When saturn return ends meet

when saturn return ends meet

If you're in or approaching your late 20s, you're likely to hear murmurs about the ominous Saturn Return. If you're brave enough to inquire. The Skinny on Saturn Returns: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You We will meet the love of our life -- or bolt from the partner we thought would. Your Saturn return occurs once every years when Saturn returns to the sign it You could emerge a yogi, dakini, or powerbroker by the end of this phase.

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The pressure can feel insurmountable. If you are in it, take a deep breath, because your so-called "quarter-life crisis" could just be part of growing up.

Although growing pains can be difficult, if you navigate this fierce storm wisely, you can come out stronger, braver, and happier than you ever thought possible. Studies show that rates of anxiety, depression, motor-vehicle accidents and alcohol use are at their peak from 18 to 25, trends that tend to level out by age A recent survey by Clark University, which polled more than 1, young adults nationwide, found that 72 percent of them said this time of life was stressful and 33 percent said they were often depressed.

Still, 89 percent believed they would eventually get what they wanted out of life. And after surviving my own Saturn Returns, I can tell you about the light on the other side of the tunnel.

I am living my dream life today and it came about because I dove deep into my depression. I rolled up my sleeves and I got to work. I asked myself, "Who are you? Your future self is rooting for you! If you are currently in this grey period of your life, try one of these tips to help you through. Let Go Don't be afraid to release what no longer serves you. Do you hate your job? Now is the time to quit and take a job that brings you more joy. Are you feeling suffocated in your relationship? Maybe it is time to say goodbye, or at least to renegotiate things to help you both be happy.

It may feel like your world is turning upside down, but what is really happening is that all of the things you have outgrown, or no longer want, are coming loose so you can step into a revised version of yourself. Remember, things fall apart so better things can fall into place. Revise Your Expectations Revise your expectations -- both of how you thought your life should be at this point, and where you think you are going. Saturn Returns is all about exploration, learning and deep inner reflection.

Be gentle to yourself during this three-year period; don't hold on to anything too tightly and learn to embrace change. Go on a Future Trip Saturn Returns is all about self-reflection. Turning inward will help you ride the waves more smoothly.

Astrological Saturn Returns

Let your imagination and those inner voices guide you. If you dream about traveling the world taking photos for National Geographic, but you currently feel trapped in a desk job, trust that picture in your mind. Where our mind drifts to the most often is where our heart is.

Let yourself dream about your inner-most desires. What Do you Need to Learn? Difficult, painful situations like these are why people worry about their Saturn returns. They come about more than one time in your life, every years.

So you will experience a second one when you are aroundand if you live a long and healthy life, Young people sometimes make important choices before they are really ready. When they approach age 30, they realize these choices are way out of kilter with what they really want at this point in life. This is often an age where people make a major career choice, get divorced, or do something that seems completely out of character for them.

But decisions made in youth are not always fulfilling when one becomes more mature. Of course, if a relationship is a fated one quite possible in this case it will still be a serious one that outlives any difficult problems. Saturn brings you face to face with your fears, and can really shake you down to the core of your foundation. You will become aware of your own mortality for the first time, as I did.

You must take stock of your life and begin to focus on a plan to achieve your current goals. But Saturn gives you the order, discipline, and sensible attitude to get back on track. Or now you reach the crossroads that finally shows you the path that you need to be on to reach your potentials.

What is really taking place here is a period of readjustment and reevaluation. We get a more creative sense of who we really are. So these Saturn return times make it painfully clear what you have or have not been doing during those year periods.

Although people dread these returns, there are always ones who were always pragmatic and sensible, and their passage through this period will just make all their good choices more rewarded, their relationships more solid. Even when they are really young, they always seem centered and calm beyond their years. This new sense of individuality is the result of our experiences of the first approximately years of our lives.

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Planets never move backwards, it is merely an appearance. It is worth mentioning that Saturn is not causing these things to happen.

We are the architects of our own lives, and determine our own fates through free will.

when saturn return ends meet

Saturn cycles just show us what lessons must be learned as a result of our individual maturing process. It is your own choice to decide what you can live with, and what you can do without. The Karmic Planet Source Your Second Saturn Return Our second Saturn return occurs around the ages ofwhen once again we choose how we want to live our lives, in the period which we think is most likely the rest of our lives. Now we have learned to work through old limitations, fears, responsibilities, and rules.

We ponder whether we want to stop behaving in ways that are not fulfilling us. Now we view our lives through the lens of about 30 years of adult life. Most of us have matured, but there is still a minority of people who are still immature and irresponsible.

This second Saturn return will be the hardest on them. The rest are considering what higher purpose life has in store for them, or maybe trying to deal with physical and emotional lessons that are hard. This second return is normally about mental, religious, social, biological, and spiritual aspects of life.

We react against limitations which maturity or social customs have imposed upon us. This time our protests are often against sexual or emotional components of life, and how they are changing.

There is also an ego protest going on against cultural and religious traditions, and in fact at this Saturn return people often suffer a crisis of religion. Once a person becomes almost 60, they have lost many loved ones who have passed on, suffered greatly, or just grew apart from each other, and it may be very difficult to reconcile this with their past religious beliefs.

But for the ones who have been living life and meeting their responsibilities, this Saturn return can be a time of trying out new projects or plans, a time where there is finally more time to pursue interests. When I was 58, the same age as my husband, he suddenly passed on, unwilling to face his health issues. So he apparently fulfilled his mission for this incarnation, and I have not yet. And apparently I am supposed to learn to live independently, without him, the hardest part, since we were together for 39 years.

I've had to decide who I am without him, since I met him and fell in love with him at age It's been 3 years, and I still feel like I have been cut in half. My son has also undergone serious career changes during his first Saturn Return.

I am sure he will come out of his first Saturn return in tact, this change of direction happened right during my second Saturn return! He has learned in a very hard way that although he worked hard and had two careers. He was pleasing other people, at the expense of his own life plan. Not to mention his Father died during this period. Saturn's Karmic lessons are very difficult, and you need all your strength to get through them. People also tend to need to guard their health more as they approachso visits to the gym and other exercise regimens often become important.

Life finally slows down a little, and it becomes time to make sure we feel well enough to do what is most important to us at this stage.

It is also a time of fulfillment as far as higher consciousness, and our minds can understand the essence and meanings of our experiences better than before.

when saturn return ends meet

We look at life with a greater sense of detachment and drama, and some opportunities can present liberation from the past now. The aging process in our time is studied religiously by researchers and sociologists. It is apparent that people who are currently in the age brackets go to great lengths to look as young as possible. Or some careers depend on looking youthful, so people resort to plastic surgery, medications so they have no wrinkles, and hair coloring so their gray does not show.