors are so considerable that it should be unthinkable to lock her up. The maximum sentence for assisting a suicide, for example, is 14 years, but almost nobody ever gets it and, where there are extreme circumstances, people get non-custodial sentences or are not prosecuted. Having had more experience with teenage boys than I really cared to, I find it rather amusing that anyone thinks a healthy and able-bodied mid-teenage boy is in any need of protection from women.

They would not feel violated or used by the experience. We do not allow doctors to conduct sexual relationships with their patients, even when they are adults, and there is a case to be made for banning any sexual activity between students and teachers on the grounds of academic integrity, such as eliminating the possibility of favouritism and coercion.

But this should be a matter of institutional discipline, not criminal law. Sixth formers are at school or college voluntarily and unless the government decides to raise the school leaving age can leave any time and get a job, and can come and go as they please from the school or college as long as they attend their lessons, so it makes no sense that their tutors whose professional relationship with them is much looser, and whose time spent with them is much less, than that of teachers of secondary-age pupils are expected to treat them as children in that one regard.

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Tutors are not in the same position of power over a sixth-form student as a correctional or health worker is over an inmate or a patient, and the employers the young people might otherwise work for are not under any of these restrictions, despite having the power to terminate their livelihood. This does not mean I would expect schools to approve of teachers carrying on with sixth-formers, but neither should we use the full force of the law on what are essentially victimless crimes.

waterloo road teacher student relationship in the classroom