Describe the social aspects of your relationship

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describe the social aspects of your relationship

There are 4 main aspects of the relationship that the Department of Financial aspects of the relationship; Nature of the household; Social aspects of If you are unsure about how to fulfil these 4 aspects for your relationship. Social aspects of your relationship. In this section, you can outline important social aspects of your relationship, such as: Holidays that you have. you will have to write your relationship statement for the partner visa – a process . Social Aspect: Details of family and social events with friends and relatives having children, family involvement, what is your 10 year plan?.

In Spain we went to …. Was there an incident that brought you closer as a couple? When did you first move in together? How did you decide on that? Have you made any big purchases together applianced, car, insurance etc. This part might be longer than the others for some couples.

It all depends on your own story and the longer you have been together, the more likely it is that you have shared many experiences together. Nature of the Household: Who does the dishes? This part is probably the toughest to prove with evidence, so explaining in your statements how you run your household can be a crucial factor.

XXX is usually the one to do the dishes while I am in charge of vacuum cleaning. Details of any shared financial and other responsibilities you both took on.

Grocery shops, gyms, clubs shared accounts in any form can be useful etc. Provide proof such as bills addressed to both of youbank account details, maybe emails to your real estate agents or bank.

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We go grocery shopping on a regular basis and we use our joint bank account to pay for those bills and other utilities such as gas and electricity bills. We both like to go to the gym and do so together regularly. After activities we enjoy doing together is just having a nice dinner and watching a good movie in our living room.

Any periods of separation? Here you can write about the reasons for being separated, such as: If you have been separate for long periods then make sure to mention that. During that time we kept daily contact through numerous skype calls, phone calls, whatsapp messages and facebook messages.

Major things that you own together. This might include cars, real estate, loans, insurance, credit cards, major appliances Shared accounts Any legal commitment that you have made as a couple. Sharing of bills and expenses. Household category In what ways can you demonstrate the nature of your household?

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What this asks you to do is prove that, socially, you are accepted as being in a serious relationship. Here are some things you might include: Joint invitations Photos of you together at events and functions Common friends and acquaintances. Statutory declarations made by friends are acceptable. Maybe your partner is your next of kin at work? Collating your evidence for an Australian de facto visa is not an easy task, however to help you get started, we have included a collection of tips to assist you on your way.

Financial Evidence Tips for your de facto Visa application: Did you travel together for a year or live with your parents? Did one of you support the other?

describe the social aspects of your relationship

Very meticulously go through bank statements, for at least the past 12 months you have been together. If you are in this situation, then definitely write a declaration that explains it all. ATM withdrawals will also have a location near them which can be matched to things you say in statements eg: You will be surprised as to how much stuff is on your bank statements—one idea to do while you are highlighting is, for example, if you find a purchase of a present your partner gave you try to find the card or the letter that came with it… copy it and provide it with your application.

describe the social aspects of your relationship

Nature of the household is evidence that you and your partner share responsibilities within your household. This includes things like living arrangements, housework, joint ownership of your house, joint responsibility for bills, and correspondence addressed to both you and your partner at the same address. The Nature of the household section is probably the most straightforward when it comes to your de facto partner application. Write a statement as to who did what in the house, who paid for what see partner migration booklet linked at the bottom of this articleget bills together if you have them, if not refer back to the financial tipsand correspondence addressed to both of you if you have it.

You can get cards together, ticket stubs etc. You may have already shown joint travel in your financial section if you used bank statements. Can your friends and family prove anything you have said along the way?

Australian De Facto Visa Tips To Prove Your Relationship

Get them to write that in their stat decs eg: Have you known each other for ages? Include one of you two where you look visibly different than you do now. Need to include itemised phone bills? Put a key at the top to what each number is eg: Remember, these CAN be hard to get and you might have to pay for them depending on your company and how far back you need to go. Need to show your intent that the relationship will last—if you are planning on getting a house together, you can include a quote from a bank for a mortgage.

Do I still have to wait for another month before I can apply? You can apply for a visa even if you have been in a de facto relationship for less than one year.