World meet skydiving 2014 corvette

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world meet skydiving 2014 corvette

The main event is a parade in which the Corvettes cruise down the . being promoted to head of design for Fiat Chrysler in April . “To see Detroit competing with the rest of the world is just fantastic,” Leno says. The man in the wingsuit is Jokke Sommer, a professional skydiver and base jumper. Jun 27, 'Girl Meets World' Premiere: Fans of Original Excited for Disney . Jun 26, Stolen Corvette Returned to Owner in Detroit After 30 Years .. Jun 16, Skydiver Plane Pilot Jumps to Safety After Cessna Is. David Sharp Associated Press; Jun 12, Bush floated to the ground under a red, white and blue parachute and landed on The first time Bush jumped from an airplane was when his plane was shot down in World War II over the Pacific. At Mickey's Car Barn we will make your corvette meet NCRS.

Find out more from Te Ara.

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Of the 23 people on board, only one survived. Following a severe southerly storm only one yacht officially finished the race. Two others were lost along with their 10 crew members. Of the people on board, were killed. See Tangiwai disaster for more information. All 15 crew were lost. All 23 passengers and crew were killed in what remains the worst air crash within New Zealand.

Read more Strongman mine accident On 19 January an explosion at the Strongman coal mine, near Greymouth, killed 19 miners. Of the passengers and crew on board, 51 died a 52nd victim died several weeks later, and a 53rd of related causes in See Wahine disaster for more information. Three people were killed. Nine of the crew drowned. See Mt Erebus disaster and the related entry on Te Ara for more information. The pilot and seven members of two families were killed. Read more Aviation Safety wiki.

Read more Lindis Pass air crash On 24 April a Cessna aircraft whose passengers had been attending the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow crashed into the side of a hill in Central Otago. The pilot and five passengers were killed. Read more Fox Glacier air crash On 4 September nine people died when a skydiving plane crashed after taking off from Fox Glacier airfield on the West Coast.

Read more Pike River mine accident Two explosions on 19 and 24 November resulted in the deaths of 29 coalminers at the Pike River mine on the West Coast. It was this country's worst mining disaster since Read more Christchurch earthquake At Read more Carterton balloon tragedy At approximately 7.

It is New Zealand's worst ballooning accident. Eight of those on board drowned. The single survivor said the boat was swamped by a rogue wave. Two people lost their lives: You can get here without any special requirements. If you want to go higher than that, you must be breathing an external oxygen. The higher altitude pass is 15 ft and if you are fit you won't be struggling from hypoxia yet, even without the extra oxygen, but the rules are the rules!

And as you can see, there are many rules around here! Once you get through the inicial registration, exit weight check, put on a life jacket under your parachute and pass the high altitude test, you are ready to jump as much as you want! Unfortunatelly you can't find many sport skydivers here, because everybody around here is either tandem master, camera flyer or an AFF student!

Sightseeing flight in a smaller sport plane is way different from a big airliner and it is definitelly an experience you shouldnt miss! We offer you super nice view from bird eye perspective.

Even places you know pretty well will fascinate you once again. Places you have not visited yet will take your breath! It is only up to you, where do you want to fly. I would recommend you a nice sightseeing flight over Prague, some little castles as Konopiste, or water reservoir Orlik.

If you are up to flying even little bit further, you will surely appreciate a flight to the Alps, or romantic trip to a little island in the southwest part of Baltic sea. Sightseeing flight is also a perfect 3-dimensional gift for your friends or family. Nobody will forget about such a strong emotional experience!

world meet skydiving 2014 corvette

And you can fly all together, so it will be a pleasure for you as well ; Just think about where you want to fly and how many people would you like to bring with you and schedule your flight! The Aero L Albatros was produced in large numbers by the Factories of Aero Vodochody, the worlds largest producer of military training aircraft. Apart from the popular L Albatros, Aero Vodochody has also built its predecessor, the L Delfin and its successor, the ground attack aircraft L Alca.

The Albatros is however still used in many airforces as an attack aircraft for air to ground support missions or as a tactical reconnaissance aircraft. The most amazing fact about this jet is, that with us you can fly this military training aircraft as a civil person, no need to be a part of the military! We are very proud to have our customers flown by the test pilots of this aircraft manufacturer in their own aircraft. These Aero test pilots are amongst the best and know their aircraft like nobody else in the world.

And even after thousands of hours, they still enjoy every flight in their jets - you will feel it! The L impresses with good maneuverability and excellent visibility from both seats in the cockpit, you will see! Very good performance at sub sonic speeds make the L jet the ideal aircraft to experience a cost effective flight in a real fighter aircraft.

Few months earlier, Partnership coordinator of 11Eleven Project asked me to participate in a world collaborative documentary, highlighting different ways of life around the world. He was looking for willing pilots, skydivers and just general people of the sky to contribute.

When I started thinking what to do for that special day, I wanted to do something that would be really nice and extreme, but not only for most of the people but for me as well ; As a result I decided to use this project as a perfect opportunity to show people, how can you spend time in the airspace over Czech republic and fly your body in different ways And except for the activities that are on my list to do almost every day I decided to use this special day and fulfil one of my biggest dreams, to fly a jet aircraft!

So I divided my day into several parts: The Aero L Albatros was produced in large numbers by the Factories of Aero Vodochody, the worlds largest producer of military training aircraft and it is used as an agile jet trainer, tactical reconnaissance aircraft and light ground support fighter.

I was visiting pilots for about month and studying checklists, sitting in the plane for couple of hours just going through all the instruments and trying to adjust the seat to find out if I am not too small for it, but everything seemed to be ok!

The biggest possible risk was the weather. In the morning when I wake up, everything outside was just fog, fog, definitely not bluesky… but the forecast was good for the afternoon, so we were waiting and imediatelly as the mist dissapeared and the sun showed up, we started the operation! I was so happy, excited and curious! My first time in the jet fighter, woow!! In the next few minutes we are taxiing, taking off, doing some crazy aerobatics, than we fly to meet another airplane in the air to do couple of pictures, and it is time to fly home.

I ask test pilot Vlada for inverted flight: Let me do one more looping on my own! Just couple of pictures with the jet for sponsors and we are good to go skydive. Friend of mine flew in with his little CessnaI take my rig and here comes another crazy feeling for me. I just flew the jet few minutes ago and I am all high with the adrenaline, I am too excited and to be honest my brain is still flying inverted in the aerobatics airspace.

But the sun is getting down and we have to go now. So I double check everything and again and again, try to concentrate my distracted mind on that skydive and I am taking off again, this time in a small Cessna with one of the fastest and smallest parachutes all over the world on my back, the Daedalus JVX I am trying to concentrate as much as I can.

Everybody is watching, the pilots think I am crazy! It turned out into a beautiful sunset jump! I can even make it to my trampoline training. It is 19,00h and I start feeling little bit tired!

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I start stretching before the training and than quickly film couple of flips and trampoline moves, I cant stay too long, because I want to make it to the final part of today's program!

When we arrive at the windtunnel in Prague it is already dark, but just being there wakes me up! Nice staff guys are not even angry that I want to fly again that late and we go fly!

world meet skydiving 2014 corvette

We are the last flyers of the day.