Where can meet a vampire sims 3

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where can meet a vampire sims 3

Hi folks, I've just acquired both Late Night and Supernatural for The Sims 3. I'm a little confounded about how to find vampire and werewolf. If you want to go traditional, create a normal Sim. If not, choose vampire in the supernatural box in basics. Note: If you only have the Late Night expansion pack, . In the Sims 3: Supernatural, vampires can be created in Create a Household; . They can also break space rocks with ease but they still have to meet certain.

Return to the game; the computer will prompt you to save which you should do. After installing the Vampire Lounge, your Sim will need to meet a vampire.

where can meet a vampire sims 3

You may meet a vampire at work, at a friend's house, in a park or any other public place. To meet a vampire at a club or park your Sim will need to go out after dark, as vampires do not enjoy being outside during the day.

Your Sim can sense if a vampire is in the room via the "hunted" moodlet, unless they have the "brave" trait.

THE WEREWOLF CURSE! The Sims 3 - Ep. 7

You can identify a vampire Sim by their pale skin and bright eyes. You can check to see if any Sims you know are vampires by viewing the relationship panel, Sims that are vampires will have red eyes and a pinkish glowing border around their picture.

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Once you have met a vampire Sim you will need to raise your relationship meter by being friendly or romantic. When speaking with the vampire you can "Ask to Turn", it is best to wait until you're friends to ask and to do it in a relatively uncrowded space such as your Sim's home. Electronic Arts likes to release a few of these each year along with Stuff Packages.

Gamers can pick and choose which ones they like, or just buy them all to always have everything available for their game. This is a very popular addition to the game and even lets some users carry out their own The Sims 3 Twilight fantasies by playing as Bella and Edward. Vampires do age in the game, they also need to avoid sunlight because they will get burned if out in the sun for too long. They also need to drink blood or eat plasma fruit to keep their thirst quenched.

where can meet a vampire sims 3

This type of a Sim has accelerated learning and moving skills at night, so do what you can then. They can sleep in a bed or use a coffin.

where can meet a vampire sims 3

Your future is about to get a little more interesting! Prepare to wake into an eternal night!

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It's enough to resist the urge to scratch though. It's as if my blood is on fire, literally boiling within my veins. What have I gotten myself into? And then finally a few days later the Sim will 'Complete Metamorphosis'. The Sim will begin to glow with a few red sparkles then a consuming burning light.

where can meet a vampire sims 3

Red lasers shoot from the Sim's eyes and once again the swirling red mist and black bats will appear. When the metamorphosis is complete you will be left with a Vampire. Their Eyes will shine -- they do not turn red but get sharper and brighter.


My Sim had blue eyes and now has bright blue shining eyes. During that transformation you will receive the message: If it is night time your Vampire will receive the 'Vampiric Vigor' Moodlet which is supposed to give your Vampire energy due to the darkness.

Congratulations you now have a Vampire!