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Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, looks on during a meeting at the Utah State Capitol .. Flip it: In her latest film Hello, My Name Is Doris, the actress sees that role reversed, .. Christie's said in a statement it was working with authorities and would never range located in southeast Cthulhu that¿s miles ( kilometers) long. Still competing are CMS graduates Chloe Sens, Corinne Foster, and Graham Schofield. from Iran, did a fantastic beauty demonstration on model Christie Larson. . CMS hosted a group of MAC recruiters for a “Meet and Greet” interview with a new rendition of the “H.P. Lovecraft Fisherman” creature design he originally. She just bought a bigger boat, the Hello Darlin' II, in August. .. Maine, which dropped to overall and in the league, will meet Stony Brook next week. Ebola. lepage- /sites/4//10/ _ Lovecraft.

In Full Metal Panic! When she was falling to her death, her face never showed a hint of terror or despair, and she calmly accepted her fate. Kalinin recalls from that instance that she was "surreally beautiful. As numerous instances afterwards, Sousuke has been described in very similar terms as being "surreally beautiful" the way he calmly massacres people. Kamui from Gintama is like this sometimes. Tohma Seguchi from the Gravitation series is an example of this.

Many times during the manga, as the antics of those around him decimate whole sections of Tokyo, Tohma calmly assesses and responds in an eerie calm, only fully losing his temper once in the series upon seeing a re-creation of his best friend's most traumatic moment. Hosaka of Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun. He always wears a calm smile and speaks in a polite manner even as he throws Shinobu out of a helicopter and curb stomps Shungo with the intent to kill him in the last episode.

So, he offers the subordinate a handshake cue him squeezing the guy's hand hard enough to crack bone. Then, the Claw says that if the guy doesn't want a handshake, how about a hug. Not only is the hug also hard enough that you hear bones breaking, but when the Claw strokes the guy's back with his clawed hand, it's implied but not shown that he is ripping open his flesh. Throughout this horrible scene, the Claw is speaking in a gentle voice.

This is default for girls in Gunslinger Girl. They look calm and stoic even when gunning down people Ryoko Asakura in Haruhi Suzumiya has the unnerving habit of still being the sweetest, nicest girl you've ever met, while attempting to slice you up with a knife.

She was also unusually cheerful afterwards, smiling as she politely delivers a stern but calm warning to Kyon while her body was being disintegrated.

In Heat Guy Jthere are a few instances in which Clair Leonelli will pull out a weapon or describe something evil and horrible but his voice will remain fairly calm and even, probably to convey that he sees nothing off about his behavior even if everyone else does. As a case in point, his Establishing Character Moment involves him flinging a grenade at his father's grave, and saying quite calmly and cheerfully, "Papa.

You loved them, right? Itsuki as well, often creeping out Kyon due to his constant smile capable of resisting the possibility of an "End of the World" Special. Nurse Takano Miyo from Higurashi: When They Cry often talks in a calm, friendly tone about horrible ritualistic murders.

Considering that most of the rest of the cast tends to go psychotically Ax-Crazyher nonchalant attitude sticks out. Her employer, Nomura, also counts, seeing as how she watches with a calm and collected expression on her face as the Great Hinamizawa Disaster is caused by the Yamainu as part of her plan to close up a fellow competing company. She never loses her cool, especially since she never meets any other characters and is fine with leaving Takano to be blamed for Nomura's actionswhich is a sign that Nomura manages to be a Magnificent Bitch.

Even more so, Chrollo. Being a nihilist that is not afraid to die, his heartbeat wouldn't change even in the slightest when kidnapped by Kurapika to be used as a bargain chip for saving Gon and Killua from the Genei Ryodan. Shalnark blurs the line between this and Psychopathic Manchild. He sees the people he manipulates as toys, and expresses childlike disappointment when they get killed. Ultimo is a robot boy that embodies good and is always smiling.

Even as he tells he is threatening his mortal enemy, ripping off one of his arms or indirectly killing nearby civilians during their fights, the smile never leaves. Several characters in Kara no Kyoukai show this, including the protagonist. Worth noting is that the protagonist is this while holding a knife to the throat of her love interest, making this easily one of the most chilling moments on this page. Red butterflies take flight from the wound, and descend lightly on Shiki's face, and on her ghostly kimono.

