What to bring a swap meet

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what to bring a swap meet

Called swap meets in some regions and flea markets in others, these open Bring tables, tents, signage, chairs and any other items you need to display and set. Tips for More Effective Shopping at Flea Markets and Swap Meets On your next flea market outing, bring as much cash as you're willing to spend on the items. Sellers don't know you well enough to take a check and even though many professional vendors accept credit cards, you can't count on that. Larger meets, like.

Therefore, one of the most important and underrated flea market accessories is a wheeled implement capable of ferrying multiple bulky items from stall to stall. Bring Something to Take Notes With Big swap meets and flea markets have hundreds of vendors selling thousands of individual items.

what to bring a swap meet

Make Lists Before You Get to the Market Before you get to the market, make a list of everything you hope to purchase, preferably with pictures or detailed descriptions. Having a list lets you hone in on your target items fast without relying on potentially faulty mental notes or maps for support.

15 Shopping Tips at Flea Markets & Swap Meets – What to Do & What to Avoid

As you work through the market, check each purchased item off your list. When you first arrive at the market, head straight for the best deals — usually the stalls in the center and back of the market, away from the edges and main entrance.

Hampered by lower visibility and foot traffic, vendors in these parts of the market compensate with deeper discounts and greater flexibility in negotiations. By contrast, vendors at the front and sides of the market can charge a premium for convenience.

When it comes to repurposing, the sky is truly the limit. Make Quick Decisions Whenever possible, make a decision on an item the first time you see it.

what to bring a swap meet

If you procrastinate, you could miss out on other opportunities elsewhere in the market. If you leave without making a final call on the expectation that the item will be there when you return, you could be in for a disappointment.

Always Haggle Haggling is a fact of life at flea markets and swap meets. Unless a vendor explicitly tells you that a price is final and non-negotiable — which is rare — the first quote you hear is not bottom dollar. Business is almost always done in cash with no paper trail. Yes, the major vendors who have regular businesses may accept checks and take credit cards, but the vast majority will accept only U. The obvious skill to learn if you want to be a vendor is how to recognize bogus currency.

This information is available online from the U.

How to Find Things to Sell at a Swap Meet: 10 Steps

Department of the Treasury and the U. Secret Service at Know Your Money. Another important skill for sellers to learn is to know how to price their wares and how to make sure they close the sale. It never ceases to amaze me how many vendors have an item that should sell but they over price it either out of stubbornness, greed or misinformation.

what to bring a swap meet

The dynamics are simple. In most cases, if you have an item for sale, you have it priced fairly and there is a market for that item, it will sell.

My theory has always been that giving up a few dollars today may result in space or money for a better purchase tomorrow. Buying at Swap Meets Buying at meets requires a little more preparation and stamina than sitting with your latest issue of Hemmings or scanning the Internet.

what to bring a swap meet

Here are some recommended steps for successful flea market hunting: Sign necessary contracts and send required rental and vendor fees to the swap meet organizers. Ask about any mandatory licensing, tax IDs or insurance that you need as a vendor. Inquire as to what the swap meet organizers provide onsite to vendors.

Some may provide tables, tents and electricity at an additional fee. Also, ask where the vendors should park and when and how long you have to unload and reload your truck or vehicle. You may be able to set up your vendor booth a day earlier if the event is held inside a locked building.

If it is outside, ask how early you can arrive for set-up. Bring tables, tents, signage, chairs and any other items you need to display and set up your goods for sale. Tag your goods in advance with price stickers or bring a pricing sheet listing each item and a baseline price.