Relationship between sentences

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relationship between sentences

Relationship Between Sentences. Decide whether two English sentences are related. Summary. This dataset is a collection of English sentence pairs. 1. Q J Exp Psychol (Hove). Feb;67(2) doi: / Epub Jun assessment: Describe the Connection Between Sentences and Paragraphs by David Woods free.

A great deal of American hospitals have established music therapy programs to help reduce the suffering of their terminally-ill patents. What does the second sentence do?

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It supports the claim made in the first sentence. It gives the reason for the result mentioned in the first sentence. It contradicts the evidence given in the first sentence.

It draws a conclusion about what is stated in the first sentence. The tornado caused wide-spread devastation to property in the local area. Property insurance is much more expensive now than it was before the storm. It states the effect.

It gives an example. It offers a solution. It makes a contrast. The city has been trying to reduce the amount of litter dropped by pedestrians. The municipal government has recently introduced fines for littering.

relationship between sentences

They provide a general rule and a specific example. They state a problem and a solution. They offer a theory and an explanation. Apples that fall from apple trees land on the ground. It refutes the claim made in the first sentence. It applies the theory mentioned in the first sentence. The logical process by which we recognise the extra meaning is similar to that used for discovering preposition meaning between two neighbouring nouns see Types of Description by Nouns.

Showing relationships between ideas in the same sentence

Consider what happens if we change the first of the two sentences above: Now we have a different sentence relation: Saying More Precisely What is Meant. However, when there is only one sentence, we cannot say there is a sentence relation. The second sentence indicates the specific meaning To understand the importance of this characteristic, consider the sentence relation in the following: The price of petrol increased considerably.

The first sentence here gives the cause of what the second says, and the second gives the result of the first. Following the guideline given above, the relation is the result expressed by the second sentence. One other point to note is that not all pairs of sentences are as clearly related as the examples given above. Sentence-Spanning Adverbsbut occasionally they are other kinds of words see Connectors go in the second of two related sentences. In b above, it would be possible to add the connector for example to the second sentence; in d an appropriate connector would be consequently.

Other examples of connectors are on the other hand, similarly, moreover, however, alternatively and this is because. The most basic one is to read the sentences in isolation from each other, without looking for any connection between them at all. If this is done, the full meaning of a text cannot be understood, since it depends quite heavily on sentence relations.

relationship between sentences

The other two possible errors both involve misunderstanding a particular sentence relation. In one case, the problem is failing to notice clues to the relation in the two sentences, such as the mentions of a class name and a class member signalling example and the mentions of opposites showing a contrast.

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In the other case, the problem is misunderstanding the meaning of a connector in the second sentence. This problem is quite a major one because connectors rarely translate exactly from one language to another; they are often similar in two languages but with a subtle difference. Some of the most problematic connectors in English can be read about within this blog in the post