What to wear meet your ex

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what to wear meet your ex

It's all about the Elle Woods attitude when you meet the ex's new flame. Here's What To Wear When You See Your Ex .. If you were to meet me, probably before I met my wife I would literally say like, “Ah, that stuff doesn't matter” but. "Oh, I know exactly what to wear to meet my ex," said no one ever. The Perfect Outfits for All Your Toughest Situations.

what to wear meet your ex

How can they sort of dress for success so to speak? Again, it comes back to discipline. You just have—I mean like not eating the extra piece of cheese cake. You have to discipline yourself to put a little bit of more effort into your appearance. I wanted to test Rayne. So, this is my 7. I always say everyone has a 6, a 7,89, Try not to leave the house anything less than like a 6.

And then when it comes to makeovers, you really want to start with—I always say, start with your toes and go with your hair or start with your hair and go to your toes.

It can just be like a little bit of highlights of fresh cut and then you kind of like work your way down. Your eyebrows looking on fleek as they say. Do you need a facial? Are you teeth yellow from drinking wine for the last 5 years in your bed and you need to like a refresh.

Here’s Exactly What To Wear When You See Your Ex Boyfriend

Or you want to start with your toes and do like a pedicure and kind of work your way up. Oh my gosh, my legs are so white. So, just kind of work your way up and give yourself leeway and permission to take it slow. I realize everyone is unique. What are some of the sort of like the basic tips for someone? The basic tips would be all men are initially more attracted to red. So, this is like a perfect, like valentines day example right?

So, when I do the photo styling for the match making agencies, we always do one casual and then one dress up. You can go for a magenta, a pink, like a flirty color and those are more flirtatious. So, ok I was talking about that, so, wear flirtier colors. I love that red sweater! Have you ever looked at into the psychology of colors? Like baby blue breeds trust right?

I think red is power or something like that.

what to wear meet your ex

Is there a bit of that put into this? Yes, absolutely and then like blue is like calmness, like you said trustworthy. So, you want to like be yourself and just accentuate it. Rather than plopping in so much make up, outfits, you know Louis Vuitton.

Do you work with them on how to get around that? I always say you want to make over yourself in mind, body and style.

I caught when she like cursed or something. She was doing the George Michael thing. So, I just saw like Twitter and everything freaking out about it. I was literally listening to Adele when I was working earlier today. So, you always want to wear sleeves that are about like this. So, you want to accentuate the skinnier part. The delicate parts of your body and then color too. So, color, confidence and then trying new things. Interesting because I feel that most people who are a little uncomfortable, a little over weight, they want to hide that aspect to them.

So, I guess it kind of goes is that confidence aspect. So, what would you say-or some other tips that some people can use to become more confident with their body image?

You have to get used to seeing people that have your same body type look amazing. And then you kind of want to pin it. So, I know a lot of are in Pinterest. So, if you look like Adele, find a lot of pictures of Adele and start pinning it. So that you can get used to seeing that type of body in a dress. If you have the same body type as Oprah, Google pictures of Oprah and start pinning. So, you get used to seeing those photos. Start pinning those photos of women that have your same size onto Pinterest.

So, you can just open it up and get inspired and then go shopping. Those are great tips, like I would never even thought of that. So, I remember one year, my wife, she had a big christmas party. It was the first year that we were married.

Not that I love country music or anything like that but I had to go out and get this suit. Now, I have to go for a run after this. See if they can take it out. And then this goes for women too. Whatever you buy from every warehouse or men or whatever, always add a little bit of something to you. So, you could have had like your favorite pocked square that maybe your dad gave you.

what to wear meet your ex

The first thing I do is take out that belt, put it away and then put on my own belt. When I first met my wife, she wore white on purpose. She told me she wore white because she wanted to make me like associate her with marriage. For my wedding dress, I actually used a black hair piece.

A lot of the stuff is cookie cut or whatever. So, my dress, I took the hair thing and it was black and then I wrapped it around my waist. So, that was belt. We kind of have gone into some of the colors women should wear, like red. So, what are the different messages you are trying to sort of— Anything colorful.

So red, pink, magenta, violet, any of the jewel tones that are like really rich. I really wish I wore a blue blouse instead of that pink blouse for the opening of my website but whatever! I would probably eliminate brown. So, brown I would say. So, what would purple represent? You see like the royalty and the pink and purple robes. Any color purple, violet is awesome. How would you dress her. First date and I really wanted to get him back, how would you dress her?

Dress for sure and then always pick one thing to flaunt. Men love hair and just look healthy, look vibrant. So, you recommend wearing heels? Heels but not too high. The heels are for me, I feel so bad for you guys that you have to wear that because I have seen my wife wear it. So, your wife will be thankful. Wear your perfect fitting jeans. Jeans are really hot. My husband loves me in jeans as well and just wear what you feel comfortable. I would second that. I like jeans as well.

What else is really great is, from the woman to take a photo of yourself in your outfit. So, maybe try yourself in a dress. Try yourself in perfect fitting jeans and a light magenta blouse with some sparkly earrings or something and then see which ones you like better. So, just ask someone who you would like to attract and see what they say. Short to the point. There are lots of things you can do to stop him in his tracks when he eventually sees you again.

Eating well for great skin and hair Losing some weight if you have started to spread a little Wearing clothes that show off your sexy curves Making a small change to your hairstyle Always looking great Your Facebook profile is your showcase. So when your boyfriend sees it, he won't be thinking "She looks even worse that I remember - thank goodness I broke up with her". Instead he'll be going "WOW, she looks amazing! Why on earth did I let her go? You can do that by constructing the perfect Facebook profile.