Her blood-soaked lips twist into a shape I try to say something, but my voice stops, and I fall to the ground just because of the effort of trying to talk. I vomit, my stomach retching out all its contents, all the bile.

I wish it retched out this memory as well, but no such luck. I vomit so hard I start to cry. But that doesn't make me feel any more relieved. The overwhelming smell of the blood is so rich it drowns my brain. And finally, Shiki notices me. She turns her head to look at me, and I see now that the twist on her lips earlier was a smile, a kind of warm, motherly smile that is so at odds with the scene that it makes me shiver.

He only opens them when he is making a serious statement or is noticeably distressed. We'd be lying if we didn't count Reborn in this too. Shou Kano in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple has a tendency to occasionally laugh cheerfully and apparently without malice while utterly destroying his opponents.

Generally these are the fights that don't really have any personal meaning to him: Later on, we're introduced to one of the assistant instructors of Diego "Laughing Fist" Carlos, the Meatman, a rather large warrior who was charged with insuring that a bomb on the ship that several of the characters are riding goes off.

When asked what he thinks will happen to HIM when the bomb goes off by the characters who were trying to disarm it and therefore have to get past him firsthe responds that he'll "calmly defeat" them and then run away before the bomb blows up. Nui Harime from Kill la Kill a girl in pink lolita clothing who is always cheery, even when spouting venemous comments, when fighting, and even when telling Ryuko that she was the one who kill her dad.

Subverted in the last episodes when she gets her arms lopped off, causing her to Freak Out! And then there's Kino herself, who remains eerily calm in the face of things that would send the average person screaming and running in the other direction. Probably because she's seen worse. Downplayed with Fuu in Magic Knight Rayearth. When it comes to battle she reacts like you'd expect.

But with other kinds of physical danger or when Cephiro is being plain weird she reacts by getting really, really smiley and polite. Usually with flower effects in the background.

One of Evangeline A. McDowell's moments during the Kyoto Arc involved this. Give that girl her powers back for a little while and she'll freeze the world with the snap of her fingers and a smile on her face. Shizuru from Mai-HiME manages to maintain her calm demeanor even when she goes a-huntin' for blood. This change also comes with what appear to be a pair of colorless Mind-Control Eyes. Seeing Fate Averruncus display anything other than that look of utter calm on his face is so rare as to be unheard of.

Even when he's caught completely off-guard does not happen often or is losing a fight happens even less oftenhis face betrays only the slightest hint of surprise or annoyance. Both Kumagawa and Zenkichi are the Trope Codifiers ; Kumagawa brings a creepy edge to it, while Zenkichi is much more sincere. In Mon Colle Knightsthe busty Gluuko gets high marks for maintaining a cheerful expression all the freaking time, even when it's clear that she and her Terrible Trio Teammates Out ShoppingCount Collection and Batch, are on the losing side which they always are.

In the Umi-Bozu arc of Mononokeeach of the characters in turn are shown illusions of their worst fears. After screaming, crying, collapsing and a character throwing up over the edge of the shipit's the Medicine Seller's turn Outside of staring at his hands as they disappear, he has no reaction, but quietly closes his eyes and waits for it to finish. The Medicine Seller actually does this quite a bit — given the things he dedicates his life to hunting are eldritch monsters and people are occasionally slaughtered graphically right in front of him, he has very little emotion to offer.

Comparing the earlier example to his common behavior suggests he's not as unaffected as he seems — after the illusion ends, we're treated to a camera shot that lingers on his tightly-clenched hands. Johan in Monster is this trope. To the most frightening degrees possible. Those moments when he doesn't have that expression end up equally terrifying. I was supposed to die that night. You were the one who resurrected me, Doctor.

Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hell, her only worry is that her Plugsuit is a bit too tight on her breasts! Later, while Shinji is causing Near-Third Impact, everyone is scared out of their minds, but Kaji and Mari just take it easy. The girl really needs to learn something about appropriate behaviour. In between fluctuations from unbridled fury to calm brutality to psychotic gleeRob Lucci gets a couple moments of this in his fight with Luffy in One Piece.

Anyone with the Will of D in the series always has a wide smile on their faces when faced with death. Saul and Portgas D. Ace had these smiles before they died, so did Luffy during the Loguetown arc when Buggy was about to execute him.

