Relationship between big boss and solid snake action

relationship between big boss and solid snake action

Big Boss Saga** - Metal Gear Solid 3 - Portable Ops (?) about Snake and Otacon's friendship and the relationship between Otacon and Sunny. .. pieces and shifting more towards action so we can't appreciate solid stealth. Solid Snake is one of three clones of Big Boss(Naked Snake), and twin brother to Liquid(also known as Eli in MGSV). Solid Snake is the protagonist of Metal. Snake demanded an explanation for her actions, but she refused to provide one, and .. Big Boss felt no connection to him, but that he should be treated like a.

Anyway, to get back to the point, both Solid Snake and Naked Snake were tasked with assassinating their mentor during their respective missions. Not to get too overly metaphorical, but you can interpret both Snakes are 'still being in the womb' by this point, so to speak.

Since the two of them were extremely fresh at this point in their lives, no big losses or any defining moments, no real ideologies yet, it was after killing their mentors that both Snakes were essentially 'born', and the course for the rest of their lives was set into place. After assassinating their respective mentors, Solid Snake and Naked Snake were both disillusioned and entered early retirement for a number of years.

This is where the core characteristic and moral differences between the two comes into play -- As Metal Gear 2 shows us, Solid Snake was pulled out of retirement by the government. He didn't choose to enter the battlefield again of his own will, he was recruited, and only entered the fray once more to rid himself of the nightmares he's been having.

relationship between big boss and solid snake action

Towards the end of the game, he tells Big Boss outright "I'm not like you, I love life! Solid Snake needed to be recruited again -- Big Boss was still fighting as a mercenary. Solid Snake loves life and only wanted closure, Big Boss loves war and wants to fight for the sake of fighting.

Big Boss doesn't care if he lives or dies. Big Boss allowed the death of his mentor, to effect him much more than Solid Snake allowed the same thing to effect him.

This is important, and goes along with the idea that Big Boss's greater hardships are not what caused him to become a villain, but rather his gradual descent into darkness brought greater hardships on himself.

relationship between big boss and solid snake action

Operation Intrude N and Operation Snake Eater were about the strong relationship between the Snakes and their mentors, Zanzibarland and Peace Walker were about the Snakes being fully exposed to their mentor's ideologies and then rejecting them. The difference however, is that Solid Snake rejecting Big Boss's ideology of constant, self-perpetuating war was morally just, whereas Naked Snake rejecting The Boss for putting down her gun is morally wrong.

One of the most prevalent themes in the Metal Gear franchise is war and the negative effect it has on the human race; this theme is, appropriately, most prevalent in Peace Walker itself, and therefore Big Boss's constant choice of pro-war, be it continuing to act as a mercenary after his mentor's death or literally rejecting his mentor's ideology of peace, symbolizes that he is in the wrong, because in Metal Gear, war is automatically on the side of wrong.

You could blame this on the times, after all for a MSX game Metal Gear 2 was exceptionally dramatic and comparing it to a modern game is unfair Basically, the pain that Big Boss suffered at the end of Peace Walker, when he was inside the Mammal Pod, crying his eyes out and screaming for answers Solid Snake could have just as easily been reduced to tears and panic when he confronted Big Boss in Zanzibarland, after all, as we went over, he cared about Big Boss just as much as Big Boss cared about The Boss, but the difference is he had too much conviction in his morals for that.

He knew Big Boss was wrong and that's all there was to it, he would reject Big Boss and find his own path. Naked Snake however could not be so strong, hence the greater pain he suffered through. Portable Ops kind of throws a monkey wrench into things, basically there's a reason that Kojima ignores it and created Peace Walker simply for the purpose of replacing it. I admit that I really like the characters in Portable Ops and the fanboy side of my mind likes to consider it canon, even though the rational and analytical side of me knows that it would make no sense.

Portable Ops still holds the same parallels as Peace Walker does; Naked Snake encounters his mentor for the second time, however instead of an AI that is actually The Boss, he encounters Gene who can be viewed as a proxy for The Boss. And even though like Solid Snake, he too was drafted back into war after being kidnapped by Cunningham and didn't choose to enter in the first place, at the end, he still consciously chose to stay whereas after Zanzibar, Solid Snake once again chose to leave.

So the parallels are still present, they're just a lot tighter in Peace Walker. Although overall I would say Portable Ops actually had better characters and a better story than Peace Walker, on a thematic level Peace Walker does shit on Portable Ops, and therefore it is more important to the grand story of Metal Gear.

TL;DR To summarize the discussion so far, some fans would say that the reason Big Boss became a villain is because unlike Solid Snake, he had to suffer through the pain of killing his own mentor. Since Snake never suffered pain like this, he was never pushed over the edge. However, a view like this would be missing the point. Snake and Big Boss were both exposed to the same tragedy, killing their own mentor.

The difference between the two, is that Big Boss allowed this pain to rule his life. He became obsessed, and obsession only hurts the victim more. Solid Snake had the chance to become just like Big Boss, but he was morally strong enough to, for lack of a better term, get over it. So it is not that Big Boss suffered more hardships than Snake and that is why he was corrupted, but rather Big Boss suffered more hardships because he allowed himself to fall into the corruption.

