When we meet again alanis morissette albums

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when we meet again alanis morissette albums

Alanis Nadine Morissette is a Canadian–American singer, songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, In MCA Records Canada released Morissette's debut album, Alanis, in Canada only. Her publisher funded part of her development and when she met producer and songwriter Glen Ballard, he believed in her talent. Alanis Morissette: 'I still have PTSD from the Jagged Little Pill era. again with the economy doing what it was and I think people wanted a break There's also a song on your album called Celebrity, which features the line: We met a couple of times and she was actually quite lovely with me early on. All albums made by Alanis Morissette with reviews and song lyrics. Lyrics · Can 't Deny Lyrics · When We Meet Again Lyrics · Give What You Got Lyrics.

Although the track was never commercially released as a single, it received widespread radio airplay in the U. Privately, the label hoped to sell 1 million copies of the album on initial release; [47] instead, it debuted at number one on the Billboard chart with first-week sales ofcopies—a record, at the time, for the highest first-week sales of an album by a female artist.

The same year, she released the live acoustic album Alanis Unpluggedwhich was recorded during her appearance on the television show MTV Unplugged. It featured tracks from her previous two albums alongside four new songs, including " King of Pain " a cover of The Police song and "No Pressure over Cappuccino", which Morissette wrote with her main guitar player, Nick Lashley.

Morissette released her fifth studio album, Under Rug Sweptin February For the first time in her career, she took on the role of sole writer and producer of an album. Under Rug Swept debuted at number one on the Billboard chart, eventually going platinum in Canada and selling one million copies in the U.

Later inMorissette released the combination package Feast on Scrapswhich includes a DVD of live concert and backstage documentary footage directed by her and a CD containing eight previously unreleased songs from the Under Rug Swept recording sessions.

Preceded by the single "Simple Together", it sold roughly 70, copies in the U. So-Called Chaos, Jagged Little Pill Acoustic, and The Collection[ edit ] Morissette in Morissette hosted the Juno Awards of dressed in a bathrobe, which she took off to reveal a flesh-colored bodysuit, a response to the era of censorship in the U.

She wrote the songs on her own again, and co-produced the album with Tim Thorney and pop music producer John Shanks. The album debuted at number five on the Billboard chart to generally mixed critical reviews, and it became Morissette's lowest seller in the U. Because the first line of the song includes the word "asshole", American radio stations refused to play it, and the single version was changed to include the word "nightmare" instead.

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Morissette embarked on a U. The album was released exclusively through Starbucks ' Hear Music retail concept through their coffee shops for a six-week run. The limited availability led to a dispute between Maverick Records and HMV North America, who retaliated by removing Morissette's other albums from sale for the duration of Starbucks's exclusive six-week sale.

when we meet again alanis morissette albums

The accompanying tour ran for two months in mid, with Morissette playing small theatre venues. During the same period, Morissette was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame. Morissette released the greatest hits album Alanis Morissette: The Collection in late The lead single and only new track, a cover of Seal 's " Crazy ", was an Adult Top 40 and dance hit in the U.

Flavors of Entanglement and leaving Maverick Records[ edit ] Morissette during a concert in Barcelona, June marked the first year in Morissette's musical career without a single concert appearance showcasing her own songs, with the exception of an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in January when she performed "Wunderkind".

On April 1,Morissette released a tongue-in-cheek cover of The Black Eyed Peas 's selection " My Humps ", which she recorded in a slow, mournful voice, accompanied only by a piano. The accompanying YouTube-hosted video, in which she dances provocatively with a group of men and hits the ones who act as if attempting to touch her breasts, had received 16, views as of February 15, In earlyMorissette participated in a tour with Matchbox Twenty and Mutemath as a special guest.

Morissette's seventh studio album, Flavors of Entanglementwhich was produced by Guy Sigsworthwas released in mid She has stated that in lateshe would embark on a North American headlining tour, but in the meantime she would be promoting the album internationally by performing at shows and festivals and making television and radio appearances.

The album's first single was " Underneath ", a video for which was submitted to the Elevate Film Festival, the purpose of which festival was to create documentaries, music videos, narratives and shorts regarding subjects to raise the level of human consciousness on the earth.

In she contributed a recording of "Versions of Violence" for the album Songs for Tibet: The Art of Peace to promote peace.

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The Sands of Time soundtrack. Anger has been a really big deal for women: The alpha-woman was burned at the stake and had her head chopped off in days of old. Some of your new songs deal with equality in marriage. If, for example, your husband 3 had a snack, perhaps a sandwich, but didn't clean up after himself, would you do it and note that it's his turn next time?

So I wouldn't interpret it as a direct affront to me. Maybe he was just busy.

when we meet again alanis morissette albums

Yeah, he must have been in the solution mode and saw something else that needed solving and he went and did that. There's also a song on your album called Celebrity, which features the line: I could actually have it help me serve my vocationfulness 4. I could offer comfort and upliftment 5 and be a leader and take on that responsibility, rather than see it as this daunting thing.

Fame became a great tool. It felt like every millisecond I was attempting to set a boundary and say no and people were breaking into my hotel rooms and going through my suitcase and pulling my hair and jumping on my car. How bored are you by people saying there's nothing ironic about Ironic 6?

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People must be very at odds with the idea of being profoundly stupid. I mean, malapropisms; big fucking deal. It's kind of like in traffic when you're yelling at someone for cutting you off and you're cutting someone off too. What was he like? I ended up never really being near him so I didn't have to apply my restraint.

There was a period of time during the Jagged Little Pill era where I don't think I laughed for about two years. It was a survival mode, you know.

It was an intense, constant, chronic over-stimulation and invasion of energetic and physical literal space. Do you still practise iyengar yoga? Parts of it, yeah. I have an aspiration for full integration, so I do hatha and iyengar and I know it's unpopular sometimes to integrate bikram with everything, but I also do ashtanga.

The Iyengar one sounds a bit mad. Doesn't it involve belts and blocks? It's probably the best experience I've ever had using ropes and dangling from things.