Nico Robin fits this trope she often explains how she and her group can die in a situation well smiling. Her case is played [[Forlaughs for laughs]] however, especially at cases when all the Straw Hats express panicyet she stoicly stares or barely shows but a little fear.

It probably makes sense that Manaphy is too young to understand danger.

Chloe And Christi Meet And Greet❤️

When she fights Ryo, she happily sets about breaking every bone in his body while laughing. He kindly tells her that it's clear that he needs to change how she and the other children are being treated — before signaling for the kids to be shot. Justified because he's a member of an alien race which is unable to feel any emotions the ones that do are considered mentally ill. Mami usually fights like this, which backfires dramatically in episode 3 and we don't see her taking a fight seriously until The Movie ; turns out she's ludicrously skilled and powerful.

Soujiro Seta in Rurouni Kenshin is a master of this. He has a good excuse. Fumio from Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo: In Samurai Deeper KyoKyo scares lots of people with his bloodlust in battle, but he is later repossessed by Kyoshiro, who scares people even more as he calmly slaughters elite mooks without showing any intensity in his expression.

Akira Hojo from Sanctuary. Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei has two: Oora Kanoko, who is characterised as being a constantly calm, mostly emotionless girl who wears her skirt with the side opening. She even walks through a huge prison fight at a jail, and calmly walks out of the prison during the carnage, with her shivering teacher by her side after freeing him.

Second is Kafuka Fuura. Even when her school is burning down, her father is killing himself, her mother is possessed, and her school is crumbling down. And yet she is still a very small one to Oora. Chizuru of Seitokai no Ichizon. My smile becomes more beautiful the angrier I get. Seraph of the End: Crowley and especially Ferid have a friendly smile on their faces whenever they're committing atrocities.

Ferid looks especially happy when he reminisces the times he killed Crowley's, Yuu's, and Mika's comrades and says "It was fun! Lucy into a date is awful. So the Final Test is upon the candidates who want to be chosen to be sent to the future, which includes cutting them off from previous comforts like running water, gas and even the dorms they have seen as a home, with the likely consequences that people will die?

All Ayu has to say about this is that it's good, since things will be finally decided upon properly, with a sweet smile on her face. Hao Asakura from Shaman King. Oh, dear god, HAO. He has quite a reputation for having that cheery smile on his face as he slaughters countless lives, especially lesser Shamans, including but not limited to almost all of the "pathetic" X-Laws. He even has his serenity when he does worse to Yoh by pulling out his soul and eating it in the fourth-to-last episode of the anime.

The Lord of Nightmares from Slayers Next embodies this trope, dishing out apocalyptic destruction while never once raising her voice above an emotionless monotone. The Big Bad in Tales from Earthsea threatens to kill his reporting lieutenant with nothing more than a whisper in his voice and a smile on his face. The original Ion from the Tales of the Abyss manga gaiden based on him. He almost always has a calm, friendly smile on his face even when he's killing one of his Replicas or talking about how the world is trash.

Yoshii Kazuho from Texhnolyze always has a calm, pleasant smile on his face, even as he goes around shooting people and blowing them up with bombs. Not that he indulges in Tranquil Fury ; he never even feels fury. Seishirou in X and Tokyo Babylon. Crusnik 02 aka Abel Nightroad in many scenes of Trinity Blood. Legato Bluesummers in Trigun. And in some scenes of the Trigun Maximum manga, Knives butchers entire communities without any apparent emotion.

Grove from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, when he does that spirit attack thing. In his case, it can be justified: When not in his spirit form, Grove is immensely weak and bedridden; using the power nearly kills him every time, but he's free from his crippled body while it's active. You, I will burn to ashes". And one short battle involved Miyu against a sexily-clad schoolgirl Shinma with a flute who sported a similar grin. Haguro in Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest started as this, always calm and relaxed except for short bursts of Power Born of Madness physical violence.

Then he suffered a Villainous Breakdown and got much, much worse. In probably the most unsettling scene in the show, when Victor bursts into tears after Yuri proclaims he's retiring during the Grand Prix Finals, Yuri's reaction is to calmly reach out and pull back Victor's hair so he can watch him cry more closely, and basically say with with little tone or inflection, "I'm surprised to see you cry. Bartholomew has slammed the table, James the Lesser is grabbing for someone's attention, Andrew can barely stand to hear any of this, Judas is hiding as best as he can, Peter is reaching over the table brandishing a knife, John is almost swooning, James the Great is keeping Thomas and Phillip from rushing Jesus, Matthew and Thaddeus are ambushing a dumbfounded Simon for information, and Christ Comic Books Cyclops of the X-Men frequently displays this attitude in combat.

