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whats my line tv show panelists on meet

What's My Line (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, Series Writing Credits Himself - Panelist 2 episodes, For the two-part Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, see What's My Line (Buffy the In , TV Guide ranked it #9 in its list of the 60 greatest game shows ever. For the majority of the show's network run the panel consisted of Kilgallen, Cerf first meet the panel up close, for a casual inspection, and the panel was allowed . What's My Line? (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and Himself - Panelist episodes,

In producing the special, the only existing master 16mm prints of the original series kinescope films were removed from storage and brought to a Manhattan editing facility that Goodson-Todman Productions rented.

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Other episodes sustained only partial damage, such as a episode that is mainly damaged during the mystery guest appearance of Marian Anderson. However, the show was developed as a reality show and had no panel or game elements. The Los Angeles version of the live show went on hiatus when van Straaten relocated to New York, then resumed in June The show is now an authorized production as it is licensed by FremantleMedia, the owners of What's My Line?.

Mystery guests have included Ed Begley, Jr. Usually when such a veteran appears, there is a pristine-quality DVD screening of the original kinescope on a plasma screen. Non-celebrities include the lifelong Los Angeles-area resident who challenged the panel with her line, afterward reminiscing how 43 years earlier she had traveled to New York, where Arlene Francis identified her as a meter maid. A clip from the kinescope was played. In addition, the show has featured relatives of the original cast: It also included a segment in which Vint Cerf's son Bennett named after the panelist appeared as a guest.

Episode availability All original series shows were recorded via kinescope onto film, but networks in the early s sometimes destroyed such recordings to recover the silver content from the film. As a result, only about ten episodes exist from the first two years of the series, including the first three broadcasts. Inepisodeaired live on October 1,was discovered by a film archivist. It was preserved and digitally converted for release. The existing kinescope films now digitized have subsequently rerun on television.

The series has been seen on GSN [56] at various times. Others are at the Library of Congress in Washington, D. This is an unofficial release of public domain episodes, and it is unclear if an official release will occur. It was replaced by a long-running version of To Tell the Truth.

The archival status of this version is unclear. On December 16, Helena appeared as a contestant on the American version. On January 18,near the end of the Canadian run, host Morisset appeared as a contestant on the American version. Guests received 5 Deutsche Mark DM for each "no" answer and the panel was allowed 10 "no" answers. Prize money was given in a porcelain piggy bankand Lembke used to insert a 5 DM coin into the Bank's slot for each "no", producing a loud, characteristic sound.

Playing rules were almost identical to the original American rules on What's My Line with two notable exceptions: Before starting into the line of questions, Robert Lembke would ask the regular guests to perform a "typical gesture" that would occur regularly in their line of working, but wasn't recognizable too easily.

A hairdresser, for example, would not perform the gesture of combing a customer's hair but of simply lifting a strand of hair before using the comb.

whats my line tv show panelists on meet

The "celebrity guest of honor" German equivalent to the "mystery celebrity guest" would receive neither a piggy bank nor money to fill it, but accessories to something he would indulge in privately, ascending in value. So, if a secret guest of honor would e. A keen reader would receive up to ten books by his favorite authors, et cetera.

Exceptions to this dress code were on the broadcasts immediately following the deaths of Fred Allen [19] and Dorothy Kilgallen, [20] in which the male cast members wore straight neckties and the women wore simpler dresses.

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The game followed a line of formality and adherence to rules. Although using first names at other points, Daly usually addressed using surnames when passing the questioning to a particular panelist. He would also amiably chide the panel [21] if they began a conference without first asking him. However, even with such formality, Daly was not above trading bon mots with the panelists during the game, and Cerf would often attempt to make a pun of his name.

whats my line tv show panelists on meet

Occasionally Daly would amiably one-up Cerf if he felt the pun was of lesser quality. Cerf also played a myriad of games with Daly's full name, John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly, reciting it correctly only a handful of times over the course of the series.

Broadcast format[ edit ] From tothe game show was broadcast in black-and-whiteas was typical of most game shows at the time. But byall three networks were broadcasting their prime-time schedules entirely in colorincluding What's My Line?

After the show ended inCBS replaced the color videotapes with the kinescope versions instead for syndication. As a result of this change, the — episodes of What's My Line? Prior toboth panelists and host began the program in their seats, but this was changed, responding to letters asking what panelists looked like away from their seats.

During his tenure, Hal Block sat in the final seat and began the practice of introducing Daly with a pun. Upon his departure, Bennett Cerf took over this position.

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Cerf's introductions of Daly were generally straightforward in his earliest years on the show, but as time went by Cerf expanded these introductions, often telling long jokes which he tied to Daly in some way. For the first few telecasts, the contestants signed their names on an artist's sketch pad; but when the brightness of the studio lights made it difficult for the signatures to be seen clearly by the viewers, the white sketchpad was replaced by a black chalkboard.

Daly would then usually ask where the guest lived and, with a woman, if she should be addressed as "Miss" or "Mrs.

whats my line tv show panelists on meet

While ostensibly a game show, if there was time, it also was an opportunity to conduct interviews. Line's sister show, I've Got a Secretand later, the syndicated version of WML engaged in the practice of contestants demonstrating their talents.

However, despite frequent requests by the panel, particularly Arlene Francis, such demonstrations rarely occurred as according to executive producer Gil FatesDaly was not fond of this practice.

Jules Montenier paid to have his product, Stopette spray deodorant, featured in advertising on the program.

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This involved featuring the product in the show's opening, on the front of the panel's desk, above the sign-in board, and on Daly's scorecards. In his last years, Cerf explained to interviewer Robbin Hawkins that Dr. Montenier was ultimately ruined by his refusal to abandon or share sponsorship as the show entered new markets and became too expensive.

Montenier sold Stopette to Helene Curtis[31] the series was sponsored by a variety of companies which were either regular or rotating. He mentions that this area of New York has changed quite a bit over the years.

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He still works primarily with cats and dogs. Pat Finch is the only contestant with a different line of work. She has been a stage actress, and mentions several Broadway plays she has preformed in. She now has a five year old son named Kenneth, but her married surname is never mentioned. John wishes them all continued success. A television monitor on a tall stand has been wheeled on stage for the panel members to watch these old kinescope segments for the very first time.

The monitor was situated in the area where the sign-in board usually resides. First shown is a clip of John from the first episode of February 2,followed by brief "memory clips" of each of the four panelists.

John also states that the show has had sadness too, and mentions both Fred Allen and Dorothy Kilgallen as being missed. This portion of the show is played as a normal game. Mr Furgiale's first name is never given and John didn't ask.