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Katrina Onstad: The Weekend Effect excerpt for Chatelaine So if you know you should exercise, but you struggle to get to the gym because you don't He had played ultimate only once before, but he's tall and athletic and a.m. club”: women rising before the kids wake up, exercising in the dark, alone. Recommended For You actor, best known for her roles in films such as 'Bad Teacher,' 'Hot Fuzz,' and 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. saying I love Rainfroi and I will birth a child with his eyes so bless my Kneeling before face of Karolus Magnus Maelo holds crown of Astarius and crowds of many nations cheering their new union and they kiss making love in temple of Astra. hair who bears cute daughter we name Saraswati Katrina princess of flowers.

Film and TV workers have notoriously unreliable schedules: It had little effect.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Wexler died inand the movement continues, as do the torturous hours. No matter what his work life looks like, Neal does his best to keep his Sundays free. Louis and moving west after a stint in the air force. A win or loss is at the mercy of distance, angles, and wind, not just strength. When he plays, he is completely immersed in the game. Work less, play more. Why a bit of fun is good for you My husband is much better than I am at protecting play.

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The reason women have less time and maybe more stress is because they do more of the domestic work than men. But domestic work is not all equal: But her play is often about hobbies and crafts, rarely about sports, despite being an athletic kid, fast and long- limbed.

She seems to play — cheerfully — only in the organized games we pay for. For me, exercise has always been about controlling the body, managing weight and stress — checkmarks on the To-Do list. My relationship to sports is stranger than most. As an adolescent, I stepped into all the traps that keep girls away: But my other problem is more unusual: I grew up with a high-level athlete in my house, and so I backed away, hands up, ceding that territory.

At a young age, my preposterously athletic brother was on the path toward professional soccer. This meant growing up in a house that was clutched by his games and tournaments and travel schedule. I got into hiking in the outdoors; I ran; I joined a gym when I was fourteen. When exercise is in service of something else — thinness, and impossible beauty standards burned deep into the neural pathways around, say, age fourteen — then it feels like obligation.

Run like a girl. When my husband takes off for basketball, I have the distinct impression that he is not looking back.


He simply takes the time he wants, plucks it from the branch without a thought. I know there are many women who do this, too: Exercise as play is something I wanted to understand better, and in sports, playing pickup games is probably, in the hierarchy of great things to do on the weekend, at the very top.

One study found that kids who spend hours engaged in organized sports might become less creative adults than kids who play unstructured sports.

I Skyped a woman who grew up playing pickup basketball in Harlem to see what a life of pickup might look like. Niki grew up in Spanish Harlem in the late s. Her brother, Virgil, was a year and a half older, and everywhere he went, she went, too. It was a neighborhood of parks and playgrounds, and Niki got good fast, playing both football and basketball. In pickup basketball, two captains pick ten players from the crowd of people who show up. She would come home from school to Franklin Plaza, on th Street between 2nd and 3rd, and head straight to the nearby courts, playing nonstop until the lights came on, the signal that it was time to go home.

She jokes that perhaps she should have used some of that time for homework. On weekends, basketball would go all day, until either the lights came on or her mother showed up on a bicycle calling for her kids. Niki succeeded because she was unexpected: So they would leave me a bit open, thinking they could. Then when I got the ball, I would shoot and I would score every time. I had a good shot! With pickup, everyone does what they want, they have to earn their respect.

The game is something that you have in common. You can all see the same thing at one point in time, regardless of background. I can pull four complete strangers from different parts of New York City and we can all understand the same thing. And it all started with the possibility of an empty court. On a Saturday morning, she still looks for that empty court, and plays.

Is it okay to plant those now? Geraniums, marigolds and tomatoes are very sensitive to frost. We could get frost for several more weeks, especially in the higher elevations. They are all warm weather plants, which means they will not make much […] April 9, 9: The previous owner had planted a lawn, shrubs and a shade tree about 20 feet west of a large picture window. The tree was large enough to partially shade the hot afternoon sun on the window.

By the […] April 9, 9: Plants are sending food produced by the leaves down to the roots, so herbicides are transferred more quickly to kill the entire weed. Use lawn weed killers or weed and feed on your […] August 29, 2: I was planning to fertilize my lawn when a neighbor told me I should wait until October. Is this the wrong time to fertilize?

I saw a lawn care truck fertilizing in my neighborhood last week. When is the best time for fall lawn fertilization? I normally fertilize my lawn just twice a year.

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I have not always been successful in picking the best varieties for a particular situation or combining flower kinds and colors. Could you give me some suggestions?