How did bo derek and john corbett meet

Bo Derek and John Corbett share secret to their relationship | Page Six

how did bo derek and john corbett meet

In case you missed the news when it broke, John Corbett can't stop confirming that he will, in fact, be in Sex and the City 2. On Monday's Lopez. It was 37 years ago, but the moment still looms over Bo Derek's life. the name Bo around the time she met her husband, the director John Derek, Normally we 're [Derek and her longtime partner, the actor John Corbett] in Santa . PHELAN: Did the romance blossom while you were filming in Mykonos?. Bo Derek and John Corbett have been together for 15 years without ever walking down the aisle, but the couple insisted they don't need rings.

And she was just as fabulous and wonderful as ever. That will never change. I think you might feel worse than she does. I just hate myself when I think about doing that. It was very complicated, and dramatic, obviously.

Some people could say it was meant to be, though, because I was with him until he died. But that just sounds like an excuse to me. I remember I was doing an interview with Oprah, and she asked about it. Can you look back fondly, at all, on some of those times? It sounds like a very romantic place and time to fall in love.

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Yes, and obviously I loved him. We lived in Europe a lot of the almost 25 years we were together. There were wonderful people. We saw the world. What were some of the things you learned from being around him? Everything except for maybe surfing and sailing. And I understand, for him, it must have been fun to show me the world. Do you think that was the perception—that you were under his spell, his puppet? But at the time, definitely.

I even called my company Svengali Inc. No, it was what it was. We all survived it. What was it like to move to Europe and be so far away from home at such a young age? I missed my sisters and my brother, and my parents.

But I went back and forth enough that I saw them. Do you have any specific memories you could share?

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I think the funniest one was in Switzerland. John and Ursula [Andress], his second wife … They remained very close, so when it looked like we were getting serious, he took me to Switzerland to see her. I was scared to death. And she is so spectacular, so funny. But at the time, she was intimidating. We went by train to Bern, where she was living. And I remember she picked us up in a Mini Cooper and drove us around, and she had this big coat and all the hair and the eyelashes and everything.

What did your parents and family think of this? They were pretty upset.

John Corbett reveals how he met Bo Derek (and again, that he's in 'Sex and the City 2')

I thought I knew it all; I thought I had it all together. But when I look back and see pictures of myself, I see why everyone got so upset. My family is very friendly and easy to be around. I checked in a lot with them, came home often. And I guess they sensed that was I was not being abused. I read that one of the reasons you guys decided to stay in Europe was to avoid the statutory laws in the U. Yeah, the statutory rape law and the Mann Act. My parents were … not okay, but keeping an eye on me.

Bo Derek & John Corbett Share Their Love Story!

Concerned, but dealing with it. But this agent I had at the time thought that John Derek was giving me a big scar. I was just a beach girl with no experience in anything.

We got news that he had done that, so we stayed in Europe until I was But you just go with it. I was just having a great time with this fabulous man. Do you ever wish that you had finished high school? Funny enough, I worked with Habitat for Humanity some years ago, and it was very near where I went to school.

What was it like, filming that movie? It was a time. Blake Edwards was, like, the most successful director of all time. I just walked into it. And I walked into working with this hugely successful filmmaker, who really took care of me. So it spoiled me.

Now when I go to work, I had better be prepared. I have to do it like a grown-up. So did you show up at 10 and just wing it? I had no experience. I had done the little film in Greece. But I may have benefited from not having bad habits.

how did bo derek and john corbett meet

When you trust your director completely, then you can relax, be spontaneous, be malleable. Work is much harder for me now. First of all, I hate to run. I never, ever run. And Blake was famous for reshoots. I shot it the first time in Mexico. We went back twice to Hawaii; I had to do that scene three times. Some hair commercial where it was a man and a woman running toward each other in slow motion.

Obviously, the hair and the bathing suit ended up being a big thing. Was that just a spur-of-the-moment decision to put you in a suit like that, or was that carefully considered? And we tried it. Did you have any idea that that scene would become such a sensation? I did see a screening—I remember Dyan Cannon was there and she laughed.

She has the greatest laugh in the world. The first trailer we saw was during a Muhammad Ali prizefight. He was born in Hollywood. His parents were an actor and a filmmaker from silent movies. And obviously a big part of it was that you became a sex symbol.

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What was that like? I always thought that was kind of silly. You could be as vulgar as you want, as long as three tiny spots were covered.

There was a lot of hypocrisy in the way we looked at sexuality. Blake wrote a sensual character.

how did bo derek and john corbett meet

I did whatever I could to portray that. I never took it seriously; it was a job I had to do. I had such a big target on my back after that. A Change of Seasons was only a moderate box-office success, with critics reviewing it and Derek's performance unfavorably "The only appealing performance is Miss MacLaine's". Directed by husband John Derek, the film dealt little with Tarzan and instead focused on Derek's character of Jane Parkerand specifically on Derek's physical attributes.

Several scenes of Derek wearing revealing outfits were featured, along with nude scenes of Derek being bathed and body-painted.

Prior to the film's release MGM and the film's distributor, United Artistswere sued by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate over the name of the film, as Derek's role and body overshadowed the story of Tarzan. Derek starred in Bolero Directed by John Derek, the film explored the female protagonist's sexual awakening, and her journey around the world to find an ideal first lover to take her virginity.

Its sexual nature, along with its substantial use of nudity, resulted in the film receiving an X ratingusually reserved for pornographic or extremely violent horror films.

Critical reviews for Bolero, including Derek's performance, were negative "[Bo Derek] would be a lot more appealing if she tried less assiduously to please"[13] and the film failed to recoup its production costs. The film received other Golden Raspberry Awards: The final teaming of Derek with her husband as director, Ghosts Can't Do It was a failure both critically a "cinematic abomination" [15] and financially.

In Derek appeared in the comedy film Tommy Boy. In Derek guest-starred on four episodes of Wind on Water. Political[ edit ] Derek, who describes herself as independent with generally more libertarian views, supported George H. Bush in andand she appeared at both Republican conventions. Bush, on the operations committee.

how did bo derek and john corbett meet

On February 5,she published her autobiography entitled Riding Lessons: She serves on the California Horse Racing Board. Wounded veterans advocate[ edit ] Derek is a national honorary chairperson for Veterans Affairs ' National Rehabilitation Special Events.