Flirt raw sound of a grand

flirt raw sound of a grand

Dating apps have in some ways made it much easier to flirt. . By building a strong emotional base with them first they'll know that there's a future with this relationship; not just raw passion, though 10 Scorpio: Do Make A Grand Declaration Of Romantic Intent . Hey, that kind of sounds like a relationship!. Lyrics to 'Flirting Shadows (Ethnovoice Mix)' by Noise Boyz. 2. Raw Moon ( Ocean Breeze Mix) - Noise Boyz · Raw Moon (Ocean Breeze Mix) · Noise Boyz. Raw transcript: Let's go talk to Rob Toth about how to flirt with prospects. So it sounds like you've really done a whole bunch of different stuff, not just one thing . be doing as a grand opening that nobody even knows it's a grand opening.

Certainly pre-selling is done in many different ways, but what I actually had in mind was we do a lot of our pre-selling and I mean, we do … We use, sometimes we use direct mail and sometimes obviously, your web page can do pre-selling as well. It says pretty popular these days. Same with conferences, I have friends who run conferences. Obviously, I run my own as well and often, all they put out is the reminders that hey, on this date, make sure you get a ticket because we got the conference coming up.

But yeah, pre-selling is kind of that factor and then once we dive in, I like to maybe bring in a couple of examples of how we did that using e-mail as well. So kind of the pre-call so where before you even get to the event, you can hear a bit, a fifteen, twenty minute call or short webinar with the person and those are relatively thought of.

flirt raw sound of a grand

But what we did was we actually loaded up the e-mails as well as … I used to take, get detail bios from each of our speakers. It was … We were essentially making each speaker cool. So before you even thought about the whole event, you … I really want to meet this guy. So we pre-sold why you should buy the up sale. So before the card had opened for you to buy and register your ticket and then the up sale to that was this bonus day.

flirt raw sound of a grand

So for Canada, market selling is the end and I think the third variant of that was the short tips. So essentially, our pre-sells were a variety of things.

It was mostly though featured on the speaker. So pre-selling why you should come see the speaker even before the event ticket goes live and then also, the topic of why whatever it is, like Facebook advertising or video marketing or whatever, just bringing out some … Not the mainstream stuff that everyone knows but some cool things that you can apply in your business and then providing those content, but that gets the person excited about … Oh, wait.

So I saw the kind of the background of the members of what an affiliate can actually accomplish and pretty much like across the board. I mean, of course in some cases, but typically, what was pulling the results was the person who was using anecdotes and using multiple e-mails for the same offer instead of the shotgun approach of the one e-mail that goes out.

So before those e-mails went out, I did an interview with him. So I kept it short and so, it was like a minute of meeting the guy but all with content and then I followed that up with a pre-sell with my story of the guy, how I met him, what I think of him in a sense.


So even there, the pre-selling concept comes in play of how can I take the best points and before I even introduce the order links, how can I get people excited about this person and all his stuff. So, skimming down the list, but what about webinars? So reason I mentioned that is the pre-selling or things like social proof, testimonials, proof from actual snapshots from previous stampings, case studies, all of it weave into content.

I got to be on his trainings. So even before a webinars, typically case studies filled with content leading up to the webinar is something that I would also invoke there. So you need to kind of sell them on why do they need to invest their time and actually listen to you or come to the event or come to the whatever.

Come make a ton of money with us which is just the stuff that I get in my inbox on a regular basis. So a bit of a flirtation process rather than just going in for the kill and saying, hey, join our program, sign up and make a ton of money which I think a lot of affiliate merchant or merchants do that with their affiliate program.

Cool and you got something written down here about follow up e-mails to a webinar.

flirt raw sound of a grand

What are you sending there to a conference, to an event? How are you following up? I mean, certainly the idea is just to close them but I do a courtesy call.

12 Flirting Tips That Get His Attention (& 12 To Never Do), Based On His Sign

We do direct mail piece and we do a courtesy follow up. First of all, courtesy follow up by e-mail from my assistant, then she also lines up a direct mail piece that goes up that essentially says, thanks for having attended.

flirt raw sound of a grand

So the e-mails you send, the direct mail piece that goes out and then later, when we send a courtesy call, all has the same kind of message of just building some merchants and so forth. I think we all kind of know that the more touch points you can have or the prospect, the more option you have to sell to them and the more gestation period you give to them to actually understand what the offer is and understand the value of why they should dive in.

So we do e-mail, direct mail and voice. That I think goes a very long way for the conversion. So, but again, it really starts with before you even come to our event, now that you registered, how can I keep kind of selling you, encourage you or make it exciting that you need to be on this thing?

But what most people do is you just sense kind of like, for the webinar, the webinar is coming up.

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You spend a few hours chatting with her and getting to know her and that type of thing. I was going to throw in a couple of sell in games real quickly if we have a few more minutes here. Talking about Christmas sales, birthday sales and the kind, I mean, birthday sales I run all the time.

A new relationship starts and we find ourselves wanting to stay over every night.

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Saying goodbye takes ages, since there needs to be at least 27 kisses every single time someone turns to leave. Is that the best thing for the relationship, though?

flirt raw sound of a grand

While it might feel good in the moment, Aries are forward-thinkers. He can tie what he had for breakfast this morning to his favorite childhood memory easy as pie. Because of his long-windedness which we totally say with love any potential partner is going to need to be able to jump in with their own stories and ideas. Trust us; he wants to know.

Not only do Scorpios love to be emotionally close, they love when other people set the standard. Making the first move will also fuel some of their fantasies, which will do half the flirtation work for you. Pushing too far forward in the relationship too soon can actually push the Pisces man farther away. Due to this kind of willingness to go on adventures with people, there needs to be a pretty clear distinction as to when a date is actually a date.

Looking good is great, but sharing ideas? Heck, just his life in general!

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