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Meet the crew, hoo-hoo! There's a guy I met named Paco, .. I'm Brick. I was dead last week. I'm Chani. I like the place between your head and your body. Brick Tamland: (to Chani) Hi, my name is Brick Tamland and I was dead last Brian Fantana: I am going to meet my friends OJ Simpson, Phil. I haven't watched the movie yet, but it seems like Brick will meet a female that is equivalent to his intelligence haha. what is Brick saying?.

He and Ron form a challenge - if Ron and his team fail to beat Jack's ratings, they will leave the city, but if they succeed, Jack has to legally change his name to Jack Lame. He accepts the challenge. The guys have a hard time finding things to report on during their time slot. Ron says that they ought to report on things that people want to hear as opposed to what they need to hear.

Freddie likes the idea, and the gang agrees to go through with it. On their way out, Brick runs into Chani again. They have another awkward exchange interrupted when Chani's boss comes in with phone messages from a week ago that Chani decided to mail to her. This turns into a screaming match when Brick yells at the woman to leave Chani alone because they thinks she's going to set Chani on fire.

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Chani is actually canned, but she doesn't care as she agrees to go on a date with Brick. On their first night broadcasting the news, which the narrator describes as becoming history in the making, Ron kicks it off by addressing how great America is. This gets people's attention from all around the city. Linda sees this one and immediately rushes off to the station, fuming at the gang's broadcast. Ron threatens to hit her if she were a man, and she challenges him to go ahead and do it.

He then hesitates to do so, and then gets kneed in the nuts by her, sending him to the floor squealing like a child, and he and the guys are fired. Kench meets with Linda and Freddie to tell them that Ron's team pulled in higher ratings than Jack has. Linda regrettably tells Kench that she fired them. Freddie goes to the guys' apartment and tells them that they are rehired. During their run, they become celebrities, endorsing several products Brick does a butter commercial at one point and bringing in great ratings.

Jack even goes through with the name change, which he is ashamed to say on live TV. Linda, turned on by Ron's new celebrity status, tries to make a pass at him, telling him to make weird animal noises. He is unsure of how to go about this and he thinks he's been raped, though he is not too bothered by it. Brick tells the guys he's going on a date with Chani, even though he has no idea what a date entails.

Brian offers some help by pulling some condoms out of his "jimmy closet". Brick later goes out with Chani to a laundromat. They stand in front of a soda machine and drink can after can of soda. Chani asks Brick if he's ever kissed anybody, to which he says only people on TV and his Planet of the Apes toys.

The two share their first kiss, which gets weird, though nobody seems mind it. Meanwhile, Ron and Linda have dinner together, where Ron loudly tells everybody that he's going to have sex with a black woman for the first time.

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Kench finds out that Ron and Brian want to do a story called "Death From Above", which is a report on the failing Koala Airlines business. He tells Linda about it and wants her to see to it that she can get Ron to pull the story, suggesting they try out some synergy.

Linda takes Ron to dinner with her family. He makes a terrible impression by explicitly discussing his and Linda's sex life, along with using stereotypical jive talk. To top it off, he calls them all "pipe-hitting bitches", leading Linda's father to kick him in the head. On their cab ride home, Linda informs Ron that they're going to pull the "Death From Above" story, and suggests synergy to Ron. What follows is Ron trying to spend time with Walter. He curses in front of him and tells him that the only thing he should be afraid of is voodoo, and that he should never go to Haiti.

Veronica hears of this and is pissed at Ron since Walter can't sleep after that. She also reminds Ron that Walter has a science fair the next day, and she wants him to attend. Ron gets tense over what's been going on, especially as Jack reports that Veronica is set to interview a foreign dignitary over talks of world peace.

He also tells Brian that they want to pull the "Death From Above" story. Ron starts taking out his frustrations on them, eventually yelling at Brick. This sends the others over the edge, and Brian punches Ron in the face. He, Champ, and Brick then leave Ron alone. When Ron has nothing to report, he gets word of a car chase going on. Despite this not being actual news, he goes on air to do this story, just as Veronica is set to do her big interview. The narrator says car chases would become a big deal in the 80's.

The ratings for GNN start climbing as Ron does his story, playing on the excitement of the chase as it develops. This also disrupts Veronica's interview as WBC shows more interest in the car chase. By the time the chase ends, Ron has delivered a new ratings high for the station, leading to a big celebration. Unfortunately, he misses Walter's science fair, leaving the boy disappointed. A celebration is held for Ron as he plays the flute while skating to a crowd.

His old friends refuse to continue watching him bask in his glory, and they leave. When nobody is looking, Jack tosses a cable onto the skating rink, causing Ron to trip and fall hard on the ice. The narrator likens this to the story of Icarus flying too close to the sun.

As a result, Ron becomes blind. Once again without a job and without any purpose, Ron relocates to a lighthouse. Champ, Brian, and Brick come to visit him to try and help him out.

He only talks about how his blindness has left him unable to perform any tasks that really don't require vision he claims to have drank half a bottle of ketchup thinking it was liquor, and he tried masturbating his shin. What happened to the passion that made Ron want to marry her on top of a mountain? Not so, according to McKay. Are they still together? A Brickette, if you will. It is, simultaneously, the most beautiful and terrifying thing you will ever see.

This is Ron Burgundy, wearing a sombrero and eating an apple. Has Ron, at long last, finally learned how to speak Spanish?

I will tell you that the trailer gives you no context about what is going on, but what is going on is completely fantastic.

Ron, Veronica and Baxter, standing on a windswept beach… but who the hell is that young boy? Does that shot give it away? You can draw your own conclusions from that. Empire has many questions. And, for a second time, How? But the answers will have to wait. Damn it Lupita, what have you've been doing up there? Hi, my name is Brick Tamland and I was dead last week. I'm just a guy from Terre Haute Indiana with a big ol' dick and a fat wallet. I'm going to have sex with a black woman!

It's a new superhero named Lace-Man Ron Burgundy: It's a new superhero named Lace-Man. No offense, but you're a stupid asshole! Ron, how many times have you smoked crack?

Just that one time, and one other time too. Ok, I've done it six more times Ron Burgundy: Ok, I've done it six more times.

I can always guess how many jelly beans are in a jelly bean jar, even if I'm wrong. Son, I fought a minotaur to be here. They call themselves the Ladykillers. Who wants some chimichangas? By the hymen of Olivia Newton-John! I'm Jack Lame Jack Lime: Who is this Julius Caesar? You know I don't follow the NBA! No, it has to be pronounced "Anus" Ron Burgundy: