Buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

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buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

Shanks has known what Teach has been up to all these years and tries to warn Whitebeard of what may happen if Ace and Teach meet, he begs Whitebeard to. Luffy gets angry that Shanks did not fight back against Higuma, and in a huff, Buggy orders that the bird in the sky to be shot down, and when it. During the battle, Luffy's hat got torn and Luffy learned of Buggy and Shanks serving .. Luffy paints over Laboon's scars as a mark of their promise to meet again. Heaven's Gate and arrived at the shore of Angel Island, in which they meet.

He blinked, wondering why he wasn't wounded. It felt like he should be—at least a little. Where was the pain coming from? Taking a deep breath, he tried to concentrate his thoughts, focus on the memories from before he woke up. He remembered something—a pale sky, hoards of people gathered beneath it, fighting. That's right… he was to be executed. I've come to save you! That damned, stupid little brother… tried to save him. He looked so beaten and battered by the time he got to the platform—the stand his big brother was deemed his deathbed.

The boy should have died twice over with how hurt he was, yet still… that smile… Pulling his hand to shield his eyes, he let out a few deep, shuddering breaths. They all wanted to save him. His friends were dying right before his very eyes yet he couldn't help but cry tears of joy, knowing how much he meant to them—that they would go to such lengths to save someone as worthless as the son of the pirate king.

And then— He froze, recalling that last piece of memory. Akainu took a shot for Luffy and the pirate acted on instinct, taking the blow in his brother's stead. He felt a fist of magma tear through his back, destroying Oyaji's mark as it tore through his insides, coming clean through his chest. When the admiral retracted his limb, he fell into his sibling's arms. As he took his last few breaths, he thanked his family—thanked them for loving him, even though his life was worthless.

Because that was the happiest he'd ever been. Bolting upright, he patted his chest, searching for some remnant of the war. Unscarred and uninjured, it was like the happenings of Marineford were all mere figments of his fevered mind. But he couldn't have imagined that. He just couldn't have. So then, was he dead? Was that the afterlife? It seemed pretty dingy for a supposed paradise—not that he was really one to believe in heaven or hell. There's a thought—maybe it was hell.

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For being a place where he was to be eternally tortured, it was pretty cozy. At first his mind flashed to Luffy, but quickly he dismissed the image in favour of the unknown boy seated beside the bed.

Beneath his hat—one that held an uncanny resemblance to his brother's—was a mess of red hair, framing the carefree look held on his tanned face. Where had he seen him before? The boy didn't seem to mind, though, as he just allowed his words to fall unnoticed, opting to respond instead. Why was he in the water? Last he remembered, he was taking his final breaths at Marineford, saying goodbye to Oyaji, his crew and… Luffy. How would he have gone from there to being picked up by a random pirate ship?

Actually, it was better not to question it. He had enough of a headache as it was. Slouching as he accepted what the teen said, he allowed a small smirk to pass his lips. And to whom do I owe my rescue?

buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

Both occupants turned to watch as the slab of wood creaked open, revealing a blond man with a scar on his eye. He had a lax air about him, calming in a way. Ace was assured by what he saw of the crew so far; they didn't seem so bad, so it was unlikely they had some ulterior motive for saving him.

Why they would save the son of the pirate king was beyond him, though. After the world-wide declaration Sengoku made about his lineage, everyone knew. He would remain wary for the time. Maybe it was; people got thrown off the Moby Dick quite often so it was possible that other crews experienced the same. So they didn't recognize him from the broadcast? Maybe there were some people still out of the loop, he supposed. It was recent news—only a day old—so it must have needed more time to circulate.

He was thankful for that. If they knew… what would they have said? Did he want his home sea or his crew? And why didn't he give his name? When asking for someone's identity, don't you normally state your own?

Normally when he mentioned Oyaji's name he'd be met with shock, terror and then treated with the utmost care. That was in response to the weight that name carried, being identified as the world's strongest, and the knowledge that Whitebeard would overturn the sea if any harm came to one of his men. Instead, there was laughter. He raised his eyebrows and blinked at the two very amused pirates.

That reaction was pretty original, he admitted. You can reunite with them then. But wait, that wasn't true. Forgetting that he wasn't sure what ship he was on exactly, he knew he never saw those two before.

If they regularly crossed paths with the Moby Dick he would have known them. That kid did seem kind of familiar… Turning from the resting pirate to the redhead, the blonde pushed off the wall and turned for the door.

What did he just call him? As they both exited the room, Ace's mind filled with an insurmountable amount of questions. That… Shanks… That wasn't Shanks.

No, no, no… couldn't be. Did he have a kid or something? The man was pretty laid-back… it was possible… right? The door closed, but just before he heard the latch click, something else met his ears—loud and booming, full of excitement. But ignoring that, he focused on the name: He knew that name. While he never met the man in person, he was well aware of the pirate king's first mate, Silvers Rayleigh.

The one who responded to that name was the blonde, though—far too young to be the same person. Going with that flow… Ace tore the sheets from his legs and jumped out of bed, bolting straight for the door.

He flung it open and stared wide-eyed at the sight that befell him. There were a large amount of pirates, each going about their day as usual, none paying him any attention, but the bold red captain's jacket worn by one caught his eye.

The man's back was facing him as he chatted with the blonde from before, a captain's hat atop his head. Turning from the bold figure before him, he gawked at the crimson sails above, met with the stark-white image of the most iconic Jolly Roger in the world. Swallowing, he once more faced the man clad in red, eyes wide and disbelieving.

It made no sense. It shouldn't have happened—he was supposed to be dead. He was supposed to have died, too, saving his brother from having a fist of magma shoved through his chest.

So why, exactly, did he now find himself on the Oro Jackson with a crew that should no longer exist? The youth clenched his fists. It had to be a dream, a hallucination—something else. The wood he was standing on, the people he was with… they vanished over twenty years ago. The crew disbanded, the ship retired and the captain was executed. So why was he was seeing what he was?

A loud, booming laughter brought him away from his silent breakdown to look once more at the jacketed figure of the captain. He pulled his mouth into a taut line, brows furrowed. At that point, Ace passed his stage of disbelief and was fast approaching anger. The supressed emotions he buried away after becoming a commander of the Whitebeard pirates were bubbling to the surface. His childhood memories clogged conscious thought as he recalled the venomous words that spewed from the mouths of anyone who heard the pirate king's name.

Now, that very same man was standing before him, inching closer as each second ticked by. He couldn't believe his rotten luck. Both Rayleigh and his captain were unaffected by it, though Shanks, who was now beside the Whitebeard commander, grew confused.

Ace let out a jaded, broken chuckle. Instead of dying, he was facing the most famous pirate in the world. Bringing a hand to press against his forehead, he heaved a breath of exhaustion. You're going to drop me off on Oyaji's ship and we're never going to see each other again. In reality, he wouldn't have minded attacking the man—giving him a good punch to the face. But after Marineford, after Teach, he knew better than to let his anger and pride sway him into such an unfavourable situation.

And, as much as he hated Gold Roger, he missed his family more. The crew was clearly shocked by the tone Ace took with the man—he was the pirate king, after all. Had he obtained that title yet? Either way, it was probably a big insult to many, but no one said anything. And then he laughed. That bastard actually laughed away the heavy atmosphere. When someone came aboard your ship and ordered you around, weren't you supposed to stand up for yourself and prove a point? The only one stupid enough to brush it off like that was Luff—oh god, he did not just compare his little brother to that man.

Did… did he just comply with Ace's demands? He was pulled away from his wondering when the pirate king, completely ignoring what he just said, patted him on the back. We'll hand you over when we run into him. Shouldn't be long now," he said, grinning. Ace took a deep breath to keep his hotheaded nature in check.

Before their journey was through, he was sure he'd kill the man, intentionally or not. His tolerance ran thin and he slapped the captain's hand away. There was no way he could remain on deck with… him. That wasn't his name. He wasn't that man's son. Ace," he answered after a long stretch, slamming the door behind him immediately after. The crew returned to their duties and Rayleigh faced his captain, noting the contemplative look and slight smile gracing his lips.

