We will meet again pictures of puppies

Online puppy scams: how I nearly fell for it - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

we will meet again pictures of puppies

The first dog, Coral, had eight pups naturally and mom and pups are doing well. I have attached some pictures of Hella's adorable GSD puppies! Meet Champion Double Ring Rebel Ridge Waterford – AKA Crystal. I am thrilled to have these puppies and look forward to using your services again. Until we meet again I will always remember you Trixie! 30+ Best Heart-melting Dog Quotes with Beautiful Images Dog Best Friend .. ~Cute & Cuddly Pets~. Forever Free - Pet Loss Poem by Christy Ann Martine #pets #petloss #lossofpet Alfie oh how I miss you and can't wait to meet again!! . Cute things.

Six healthy puppies delivered via C-section by Dr. Four boys and two girls born to happy mother Peyton Hardwick. Hella's Puppies Hello Dr. Hella had a beautiful delivery on February 9th, I tell everyone how special you made Hella and I feel by meeting us at your office on your day off to do our AI.

Any other vet would have waited till Monday and more than likely by then we would have missed our date for them it is about office hours and money. Kestle performed a C-section on November 25th on Crystal.

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Here she is tending to her pups a couple of hours after the surgery. Una's Puppies Hi Dr. Kestle, Just wanted to update you regarding Una. On Friday, December 18th, she delivered 7 puppies. The first took so long and was so big, he was dead on delivery, however, all the rest delivered shortly after, and with no problems.

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She had 4 girls and 3 boys, with 2 boys remaining. I am thrilled to have these puppies and look forward to using your services again. Your office has made this process very easy and stress free, and answered all my questions in a timely manner. Will be sending Litter Registration papers shortly.

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Sussing out a scam The "breeder" had sent through photos of her pups. In the seedy world of puppy scams, it is common for scammers to take photos from legitimate breeders' websites and post them on their own.

we will meet again pictures of puppies

I used a tool called a reverse-image search, which checks to see if a picture has been posted somewhere else on the internet. It is an easy way to see if someone has simply taken a puppy picture from a website and posted it as their dog. In this instance, the search revealed no matches — but I know savvy scammers can hide their footprints by flipping, cropping or otherwise altering the image so it doesn't get picked up.

This image purports to be a Dalmatian puppy for sale inbut the metadata shows the photo was taken in Supplied After striking out once, I continued to look for clues that something was wrong. Digital images carry metadata that can reveal an alarming amount of information about where and how the photo was taken.

we will meet again pictures of puppies

Looking at the data attached to my puppy photo, I could see the photo was taken in The final piece of proof that something dodgy was afoot was revealed by the simplest step, and the one I should have taken first. I did a web search of the "breeder's" email address, which brought up warnings on a dog website that revealed the scammer was quite prolific.

we will meet again pictures of puppies

I responded curtly to the most recent email, telling them I had found them out and they could leave me alone, thank you very much. Real dogs, fake ads The trouble with a purchase like a puppy is the internet is the most common place to look.

A new dog…and scammers’ old tricks | Consumer Information

No-one wants to support cruel puppy farms, and many legitimate breeders use online ad sites. The ACCC's ScamWatch has been warning about puppy scams for the past decade, and as online advertising has changed, scammers have moved from traditional ad sites to social media.

American breeders Deer Creek Labradoodles recently found themselves at the centre of a scam, which took off on Facebook and spread through many Australian networks. A Labradoodle owner takes to Instagram to respond to a scam using pictures of their puppy Instagram The breeders found an image of one of their pups had been used on a scam page, long after the puppy had been rehomed.

A new dog…and scammers’ old tricks

Deer Creek Labradoodles was flooded with requests, and took to Facebook to warn prospective buyers about the scam. Because of the large number of Australians seeing the fake ad, Consumer Protection WA took up the cause, and the page has since been removed.

So, how do you avoid getting scammed?

we will meet again pictures of puppies