Relationship between advertising and marketing ppt

relationship between advertising and marketing ppt

The invention of hand press increased the potentialities of advertising. By The American Marketing Association, Chicago, has defined advertising as. “any form . Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, and Public Relations. 1 Explain the roles of public relations, publicity, cross-promotion, and ethics in an. Integrated Marketing Communications has blurred the lines between marketing, advertising and public relations. This presentations identifies.

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

To be honest, advertising and marketing are closely related disciplines that have much in common. Yet they differ in many ways too. To see the differences and how each can benefit you as a small business owner, you must first understand the basics of both. Marketing, in simple terms, refers to the means of communication between a company and its target audience. Four primary elements that form the crux of marketing include Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

These elements were introduced by marketer E. See the breakdown for each of these elements below.

relationship between advertising and marketing ppt

It could be a tangible good or an intangible service. Price This is the amount customers pay for the product. Place Products must be located at a place where consumers can access them.

relationship between advertising and marketing ppt

Place involves strategies such as selective distribution, franchising and exclusive distribution. Promotion All means of communication that a company adopts to provide information about the product are considered promotion. Promotion may include elements such as public relations, advertising and sales promotion. Advertising is defined as a form of marketing communication used by companies to promote or sell products and services.

In essence, advertising is one of the components or subsets of marketing. In other words, if you think of marketing as a pie, then advertising will be an important slice of that pie. The primary goal of advertising is to influence the buying behavior by promoting a product, service or company.

  • Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

To achieve this goal, advertising focuses on creative positioning and media. In doing so, advertising spreads awareness about what you have to offer. Lavidge and Gary A. Steiner, a buyer moves through six stages when making a purchase. These are awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and purchase.

These six stages are further divided into three categories: These three categories are explored a bit further below.

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising - Small Business Trends

Cognitive At this stage, consumers process the information provided to them through the advertising communication.

Creating market for the new or existing product and building brand image. Grabbing the attention of the general public. Definition of Marketing Marketing is a long-term business activity, which starts right from the market research to customer satisfaction. In a nutshell, Marketing is a promotional process of bringing the right product to the right marketplace for the right people at the right price. Marketing is how effectively you explain the value of your product or service to influence the customers in such a way that they ultimately buy it.

Definition of Advertising Advertising is a part of the marketing process and the most expensive one. It is a monologue activity done with the aim of persuading more and more people towards the product or service.

Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

It is a technique through which one message can reach a large number of people within seconds. Therefore, the company uses this way to promote their product or service to grab consumer attention. Advertising can be done through various channels like ads on radio, television, website, newspapers, magazines, journals, hoardings, banners, social media, sponsorships, posters, banners, neon signs, etc.

Advertising can be done for promoting a product or service or providing some relevant information or opinions or public notices. It creates awareness among people on various products, i.