He'd been in that room with nothing to do for all of twenty minutes before his patience ran thin. Were it not for the bastard strolling about the deck, he wouldn't have trapped himself in there. As it stood, his only choices were remaining in solitude or giving in and accompanying the pirate king and he was not willing to do that.

So he was left in silent contemplation. At first he thought it best to try to figure out what was going on. Somehow he ended up in the past, but that really didn't seem possible. He should have been dead. Maybe he was dead. Maybe that was hell.

It certainly made sense, what with being trapped in the presence of Gold Roger—that was definitely suitable as some sort of punishment—but somehow he thought it unlikely.

He didn't really believe in the afterlife, anyways. So… he was in the past, then. Groaning, he rolled onto his side, opting to stare at the wall.

buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

It was just as unentertaining as the ceiling but it wasn't like there was much else to look at. Thinking about how he ended up in that situation led to inconclusive answers and a splitting headache. For whatever reason, he was in the past. He accepted that, begrudgingly. Then… would he even be able to return to Oyaji's ship? He hadn't joined yet. Hell, he wasn't even born. Would the old man allow him to come aboard? A knocking brought a halt to his downward-spiralling thoughts.

Once more he turned over, lifting his torso from the cushion beneath him as he glanced at the door. Met with red hair, he regarded the child with curiosity. That really was Shanks, then. And the hat he wore… one day it would be Luffy's… Damn, did he ever miss that brat. Pushing himself up fully, he motioned for the kid to speak.

Oh how he wanted to wring the old man's neck. Going to the mess hall wasn't a smart move for either party, but… he was getting hungry. Then again, he was always hungry, having a stomach almost as bottomless as his little brother's.

Tell the captain that. Hearing the clear reluctance in Ace's voice, the boy's face sagged and he plopped down on the chair—same one as before—giving him a knowing look. It was unnerving; that expression reminded Fire Fist of how poorly he hid his emotions. Was he the pirate king yet? It was eerie how similar the two could appear. After a long stretch of silence, the boy spoke up again. He tried to suppress it, to no avail. With all the resolve carried in those dark eyes, Ace was almost inclined to believe it.

The boy had complete trust in his captain. And strong—no one can beat him, not even the Golden Lion. Vaguely, he recalled hearing about the fight between the pirate king and Shiki, a former power, but brushed it aside. Shanks sure held his captain in high regard. Still, he hated the bastard and didn't want anything to do with him. It didn't matter what the kid said. At first the redhead just continued to blink at him in silence. Then, peals of laughter rolled from his throat, causing the fire user's embarrassment to grow.

Guess he couldn't use that excuse, could he? Dinner on the Oro Jackson was all too reminiscent of the Moby Dick; there was laughing and cheering, resembling the meaningless celebrations the Whitebeard pirates were known for. Maybe that was why Ace didn't feel out of place. Walking through the door, across the room, giving sideways glances to hearty men as he passed… it felt natural.

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Sitting at the captain's table was downright torture. Apparently it was the only place with enough room left to accommodate him, but seeing as Shanks was the one who said it, he doubted it to be true. Something told him that the boy wanted him to change his opinion of the pirate king before his stay came to an end. He was in for a heavy disappointment if that was the case.

After living so many years under that man's shadow, hearing rolls of laughter whenever he inquired about Gold Roger having a son… he would never think differently. Placed directly across from the captain, Ace decidedly stared at the table. He didn't want to look at the man, didn't want to talk to him—he just wanted to fill his stomach.

If he managed to ignore the bastard's existence long enough, his meal wouldn't be soiled. Still, with how booming a voice he had, it was hard to keep from glancing his way. Something about the carefree way he spoke drew in attention. Stabbing into the meat on his plate, Ace ripped off a bite angrily and chewed, frustrated that the most notable voice in the room was the one coming from directly in front of him. Eating seemed to quell his nerves for but a moment. The question was innocent enough, and he liked talking about his crew, so… "Two years ago," he replied hesitantly, looking back to his plate to continue his meal.

Well, he wasn't expecting that particular remark. Admitting to being from the future probably wasn't the best idea.

