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would like to meet programme

In this article they will introduce the new student Programme Board members and ask them what they would like to achieve in their term. Meet a Market Maker Programme This event is only available to QCA members. If you would like to make a booking please login now. Join the QCA and. At the information market, you can meet programme spokespeople and Radboud University would like to meet international students in their country in order.

Also to see how can I draw out some key learning to add value to the business for my employer. Be open to diverse and emerging arenas not only to cater to your insatiable inquisitiveness but also get a competitive edge when this emerging phenomenon becomes more of everyday reality. You can spearhead this change for your organisation. Embrace the pace of change being ahead of the curve — professionally. Spend more quality time as well as prove to be a worthwhile role model for my 6-year-old daughter, Alesha.

The world is changing rapidly and we need to embrace it or risk becoming obsolete. This is a good opportunity to reinvent and understand the changes in our industry. Gaining new insights and understanding of fintech while identifying opportunities in my field of expertise. Complete the Comrades Ultramarathon. I am one of maybe people in the company who has been able to bridge the gap between Business and Technology.

It was recommended by a Senior Director to further advance my knowledge. The opportunity to hear from some of the experts and guests outside of the normal, formal experience I receive when working with customers. Commit to train, go the distance, and win!

Professional growth and intellectual curiosity. The overall vision more than the nitty-gritty details. Never stop listening and learning. There is so much to learn out there, I wish I had lives to do it. Being recognised as somebody who made a difference.

Meet The ONCAMPUS Amsterdam Applied Science Students | ONCAMPUS

I started my career in banking as a Risk Manager and I established a department from scratch. I worked on all the spectrum of banking and now I am heading major risk units in the bank, and at the same time I am also double hatting as Head of Business Strategy. One of my major achievements is devising strategy for five years for a start-up bank and today because of a robust and well-defined strategy, the bank is at faster pace of growth and has achieve profit well before the target time.

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As I have mentioned above, I am heading strategy and we believe that Fintech is our top priority as technology can give the bank exponential growth. I am expecting from this program I will not only get an insight of Fintech domain but will also be able to network with professionals.

This will give me practical information including challenges. At this stage, I would like to say that Fintech is a game changer and this threat needs to be converted into opportunity by way of collaboration between Fintech companies and banks and Fintech companies should not only be related to banking.

The scope could be much wide. This programme is an opportunity for all of us to interact more and network so we can share ideas and we never know when we can take this relationship to the next level where we can benefit each other. Self-development and learning are currently at the top of my bucket list. Successfully implementing Identity Access Management projects to multiple organisations and securing their systems and data.

Delivering in CTO capacity for a startup and assisted in multi-million sale. Networking and breaking into the Fintech world of entrepreneurship. Meeting interesting people and explore Fintech ideas. Really excited to meet classmates and connect with them. Blockchain enabled use cases for Fintech. I chose to enrol in this programme mainly to network with like-minded people and also learn the details of FinTech from prestigious institutions.

I grew my company to the leading firm in Singapore applying countless technologies. I developed creative solutions that other firms began to emulate.

I hope the programme can set me correctly towards the right path of achieving Fintech knowledge, rather than googling my way into fintech with no substance. Over the last two years, working within a centralised global treasury operations, I observed the need for faster and more secure payments when it comes to cross border transactions. There is an imperative and growing demand for faster, secure, cheaper and transparent dealings when it comes to payments, cross border transfers, banking service agreements, asset management and internal operations processes.

Amsterdam University Applied Science Students

I decided I want to take this programme because I want to transition my career into Fintech, learn about Fintech trends and developments, applications and how this new industry use technology to make financial systems more efficient.

As a Treasury specialist, with broad experience in liquidity management, I want to use this knowledge to help corporations transition their treasury operations into a digital model by leveraging financial technology and applications that will help in reducing fraud, easing payment process, automating daily tasks, saving money, and improving asset management.

Excited to participate in this innovative, one of a kind programme with Oxford University. Looking forward to working together and learning from a worldwide group of leaders and experts in their fields. I grew up in a coffee plantation and love trying coffee samples from all over the world. Planning to see my family in Venezuela in Having worked in Investment Management and Private Banking for the last 18 years, and currently heading up a Private Client team in the South West, I acknowledge that the landscape is changing materially though technological development.

I anticipate that this programme will provide insight and understanding of the new landscape, while developing skills and expertise that will be required in the transition, or indeed developing new opportunities.

In terms of a message to future classmates and support networks — I look forward to working with you — being inspired, educated and challenged by you all and hope that I can do likewise.

I have some business ideas, and I am here to learn techniques and tools how to materialise them. To obtain cutting-edge skills in Fintech. Knowledge is an advantage, decide wisely and take your opportunity to do the best out of you.

MyHealth Transition Year Programme

To increase my knowledge in the global space. Meeting and learning with like-minded people. There is always one positive thing you can learn from every person. To solve financial solutions for consumers. All about the small wins to make managing finances more efficient.

Watch Lebron win one more ring! This will help take away stress around the midterm period, where many other assignments are also due, as well as helping prepare students for completing assignments over a longer period of time.

would like to meet programme

Introducing the new student representatives We feel that this has been a successful year for the Programme Board, but as always there are more issues to tackle! A job for the new student representatives, who will take our place in the board for this academic year. We asked them to briefly introduce themselves to you. I chose to specialize in the Middle East with Arabic as my language and am currently taking a minor in Law. I was born and raised in Austria where I gathered my first experiences working in student representation and education policies.

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If a school fails to register a student by this date, the place will be re-allocated to a school on the waiting list. Successful schools are given one place on the programme and will be sent details on how to register their student. Unsuccessful schools are placed on the waiting list, should places become available. For more information on the Dublin programme, please email transitionyear rcsi.

Waterford The Waterford MyHealth Transition Year programme offers a four-day experience for transition year students from the south-east, interested in a career in medicine.

would like to meet programme

For more information on the Waterford programme, please email joleary rcsi. Waterford TY programme video Frequently asked questions What is this programme about? The MyHealth Transition Year programme is specifically designed to encourage post-primary students to consider careers in medicine.

Can I choose which week to go on the programme? Due to the large number of teaching staff involved in the programme and the administrative tasks involved, it is not possible to offer alternative dates for the programme. Will I get paid to take part? The programme is work experience, not a job, therefore there is no monetary reward.

Meet The ONCAMPUS Amsterdam Applied Science Students | ONCAMPUS

I'm not sure yet if I want to do medicine in college; is there any point in my doing this programme? It's usually a good idea to try something first before deciding if it's really what you want to do. You might discover a passion for a particular field of medicine during the programme and it would be a shame to miss the chance to try it out.