Including, on at least two occasions, while fighting blind. He's just that much of a control freak. You would not believe the day I'm having. Victor Ray from Bullets is able to keep his emotions in check and can execute his mission utmost efficiency. And then he kills one of them because he forgot who she was. In Sin CityKevin's facial expresion never changes. He always has that calm, content face. And it's so fucking creepy. When Tsuruya is almost thrown out of a school window to her death by one of Kyon's classmate in Kyon: In InfinityLindy invokes this after Fate and Chrono are badly injured, mainly because she would terrify everybody with her seething Mama Bear rage if she didn't.

While she does manage to keep her emotions in check, she still ends up radiating a Killing Intent that scares poor Amy half to death. In the vocaloid fanfic Rotting CamelliasHaku and Neru always act very calm, despite being part of a Circus of Fear that features all sorts of strange and horrible things. Other players only know the last two, which are shocking enough. As for Sakuya, there came a point where the surrounding noise and chaos became so overwhelming that it circled back around on itself and elevated her to a state that was almost zen-like.

It was not a state of peace, precisely it was a state of detachment, like that of a person who has endured so much that they become numb to it.

Her sister had once colorfully referred to it as having no fucks left to give. In How the Light Gets InLaurel is suddenly and inexplicably resurrected after being dead for 7 months. Virtually everyone is completely shocked by her presence, except for Diggle, who barely reacts. However, it's made clear he's just as thrown as the rest of them, he just isn't showing it. Felicity, who's freaking right the fuck out, eventually comments on it: Why are you so calm about this? Your lack of an expression?

You have been oddly silent. Chara experiences something similar towards the end of you can only use your own. On the morning of the attempt to break the Barrier, during which they plan to commit suicide, they muse on how odd it is that they're feeling completely calm even though they were terrified leading up to both of their past suicide attempts.

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While nobody else notices the dissonance because nobody else knows they're planning to kill themself, they do manage to unnerve themself a bit. There are some shocking moments throughout: Tom Baker spends most of his DVD commentary time remarking on how gorgeous looking Louise Jameson is who has her hair tied up short here thanks to a set hairdresser who accidentally kept chopping those Seveteem tribal locks off by mistake.

Ventham actually appeared in Fendahl shortly after the birth of son Benedict and tells the others on the commentary that he now has a role in a rather arty and - Ventham confesses; hard to make sense of, but still revered, play on the London stage.

Baker remarks that Benedict has to be too young to play the role. Also, that he doesn't trust a play if it's one that nobody understands what it's even about.

It's often just bad writing, covered up with pretension - he seems to be saying. Somehow, Baker always sounds like a man who must be talking sense like his Doctor always did ; even when at his most anarchic and caustic - or just plain crazy.

And Tom Baker's Who era is often wise-cracking and anarchic. Caustic even too, at times. That's mainly down to Baker's input into the production and hacking of the scripts. Do you even care if the Fendahleen are a bit phallic and rubbery at times? I don't - these towering hulks were built with love Fendahl's Visual Effects Designer - Colin Mapson confirms the amount of effort they took to sculpt and operate the aliens in a fascinating behind the scenes extra where such secrets as the glowing skull that Baker picks up being able to glow with light - even when not powered with electricity - are explained.

Dissonant Serenity

Old dark woods; the creaky oak-panels of an old priory; constantly rolling-in fog; local legends and superstitious fruitcake-loving white witches armed with bags of rock salt - these are the things that scare us.

The Omphalos fully approves! Also watch the lost footage on the DVD that has a selection of extended creepy wood fright scenes mainly involving the ill-fated hitchhiker; the monochrome and poor quality making it all eerily extra creepy. I was about to comment that they should have replaced some of those long, languid scenes with the scientists in the Priory chatting away and being terribly civil with each other with more of those spooky woodland scares.

But actually - maybe not. Because those scenes inside with the scientists hard at work and safe in the bright light while the darkness throbs downstairs and outside; all around them - really develops the characters and make you care more about them.

Also; this adventure wins an Omphalos award for the best line ever in a Doctor Who episode: He came armed and silent.