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Lying… Ace was a terrible liar—not as bad as Luffy, but still not very believable. So, he opened his mouth in preparation of an excuse. He really didn't understand the man. I mean I even d—" His eyes widened at the realization, halting his words. He would never see Luffy again—never see him fulfill his dream. The table fell silent, watching as Ace's downturned face contorted, flashing briefly with anger before settling on content.

He was dead but… Luffy wasn't. Ace took a deep breath. He just held a conversation with the damned pirate king, the bane of his existence. That wasn't happening—it couldn't be.

There was no way he was going to go along with that bastard. He may have held back on attacking him, but there was no way he was going to get along with him after the hell he lived through during his childhood. Having finished his plate, he stood abruptly from his chair, glared his hardest at the man before him, and stormed out of the room.

His stomach was only partially full and Shanks was protesting his leave but hell if he cared. Asking about Luffy to gain his favour… that was a cheap shot! The hours faded to twilight, finding the crew aboard the Oro Jackson drifting into slumber, leaving but one man to sit about the crow's nest for the nightly watch. Most would be content with lying in their beds, seeing that as a chance to rest after the day's labours. Ace was different; he saw it as an opportunity to free himself from the confines of his room, to roam about freely without the looming threat of encountering a certain someone.

Swinging open the slab of wood that separated him from the deck, the pirate inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with the sea-sprayed air he'd come to know so well.

Once more he could hear the waves roll against the ship's hull, crashing rhythmically as the vessel carried them through the waters. The sound made him feel safe, secure—told him that there was nothing to fear. Soon his face fell, dropping into a familiar scowl as his mind began to wander.

He really needed to figure out what to do from that point on. If Oyaji refused to take him in… what could he do? A recent memory flashed through his head. Amidst the fire and carnage brought forth by his flames stood a man, tall and proud against the red backdrop of the battlefield. Strong, unyielding, he ignored the injuries scattered about his person, golden eyes meeting gray. Hard glare turning soft, he regarded Ace fondly, ignoring the stench of death permeating the open air.

Oyaji gave him a family—a place to belong. How could he ever repay him for that? What hurt most was knowing that if he returned to his time, Whitebeard wouldn't be there.

Oyaji chose Marineford as his deathbed. That's why… he said goodbye. He really wanted to see the old guy. Fire Fist tore his eyes away from the darkened sea, his mind from reminiscence, and looked up at the crow's nest. He was met with the laid-back smile of a notorious blond.

Ace wasn't sure what to make of Rayleigh. The man himself wasn't hard to get along with—didn't bring out the fire user's bad side—but at the same time, he was Roger's first mate. That alone was proof that he wouldn't make very desirable company. The man laughed from his perch, removing a gray flask from his side, opening it to take a swig of its contents.

What was with that crew and brushing everything off like that? I'm not surprised you don't like him. So that was their last voyage, then. They would disperse soon and then a year would pass before Ace's conception and Roger's death. Knowing that really put everything into perspective.

He wasn't particularly knowledgeable of the pirate king's reign, about the adventures he experienced or the circumstances surrounding them. Why did that man want to sail in the first place?

Despite being oblivious to all of that, he was well aware of Gold Roger's infamous execution, the crowd that gathered in a Loguetown square to witness the end of one era and the birth of another. He heard it many times—that the heat was almost unbearable, parching their throats as the sun beat down, but no one was willing to leave.

They had to be there—to bear witness to such a monumental occasion. The man who attained everything fell. His blood coated the platform, falling to the dried earth as cheers echoed across the world, the people's hope renewed with the prospect of attaining the pirate king's legacy as his heart beat its last, immortalizing his name and creating a throne above the stars to keep his legend alive.

He'd arrived at the peak of Gol D. Roger's story, right after the climax and before the final resolution. The man, as he was then, was what Luffy aspired to be. Ace would be lying if he said he wasn't even a little curious. Maybe it didn't matter. Chilled liquid drenched his being, his body jumping in shock.

