Young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

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young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

now and The Team isn't excited to meet her due to her not wanting to be apart of the team at first. batgirl. batman dccomics. justice. robin. young. youngjustice . Dick Grayson (Young Justice Fan Fiction) by Marc_Anthony_Brown. Seriously, are they EVER going to get Batgirl on this show? the pillow without ever looking up, "When are we gonna meet Batgirl anyhow?". "Batgirl, what is your status?" "When I said I was tied up, I meant it literally." " Exactly how many men are you facing?" The team gets to meet.

young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

Robin took to the head of the room. They zip line down from the Bioship. The team hit their emblems on their suits to turn their suit colors black and gray. They snuck across the roof until they found a vent. Robin allowed Superboy to tear the vent covering off. Robin went in first followed by Batgirl and the rest of the team.

Batgirl pulled up the schematics of the factory courtesy of Batman. A muffled yell was heard after. He nodded to Superboy to punch down the ventilation system. The vent passage way crashed down into the room. Harley gave a surprised shriek.

young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

Thee others followed them out. There were about ten guards dressed in clown masks. Batgirl and Robin were side by side fighting like a well oiled machine. They read each others minds as they preformed maneuvers. Zatanna couldn't help but stop and stare. Robin cackled after round house kicking a henchman. Soon all of the henchman were knocked out. J getting too bad for you two to handle alone?

It's a mystery on how she keeps that weapon so concealed all the time. She mumbled something under her breath and soon Harley was tied up on the ground.

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Her eyes momentarily glowed. Robin grinning went over to a barely conscious Black Mask. He groaned and shook his head lightly. Robin snorted and grinned. The Bioship reached the docks and Robin went straight faced. They entered through the back way.

From their position they could see Joker laughing with the vat of toxin next to him.

young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

He used his super speed to try to get to the other side but what they failed to notice was a trip wire. Robin swore underneath his breath. Since Joker was distracted talking to KF and Arty the rest tip-toed over to the vat where 5 henchmen were guarding it.

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They dispatched the henchmen quietly but Joker still turned around. He aimed it at the team between Robin and Batgirl. He pulled the trigger. The others ducked and closed their eyes.

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Robin and Batgirl stood there looking unamused not moving an inch. The gun had a metal pole coming out of the barrel with a flag that said bang on it. Instead, you sit here and wish for lives to be endangered.

Everyone else went back to what they were doing as Wally laid his head in his arms on the counter, his mutterings becoming louder and louder. He had opened his mouth and was just about to begin again when the Zeta-Tubes sounded. Wally turned to Robin and was about to speak when he noticed the tension between the dynamic duo.

He closed his mouth, then jabbed his thumb in the direction of the exit. Robin turned to Batman. It was security footage of the team's training sessions. Batman spoke without looking up.

Your lack of practice at your level is most likely why you failed to apprehend those two men. At least my way I work up a sweat. Your team needs to know what you're capable of. If they don't, how can they trust you? How can they work well with you, how can Kaldur accurately lead the team if he isn't aware of your capabilities?

Batman paused, then walked over to Robin, paling a hand on his shoulder.

young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

So now the question is, do you trust them? Then starting today, you won't hold back. Batman let go of his shoulder. I believe Batgirl should join the team.

young justice meet batgirl fan fiction

She believes that we take too much time away from Gotham, and refused to leave it 'Unprotected'. A freckled face and a mop of ginger hair filled the screen, gaping unattractively.

What was Robin playing at, calling her when his team was around? If they didn't know of her existence, it was for a reason. Oh - he was looking for Bruce. He couldn't have known. We just wanted to find out when the next mission was. He tried to bite back his laughter - and, as always with Dick, failed miserably.

I'll be back before dinner, so tell Agent A not to worry. Wally kept on badgering him. Why was she in the Batcave?

Batgirl, a young justice fanfic | FanFiction

Why don't I know her? She said she was your best friend! And of course Dick wasn't paying any attention to him at all, just tapping away at his smart phone, probably texting someone - probably texting Batgirl. She isn't related to me in any way. Besides, I don't see her a lot, other than school or patrolling. Besides, her Dad would freak if she was out so much. Are you texting her? Why are you talking about me?