Relationship between centrelink and the government

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relationship between centrelink and the government

Department of Human Services (Australian Government) If you need help to create a myGov account, or to link to Centrelink, go to [edit]. Department of Human Services: Centrelink website · Human Services ( Centrelink) Act The Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman (the Office) investigates complaints about Australian Government agencies including Centrelink. It is important.

What we cannot do: We cannot investigate every complaint we receive about Centrelink.

Determining a De Facto Relationship | Social Security Guide

We may contact you to suggest other options available to you to progress your complaint. We cannot become your advocate for Centrelink matters or give you legal or similar advice. We cannot direct Centrelink to take action or change a decision.

relationship between centrelink and the government

Before you make a complaint You need to try and resolve the complaint with Centrelink directly before you contact us. We are more likely to investigate if you have done this first. If you cannot get through to Centrelink on the phone, we suggest making contact: Allow Centrelink 10 business days to respond to your complaint.

Always ask for a Centrelink complaint reference number so that you have a record of your complaint. We will ask you for this if we decide to investigate your complaint. How to make a complaint Contact us if you, or someone you know, has an issue or complaint about Centrelink.

If you are making a complaint about a Centrelink decision, you may be able to have it reviewed. Social security and relationships Social security payments are paid to individuals.

relationship between centrelink and the government

Additional amounts paid to income support recipients with dependent spouses were phased out in —replaced by payments paid directly to the spouses. Eligibility for certain payments and rates of payment can be affected by whether or not a person is considered to be a member of a couple. Under the Social Security Acta person is considered a member of a couple if they are living with another person on a permanent or indefinite basis, both of them are over the age of consent, they are not in a prohibited incestuous relationship, and they are either: Centrelink will consider a number of factors to determine whether a person is a member of a couple including financial aspects, the nature of the household, social aspects, whether or not there is a sexual relationship and the nature of the commitment.

relationship between centrelink and the government

Since 1 Julysame-sex de facto relationships have been recognised under social security law. The differing rates of payment and means test treatment of partnered and single people are in recognition of the ability of couples to pool their resources and share living costs. Social security and multiple relationships Social security law recognises that a person can be in a de facto relationship with more than one person at a time.

An assessment as to whether a person is a member of a couple is conducted in respect of each relationship.

Polygamy, multiple relationships and welfare

Members of a multiple relationship would receive the partnered rate of payment which is lower than the single rate. Members of a multiple relationship are also considered partnered for the purposes of the income and assets tests. Each member of a multiple relationship would be considered partnered for the purpose of determining eligibility for a benefit—so, for example, where there are dependent children, each member would be considered for Parenting Payment Partnered rather than Parenting Payment Single.

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