Relationship between amir and rahim khan

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relationship between amir and rahim khan

Rahim Khan in The Kite Runner book, analysis of Rahim Khan. and Amir and Baba are somewhere in between, Rahim Khan is a voice reason standing When Baba ignores Amir, Rahim Khan is right there with an encouraging word. They are, Amir, Baba (Amir's Father) and Rahim Khan. Amir After reading about his childhood and the life-changing events that took place during it, my initial. Rahim Khan is the friend of Baba and Amir. . The Relationship between Amir and Rahim Khan is quiet interesting, though Rahim Khan is not Amir's father he.

Kite Runner Characters When Rahim Khan calls Amir to Pakistan and eventually Afghanistan, even though Amir knows that it would be dangerous to go there, he realizes he has to make right the wrongs of the past, he agrees to risk his life to go on a path to redemption, to pay off his debt, cleanse himself of all the sins he had committed in his childhood. He is willing to do anything, to go as far as possible to redeem himself, and he does. Amir takes the pain when he is Assef is beating him up, he does not complain, instead he started to laugh, because he knows that he is paying off his debt But I was laughing and laughing.

And the harder I laughed, the harder he kicked me, punched me scratched me…What was so funny was that, for the first time since the winter ofI felt at peace. He even treats Sohrab like his own son, gives him so much love and affection.

His initial mind full of greed and frustration changes to that of redemption, in which he hopes to find happiness. Baba My first impression of Baba was that he was a strict, no-nonsense, rthodox Muslim man.

He had strict beliefs, and nothing would change that. Also, he was not very proud of hi son, which may have been a little far-fetched. He did not believe that his son would grow up to be a man, because his son was not like how he was when he was a child.

He was respected and did not like to be overruled, especially by his son. He also shared this strange affection towards Hassan, but the reason for that affection is disclosed later, and he also seemed to be oblivious of the fact that Amir was jealous of this affection he had for Hassan. He also did some great work for poor men, women and children, setting up an orphanage amongst other things.

After Rahim Khan explains the sin Baba committed, I could see and agree with Rahim Khan that all the good Baba was doing and all the greatness inside him was his way of trying to redeem himself, and pay off his debt, for treating Ali and Hassan, the way he had.

Thus we see how much love he had for Sohrab when he came to know that Hassan was his half-brother and Sohrab is his son, thus he tries to rectify his biggest mistake that had changed his entire life by saving Sohrab. Never giving up hope.

He demonstrates this through the far from perfect relationship between Baba and Amir in contrast to the foil relationship between Hassan and his son Sohrab. Truly, an empathetic fatherly figure is necessary in properly raising a son.

The relationship between Hassan and Amir demonstrates how some people do not know the value of a true friend in the right moment when it is to be realised, they regret the moments when they realise that how valuable that friend was. Hassan, the servant of Amir was of the same age as Amir and both of them had grown up and had shared a lot of memorable moments together.

Hassan always considered Amir as his true friend and was always beside Amir in all his lows and highs until the moment when everything changed forever. They played with each other a lot of games and shared stories with each other, Hassan was an illiterate and was thus always teased by Amir but Hassan never took it seriously. Amir always considered Hassan his servant as he was a Pashtun a higher caste in Afghanistan and Hassan was a Hazara and he was aware of the fact that neither the history nor the religion could change anything in between them.

Kite flying was a major event that took place every year. The object of the game was to be the last kite flying in the air. After all the other kites were cut down, a person chased the kite to redeem their pride and glory.

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This is when the devastating incident occurred that changed the friendship of Amir and Hassan. He betrayed the person that once stood up for him; the one person who was willing to do anything to be loyal to Amir. He was a coward. At that instant in time when Amir decided to run, life was no longer what it used to be. Thus we see how certain things which are not taken up in the right moment can ruin a precious thing as that of the friendship of Amir and Hassan.

Singh 7 The relationship between Baba and the son of Ali, the family servant, Hassan was quiet intense and complicated in the beginning as the story progresses. Baba has a secret which is not revealed until much later in the novel, but it is obvious that Baba treats both Ali and Hassan as more than just servants. Ali has been with Baba since they were children, and they were playmates much in the same way as Hassan and Amir.

Baba treats Hassan almost as his own child, and we discover later that Hassan actually is Baba's son by Ali's wife. It explains why Baba admired Hassan and gave him such nice gifts, presenting him with the operation to rid him of his hairlip.

When Amir suggests that Ali and Hassan need to be replaced, Baba explodes, telling his son that they are members of the family. Things change between Hassan and Baba only after Hassan is falsely accused of the theft of Amir's birthday gifts. Hassan refuses to defend himself, admitting that he was the thief and probably understanding that it was Amir who had planted them.

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Whether Baba knew this is unknown, but he was unable to keep Ali from leaving the household, and Baba never saw his son, Hassan, again. The relationship between the character of Amir, the protagonist, and his lovely wife Soraya is one such relationship that I have grown fond of and wish that such relationships could happen in reality.

The character of Soraya is not seen in a dominant role playing until Amir marries her, it is then that we see her playing an important role in the life of Amir.

She looks after Baba till the time he dies, she helps Amir in each and every ways possible to maintain a strong bond of love and togetherness. She even supports Amir when it is required for him to go back to Afghanistan and save Sohrab, as she knows that he must go, therefore she does not stop him.

When Amir tells her that he wants to adopt Sohrab and thus bring him to America, Soraya without any hesitation agrees to it. This statement from Soraya proves how loyal, understanding, supportive and loving she is, and I love her for it.

Not once did she ask Amir about why he acted the way he did, or why he never told her earlier. She never Singh 8 judge him, or made him feel ashamed because of it. She never used it against him afterwards for the sake of evil in a fight. She was gracious and she was sweet. Thus the relationship between Amir and Soraya is one of the relationships that has a lot of love and concern for each other. Rahim Khan was the friend of Baba and Amir. He also functions as a second parent for Amir.

When Baba ignores Amir, Rahim Khan is right there with an encouraging word. Perhaps, Rahim Khan helps expand Amir's understanding of ethnicity. Rahim Khan tells Amir a story about how he almost married a Hazara woman. His family reacted very strongly death threats!

relationship between amir and rahim khan

Rahim Khan Also plays the role of a teacher teaching Amir a lot of things all this confirms that Rahim Khan is a stand-up guy. He is fairly flat character in The Kite Runner so far.

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He could possibly be the foil character to Amir's father, Baba, due to the fact that they are such different characters and have much different roles in Amir's life. Amir looks up to Rahim, and sometimes wishes that Rahim was his father instead of Baba.

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Rahim has been the softer hearted father figure in Amir's life, and refers to him as "Amir jan", which is dear Amir. He also reads Amir's first written story, and gives him a letter which says how talented he is and encouraging Amir to keep writing. At the end of his letter, Rahim tells Amir "bravo" and this means a lot to him.

relationship between amir and rahim khan

To summarize the relationship between Rahim Khan and Amir is like that of a father and son relationship Singh 9 though they are not father and son to each other. Thus we see how giving attention to someone can bring that person close to us and the same thing happens with Amir where we see him to be more inclined towards Rahim Khan rather than his own father.

Thus we see that the relationship between Sohrab and Sanaubar is largely affected by the quilt of Sanaubar. In the beginning of the novel we see her presence very less felt but when she returns back into the novel she had a bigger role to play.