It's a chicken and egg scenario, but basically if Big Boss were truly meant to be the main hero of Metal Gear, that would nullify every theme and message Kojima set out to share. Therefore, an interpretation similar to the one I am presenting is much more likely, as it uses Solid Snake as the symbol of moral justness and Big Boss as the symbol of moral corruption.

relationship between big boss and solid snake action

Obviously this is the hardest section to dissect, because Phantom Pain isn't even out yet. We really have no idea what the plot for this game entails, yet regardless, I am confident that whatever Big Boss goes through during Phantom Pain will be the parallel to Snake's mission in Shadow Moses.

relationship between big boss and solid snake action

This one is fairly cut and dry; the parallel between these two missions is that they are the diverging point for both Snakes. Again I can't get into specifics since Phantom Pain isn't out, but we do know that Shadow Moses was the mission where Snake truly found himself, in a manner of speaking. He found his ideology and became the man that he would be for the rest of his life. Just from previews, we know Phantom Pain will be much the same for Big Boss.

The horn in his head and other demonic-stylings symbolizes his descent into villainy, as we see him during MG1 and 2. Naked Snake is becoming Big Boss, he is finding his ideology, truly establishing Outer Heaven as we know it and fighting the Patriots, and becoming the man who he will be for the rest of his life, the man he is mostly known as Phantom Pain is shaping up to be the darkest game in the series, and some would argue that since Solid Snake never had to deal with shit as insane as what Big Boss is going through just from the trailers we have seen, that is the reason Snake was never corrupted.

However I feel it is important to keep in mind that just as Phantom Pain is about Big Boss in his darkest place, Metal Gear Solid 1 began with Snake in his darkest place as well. The difference, once again, is that Snake fought to get out of that place and find the light, while Big Boss just dug himself ever deeper in pursuit of pointless revenge.

TL;DR Phantom Pain and Shadow Moses are the diverging points of Snake and Big Boss's lives, the events in each game begins with the character at their darkest, and shows the course of them becoming the man they would be for the rest of their lives. Snake fought against the darkness and eventually found light, choosing to literally live his life for somebody else.

Perhaps Skull Face will take the role of Liquid, the man tempting Snake into darkness, the shadow of what Snake could be.

relationship between big boss and solid snake action

However whereas Snake succeeded over Liquid, we already know that Big Boss falls for the temptation. The parallel between Snake's mission in MGS2 and Big Boss's activities within the first Metal Gear game are as simple as the difference between Philanthropy and Outer Heaven; after discovering their own ideologies in their previous missions and charting their own respective paths, Solid Snake and Big Boss, now both having fully realized the legends that they are most known for, fight independently for their causes.

No more missions, no more taking orders. They have both accepted that they love combat and war is there life, they no longer fight on the behalf of somebody else, they fight for their own respective beliefs. The difference is that, despite accepting his own love for combat, Solid Snake does not fight simply for his own sake, for the thrills. In Philanthropy, he has applied his skills for the sake of the human race.

Despite enjoying combat, Solid Snake fights to put an end to all war. Big Boss is the complete opposite; he fights only for himself, to create an endless cycle of self-perpetuating war so that he'll always have something to do. He does it under the guise of fighting for his fellow soldiers, and undeniably his comrades are a factor in this ideology, Big Boss clearly cares for every fellow soldier, but the cause is not just.

The parallels between Big Boss and Solid Snake | IGN Boards

Philanthropy is a non-profit organization devoted to the eradication of Metal Gears, while Outer Heaven exists to perpetuate itself and is actually using a Metal Gear to further its own goals. There is no more development, this is the ultimate; they have each become the person that they will forever be known as. Guns of the Patriots revealed that Big Boss was one of the founding members of Zero's cause to initially realize The Boss's dream, but this spiraled into a conspiracy to impose order and control over the world after Big Boss disagreed with Zero's interpretation of the dream.

Big Boss despised his role as figurehead, especially since Zero's vision placed no value on loyalty to ideals and people, something The Boss treasured above all else. His body is recovered and reconstructed using parts from the bodies of both Liquid and Solidus, and he awakens from his coma after the fall of the Patriots' AIs.

Following the voice casting credits, Big Boss appears before Old Snake. After he reveals to Snake the truth about himself and Zero, Big Boss shuts down his catatonic nemesis's life support system.

Naked Snake's past again serves as the scenario in Metal Gear Solid: He intends to use MSF to live out The Boss's final will, a world where soldiers are free to choose their own fights on their own terms, and not at the whim of a government.

Following Kaz's advice, the MSF takes over an offshore research platform in the Caribbean as their base of operations in a bid to expand the group's capabilities. Over the course of the story, Snake comes to learn about the true purpose of Coldman's Peace Walker prototypes Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, and Peace Walker and gradually lets go of his guilt for The Boss' death after encountering an AI replica, finally accepting his Big Boss title. Big Boss and Kaz realize they'll no longer be able to be away from the outside world unless they reveal their true nature.

Big Boss rejects this idea, stating that his "life shall be different from The Boss's". After this conversation, Big Boss gives a speech to the MSF soldiers, telling them that if the times demand it, they will be vigilantes, criminals and terrorists, but they will be the ones to choose their battles and their causes, not governments.

While the rescue is successful and the medic found a bomb implanted inside Paz, Paz's sacrifice to save Big Boss and the others from another bomb causes an explosive concussion wave which causes the helicopter to crash into the Caribbean Sea as MSF is destroyed by an invading paramilitary force led by Skull Face.

The parallels between Big Boss and Solid Snake

Big Boss comes out of his coma and poses as "Ishmael", a patient in the hospital where Venom Snake is also being treated, and aids in an escape when the hospital is attacked by Skull Face's forces.

Solid Snake, Big Boss returns as the leader of the enemy organization, having survived the injuries he sustained in the original game by becoming a cyborg. He fights Solid Snake as a boss prior to reaching the new Metal Gear prototype and has two forms: