Nettles poem relationship between father and son

English Revision Notes: Nettles, Vernon Scannell

nettles poem relationship between father and son

The poem 'Nettles' by Vernon Scannell revolves around a father's accident involving his son, through which the poet explores a father-son relationship, wherein between the son's innocence and tenderness, and the nettles' ability to hurt. Nettles is initally about parental love and a family relationship. The boy featured within the poem is a metaphor for the army and there is an extended metaphor of bad memories. There is a juxtaposition between the nettles and his son. There is also a sense that the father takes pride and is proud. How does Scannell portray relationships in his poem and his war experiences in ' Nettles'? The metre used establishes the father's love for his son. This contrast between the boy and the nettles could be symbolic of the.

But it shows us something about the true nature of love, especially when something comes to challenge that love. As usual, let us begin with the title. But when you first see or read or say that word, what is the one thing that pops into your head?

For me, it is the memory of that pain and that rash when I was hit by these things as a child, or when I was an adult and gardening and the damn things got me in the join between thumb and hand, that fleshy bit where it hurts like hell and seems never to stop. No amount of water, or salt, or dock leaves seems to ease the pain. So for me, this is a poem more about pain than love, but underlying that is the theme of love that is shown from the child to the father and from the father to the son.

So, first things first; search for information on Vernon Scannell on Google.

Nettles – Vernon Scannell

When you get it, then read this poem, for you will then see things that you would not normally associate with the poem. The first thing I see here is the reference to the son, which is meant to get your support, from the beginning of the poem. As a father myself, I remember when my two children got themselves into scrapes and came to me wailing in pain and abject agony.

nettles poem relationship between father and son

They were not in that amount of pain of course, but it was just the shock of something attacking them that made them respond. In this case, the spears are used for defence of the plant by the plant, but in times of war in days gone by, they have been more used to kill people or inflict real pain. When you do your research on him and where he ended up for therapy, you will see this poem in a new light entirely.

It is a war zone. It is a field of battle. All the good exists in his son and all the evil exists in the plants.

nettles poem relationship between father and son

But they need to grow, just like everything else in the world and will not be stopped. He cannot see that or understand that at that point in time. Now that the child is with him, seeking solace, he as a loving father treats his wounds just as a medic would in a war zone. This is a loving relationship between father and son, a two way, reciprocal relationship based and grounded in love and care. This is something special when this kind of relationship can exist.

Nettles – Vernon Scannell | GCSE ENGLISH TEACHER

Believe me when I say this, it is not an easy relationship to perfect, especially when things go wrong. In Nettles writen by the poet Vernon Scannell we see that his son has fallen in the nettle bed behind the shed and goes to his father for comfort who soothes him.

Afterwards Scannell goes to the garden and burns the nettles down. But in within two weeks they have grown up again.

nettles poem relationship between father and son

At the beginning of the poem we see the relation that the father and son share. This suggests that his son is very dear to him, means a lots and the father will do anything to protect his son. It also shows ownership. This wording sounds like it is soft adn cosy as you rest here but, this is not the case for the nettle.

The term bed means safeltyy and comfort therej si no danger in a bed. Teh ides that something which protaryed to be safe is dangerous allow us th think about it;s relationship with war.

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It could mean life and death because you are more than likely born on a bed and die on a bed too. Nettles by Vernon Scannell goes much deeper than the overall concept of it being nettles that ails his boy or sun.

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This shows how he is linking his sons pain with war, how war might ail someone? Or even a country. It is also an affectionate term, with this you can see that the son is very dear to him, means a lot to him and he will be protected. This change in term could signify that the one soothed was another parents son. The idea of it being another son could engage the reader to explore the idea of it being their son and what would they do in that situation, how could they protect their son from nettles, or delving deeper from war.

A bed is symbolised to mean safety and comfort, there is no danger in a bed, it means rest. The idea that something which is portrayed to be safe is dangerous add layers of interpretation to the poem, now it could mean that why send our soldiers to fight unsafe battles? Why allow this boys to get hurt. The poet is not talking about men, he is talking about an inexperienced, young and youthful boy. Scannell is addressing why we pack up our soldiers when they are not old enough to cope.

I think the poem has a simplistic meaning where the father talks about his son falling into nettles, and he was there that time to protect him and give him comfort.

He doesnt want his son to be hurt again so he cuts down the nettles, only to fully well know they will grow again and he needs to learn that his son will get hurt many times with him not by his side. ALso it has a hidden symbolic meaning of WAR. Or it could be interpreted that the father is in the war trying to protect the world and most importantly his family.

nettles poem relationship between father and son

This is a poem of true beauty, the toil and love this man, this father will go through to protect whats most important, his son. The poet is explaining his emotions about how he couldnt protect his son this time.

GCSE Poem Analysis: Nettles by Vernon Scannell

But then he says that it wont be the last time that he can not protect himsuch as when his son goes off to school and later in life univercity, his dad wont be ther all the time to protect him is he?

Would you want your dad to be like that? There a many hidden messages which are cleverly put in about the WAR such as: Spear, SpiteRegiment. I personally thibk that this guy has had a rough life but we shoudnt hold it against him D Posted on by a guest.: The Vernon capsto evokes emotions far left through the foundsprings of life itself.

Father is comparable to the father above encaptulating a christ-like, almost universal empathic icon. Hope this helps, Posted on by a guest.: This peom is an inspiring poem that has many hidden messgages and literary devices. Nettles is a metaphor for bloodshed, soldiers and war.

The father would do anything to protect his son from this tragedy we call war. I believe this poem uses emotive language effectively to create a dramatical atmosphere. The father goes of to war when he goes out and cuts the nettles which symbolises soldiers to protect not only himself but for his family to only realise that hecan not protect and sheild his son forever.

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Vernon is trying to tell YOU the readers that there is no need for war because it not only affects the soldiers families but also the people surrounded by it. I think it is a beautiful poem about how a father tries to protect his son from all the horrors of the world, but at the end of the poem it shows that he cannot protect him forever.

nettles poem relationship between father and son

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