Relationship between victor frankenstein and the monster

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relationship between victor frankenstein and the monster

Free Essay: Relationship Between Frankenstein and the Creature Gothic novels in reality Frankenstein is Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the creator of this monster. Similarities Between Victor and the Monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein . nor Victor fully understands the complex relationships between people and the. In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, the author uses the following archetypal relationships to juxtapose Victor and the Monster: Doppelganger: The Monster is a.

The cry from the monster's heart is very moving as he implores Victor create for him some one to love.

relationship between victor frankenstein and the monster

Victor changed his mind one evening after he had begun collecting body parts for the new female monster and from that moment the relationship changed dramatically. Remember that I have power; you believe yourself miserable, but I can make you so wretched that the light of day will be hateful to you. You are my creator, but I an your master;-obey! Love turns to hate in the monster as his desires are forbidden. She is setting the tone for the rest of the scene and is foreshadowing the events to come.

relationship between victor frankenstein and the monster

The weather is used to dramatise the theme of calm versus turbulence, as good weather reflects calm spirits and turbulent weather reflects madness. The warm weather seems to lift the characters' spirits while the cold ravaging wind, such as when Victor is in the Arctic, seems to conjure up feelings of depression.

The thought of death is never far away. The weather can be seen as a correlation to what the character is feeling at that point in the story. An example of this is when Frankenstein recalls the night he created 'the monster', and he describes it as 'It was a dreary night'. In Chapter 10 Victor finds himself on a dangerous path towards Mont Blanc.

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It is raining heavily from the dark sky which matches his mood. However he finds his soul being lifted as he admires the beautiful majestic views once he arrives at the top.

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The beauty of nature versus what he is next about to see. The monster suddenly appears on the horizon and as Victor follows the monster to the hut the weather changes and the lightness which Victor felt before vaporized with the rain and cold. In Chapter 20 Victor sets sail in the middle of the night to throw the remains of the bodily parts into the sea.

relationship between victor frankenstein and the monster

As he rests at the bottom of the boat the reader knows by now the familiar style of Shelley's — the quiet before the storm. The storm does blow up in reality but it serves to remind the reader of the storm which is going on in Victor's mind.

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The weather parallels his life. Victor Mirrored in his Creation In the novel there are many parallels between Victor and his creation. Both seem to have an indescribable hatred for one another. Victor seems to deny the monster what he has denied himself, a family life and wife.

This is almost what Victor was denied himself as his relationship can be seen as incestuous from a Freudian view and can therefore be seen as false. His relationship with Elizabeth is that of sister and brother, having being brought up together.

As he never experienced courtship it can be seen that his anger towards the monster is an anger vented towards himself as he has never experience love and is almost seen to be scared and never probes around the subject. He only experiences lust for Elizabeth and his work and both break down due to the lack of love which is a stronger bond then lust.

Describe the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and his monster.

As Victor declines into madness by the middle of the novel we see that his relationship with Elizabeth will come to nothing and this nothingness will be mirrored in any relationships the monster has. Victor has no wife. Thus monster has no wife. Victor denies the monster any social acceptance of any kind.

This is a parallel as Victor himself is cut off from the world for months to focus on his work. Victor's anger could be seen as a frustration about his own life and how false it seems to be. He seems to have no emotional contact with fellow humans, he looses himself in scientific study for long periods, he has very little contact with family or friends so therefore his relationship with the monster is more meaningful as their bond is full of emotion.

In the end all they have is each other which is ironic as both despise each other. In a way they need each other. Victor needs the monster as he is his only relationship,it is a relationship full of emotion. The Dream Victor's ego seems to command him but his dreams rip him into reality. Victor's anger towards the monster seems to be a vent of his own anger towards himself as he realises the time he has wasted, the relationships he has missed out on and his family's tragedies.

He blames the creature for his obsession with success. Shelly uses dreams to great effect in this novel. The fears and anxieties the Victor is experiencing are worked out in his dreams. Victor is giving us a glimpse into the future. The Modern Prometheus In the novel Frankenstein Shelly draws a portrait of a man demented by the need to create. He became God-like but his creation was Satan-like. Victor Frankenstein and the un-human like monster have many similar traits and aspects of their lives but both crave for a continuous stream of knowledge.

Early in the novel Victor is craving for more and more knowledge thus he leaves his large estate and his love Elizabeth to go to university to learn to understand situations and subjects better. Both victor and the monster long for becoming more intelligent about their surrounding world.

relationship between victor frankenstein and the monster

The monster learns how to walk, talk, open and close his eyes and how to overcome hunger and thirst. It is obvious as the novel progresses that the monster has an inner ability and determination to become just as intelligent as his creator.

Additionally, both Victor and the monster use nature as a hideaway or a safe haven when they are feeling as if they have nowhere else to go. Both find comfort in nature and thus develop a very strong relationship with themselves. Victor uses nature to escape from his problems and the rest of his thoughts after the death of his younger brother William and friend Justine.

He hideaways to the mountains of Chamounix to seek relief from his grief and suffering.

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How the similarities between characters led to strengthening bonds between them and their confrontation Subsequently, both characters look towards nature and its serenity during times of distress.

As a result, the relationship between Victor and the monster becomes stronger and their similarities become greater.