That feeling was all too familiar and he panicked, reaching out to grab whatever was an arm-length away as he opened his eyes. He wished he stayed asleep. Of course it was the captain's laid-back grin he was greeted with, because his life as of late loved screwing with him. When did he fall asleep? Last he recalled, he and Rayleigh were drinking… ah, that was probably it.

Porchemy then used spiked gloves that are effective against Luffy. However, Luffy refused to yield. Porchemy lost his patience, drew a sword and was about to kill Luffy when Ace and Sabo arrived. They cut Luffy loose and defeated Porchemy. Out in the woods, Ace asked Luffy why he did not tell Porchemy about the whereabouts of Ace and Sabo's treasure.

Luffy then told Ace that he wanted a friend, that he had no parents who can take care of him, and most importantly, that he did not want to be alone. After that, Ace and Sabo started to trust Luffy and he joined the two and the trio started making a name for themselves. Later on, Luffy was shown fighting Ace with the former losing for the 50th time. After that, along with Sabo, they went to hunt gators, look for trash in the Gray Terminal, and eat and run.

buggy and shanks meet again in heaven

However, while they were running from the restaurant, they saw a man that called out Sabo's name. After they escape, Ace and Luffy started questioning him by choking him and forcing him to tell them who the man was. Sabo said that the man who called out to him was his dad, a noble. He told Ace and Luffy that at the time when he was a noble, even though he had parents, he was still lonely.

He later joined Ace and Luffy when they shout out their dreams, and said that he wanted to draw a map of the world. However, the trio soon realized that they could not agree to be subordinates of the brother who might become captain on their pirate ship.

Ace came up with an idea, telling Luffy and Sabo that they all could become brothers by exchanging sake that he stole from Dadan. As long as they have this bond, it will not matter where they are. Sabo pleaded with his father to stop hurting his brothers. He said that he will do whatever his father commanded him to do if they stop hurting Ace and Luffy.

Ace and Luffy protested, but his father agreed to the deal and ordered Sabo to come home. Sabo agreed to the deal. As he walked away, Ace and Luffy begged him to stay. As Sabo walked away with his father, tears were running down his face.

Luffy and Ace reacted angrily but were quickly apprehended by the pirates while Bluejam asked Ace where the brother's treasure was stored.

Bluejam decided that if he was to die, that he will take the two with him; however, he first asked Ace one last time to reveal the location of their treasure. While Luffy was against it, Ace was willing to let the pirates have the treasure to ensure Luffy's safety. As Bluejam began to badmouth Sabo, Ace verbally retaliated, spurring Luffy to bite his captor's arm.

The pirate responded by slashing him across the face with his sword; before the pirate could finish Luffy off, though, Ace let out a scream of rage, unbeknown to everyone there including himself that he was wielding Haki. The blast knocked everyone out, aside from Luffy and Bluejam.

Bluejam almost killed Ace, but then Dadan appeared to rescue the two boys. Although she said that they should all run away, Ace refused to run from his enemy. Luffy decided to stay and fight as well, but Dadan forbad it, remaining in his place.

Luffy was then taken back by the bandits to recover at home. He said that Luffy should not worry about him being dead, because he won't die, hitting Luffy on his head. Ace told how he and Dadan got out of the burning Terminal after beating Bluejam, and Dadan rested while getting healed with the medicines Ace stole from the town. Dogura then told them [46] that while looking for Ace and Dadan, he went to the city, and saw Sabo setting sail on a boat, and then get shot by a ship.

Luffy realized that Sabo was not happy at all for coming back to the city, and started to cry, Ace tried to go to the city to avenge him, but was stopped by Dadan, because she was afraid of Ace being killed, blaming the country for killing Sabo, not only the nobles.

Since Ace was still too angry, he was tied up to a tree, while Luffy cried the whole night. Luffy then decided that he wanted to become stronger. Waiting three more years, Luffy decided to train some more, finally mastering his Gomu Gomu no Pistol and other various attacks.

Ready to depart when he turned seventeen, he thanked Dadan and the bandits before leaving. As he was departing Foosha Village, Luffy waved goodbye to the rest of the village, saying that he was the third, after Sabo and Ace, to depart.