Look at the profiles of your friends, and note down the ones that caught your eye. What did they have that made them attractive and appealing?

What To Wear When Seeing Your Ex

An appealing profile picture and cover photo Plenty of friends of both sexes Plenty of pictures Lots of interaction and people commenting on your wall New things happening in your life now This is the kind of profile that will catch a man's eye. Your Profile Picture Your profile picture is crucial if you want to use Facebook to get your boyfriend back.

It must be new and different. Your boyfriend knows how you used to look, so startle him with something special. The best profile picture is a close up of your face, showing poise and confidence. Wear something simple and striking in a bold colour. Don't let anything in the background distract the eye from seeing YOU.

A slightly side-angled look is often more alluring than a full face shot, so consider standing sideways onto the camera, or looking over your shoulder. Practise looking in the mirror first to decide on your best side. Keep the light soft and flattering. If you have a particularly sexy figure, you might want to include a bit more of your body than just your head and shoulders, but make sure your pose is natural and inviting. Don't use a selfie.

Get someone else to take the picture, so that your face and body are in proportion. Don't have anyone else in the picture - especially a man. And don't include friends, pets or children either. This is all about YOU. Do remember to smile. Does Your Cover Photo Matter?

A cover photo can tell a story. Your cover photo should say something about YOU. Avoid the abstract or neutral like a landscape or a flower, and try to make your cover photo say something about your life; your aspirations, your dreams or the things you enjoy. The best cover photos tell a story, evoke memories or hint at an exciting future. Don't, however, try to evoke memories of your past relationship. For a start, it has just failed, so it is poor salesmanship.

And you don't want your boyfriend to know that you are thinking about him. Men are like children - they always look at the pictures first. Your boyfriend will look at them before he pays any attention to the comments on your wall. Let your pictures tell a story of your new life as a single woman. They should project happiness and fun, and they should make you look good, busy and sociable.

Make sure some of your pictures have men in them. This shows him that you are meeting people and making new friends - in short, it builds your social value. Let him know that, if you decided to start dating again, you'd have plenty of choice. You don't want him to think that you have already found someone else. But you want him to know that you have options. And you want him to know that you are living a fun, interesting and social life. The Wrong Photos Pictures of you drinking.

What To Wear When Seeing Your Ex-Boyfriend - That Effortless Bitch

This looks like you are drowning your sorrows. Getting too physical with other men. You must be subtle in your use of jealousy. Any picture that hints you may be feeling sad, desperate or thinking about your boyfriend.

The Right Photos You out with your friends - girls and guys. Having fun at crowded, popular events. Holiday photos, especially of you looking great on a beach in your bikini. Pictures of interesting and exciting places you have been visiting. Your Status Updates Remember the golden rule - no emotional angst! This is a mistake lots of women make. But your Facebook updates are all going to be positive, upbeat and optimistic.

Your status updates are all about your great new life and the fun you are having. A woman with a fun and interesting life is attractive. She projects high social value. She is the kind of woman a man wants to be with. She is also in a position of power. This is where you can use the demon jealousy to your advantage. If your boyfriend thinks that you have moved on with another guy, he is more likely to congratulate himself on a lucky escape than come storming after you to drag you back into his arms.

So post flirtatious pictures of you with men who are clearly attracted to you, but leave your boyfriend guessing whether you are attracted to them. This will give him a sense of urgency about the future. He hasn't got forever in which to change his mind. Jealousy can be a powerful incentive to make a man aware that he doesn't really want to lose you after all. All of my exes have wanted to get back with me. Half of them have wanted to jump into serious long term exclusive relationships after they had a chance to see me after the break up.

Considering that in most cases the break up was their idea, the statistics are pretty good for coming up with the "get him back" formula. Before I tell you my strategy on the "getting my ex back" subject I'd like to point out that I'm totally against getting back with your ex.

Would you enjoy a fresh meal or last week's leftovers? Would you like to wear a new dress or an old ripped dress with holes and stains? But life is about choices and everyone creates her own happiness, so here is my strategy on how to get your ex back. It doesn't matter who initiates the break up. We women have an excellent intuition so we can sense the break up is in the air. So if you feel that you are very close, break up with him first. Best case scenario is breaking up as a lady: Getting Your Ex Back 1.

Completely disconnect him for months. If the break up was civil and respectful, one month would be enough, if the break up was his idea, 2 to 3 months would be the best. If he contacts your friends, answers might be the most outrageous high profile job in the moon, travels to Russia collecting songs, on FBI assignment 2. Focus on your appearance gym, healthy diet, image, style, etc. You have to do it for two reasons: I'm not talking about a total makeover even though it's sometimes necessary.

When any man sees you, the first thing he notices is your LOOK. He'll see your amazing personality, sense of humor, and beautiful soul down the road. The first impression is the strongest. Do you know that people subconsciously know either they like partners or not in the first 30 seconds of their first meeting?

Switch your focus from your ex: If something reminds you of him it's good. It will help you practice more. Nobody said that victory is easy. Focus on your professional side do something new at work, start a little side business, etc. Men DO love accomplished women and if some of them don't it means that they are simply insecure about themselves.

Get out and see other people just make sure that it is NOT another date Remember, you are not out fishing. You are out to watch the fish. You have to follow those rules till you get out of your crazy addictive thoughts and feelings about your EX.