Relationship between zeref and mavis gender

relationship between zeref and mavis gender

This community holds Gender-bender Fairy Tail stories that has one or more characters I really like Mavis, so if that's the case I'll just have to steal his heart! . You probably shouldn't hide a relationship from your over protective brothers. After this, Zeref agreed to teach Mavis and her companions Magic (while .. in him beginning his research into the connection between life, death and Magic. "And the winner for the boy's event is Fairy Tail!" announced Mavis Lucy: Natsu , Laxus, Loke (A/N: Btw, I forgot to add that Loke transferred).

Are you even trying? I don't need to because my team is powerful? So the battle began and Minvera was charging at Lucy but Juvia got in the way and so Juvia made a water wave between both of them. How didn't you see it?! This isn't over Blondie! Now its time for Zeref!

relationship between zeref and mavis gender

Fro and team will start now! Are you going to make cake appear? You are so not getting an A! The next girls event is the brain event, since I'm considering that Mira's event is the pool event" said Mavis The event was held like a quiz show, each girl was standing behind a buzzer and below it were the points, with Mavis holding the question cards. Why does the Sabertooth master have a power-complex? How do we prevent Natsu from eating all the food in our cafeteria? Don't you think this show is similar to One Piece and a little with Naruto?

Your choice on shippings! T - English - Chapters: Going to a new school meant new friends and new admirers. When finally Natsumi thinks she's found the perfect guy, her brother rejects him. Can Natsumi get her brother to accept him or will she go with her brothers gut and move on? Natsu and Gray get swept up into a video game called GuildQuest that they play after school?

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How can he deal a situation without anyone finding out. Gray x Fem Natsu x Sting. Mistake by Daygon Yuuki reviews These dreams were a way to the past. But when her Fairy Tail symbol disappears, maybe leaving Fairy Tail was the worst mistake of her life were her thoughts. Can a fateful encounter with them change her mind that this was the best thing that happened to her. And among other things. One day they end up in Shirotsume where the dark guild,Red Eyes is stationed.

What'll happen when Fairy Tail is assigned the job to take out Red Eyes? Natsu Fairy Tail - Rated: Her decision will decide who she will marry, where she will work, and how she will live her life. But what does her decision have to do with a war? And what does her hot instructor Gray have anything to do with it? As Zeref himself stated, years before the story he learned the value of life and because of that he unfortunately lost the ability to use his Magic the way he used to unless he somehow is to forget the value of life.

The true origin of Zeref is later told in which it is revealed he was orphaned as a young boy after losing his family in a dragon attack. There was nothing left of his parents but the body of his younger brother was still in perfect shape so Zeref kept his brother's body preserved and dedicated himself to reviving the latter.

In order to achieve his goal, Zeref enrolled in the Mildian Magic Academy where he researched the connections between life, death and magic. Zeref was a prodigy in magic as his research led to the creation of the R-System and Eclipse Gate which were designed to bring back his brother.

relationship between zeref and mavis gender

However, Zeref was expelled from the academy as a result of breaking their sacred rules and paid the ultimate price when he was plagued with the curse of contradiction which led to him killing everyone around him at the academy. The curse of contradiction is active whenever Zeref cares about the life of and causes his dark magic to spiral out of control and eliminate everything around him and leaves Zeref immortal and unaging. Following this incident, Zeref discovered the only way to control this affect is for him to not care about the lives of others and become the ruthless Zeref spoken of in legend.

He later wandered around unintentionally taking more innocent lives slowly beginning to hate himself for his actions as well as hating himself for enjoying the fact that he now had as much free time on his hands to continue his research. Zeref soon came to the conclusion that he wanted to die which led to him studying forbidden magic which gave rise to demons that would later go on to be called the Demons of Zeref's books. Zeref called them the Etherious as they were created from the Etherano that makes up magic itself the demons were created for the sole purpose of killing Zeref as the latter put an instinct for them to want to return to him which turned out to be the desire to kill their creator.

But believing these demons were not up to the task, he turned back to reviving his dead brother whose body he kept preserved.

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Zeref was successful in reviving his brother, bring him back as an Etherious demon his most strongest on thus fulfilling his goal of bringing back his brother and creating something that could kill him E. Zeref took care of Natsu but the latter proved to be too rambunctious to handle as he didn't want to learn how to read or write so one day while out gathering herbs he encountered Igneel who unlike many other dragons had no problems talking with humans.

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Igneel and Zeref soon became friends with Igneel offering to raise Zeref's younger brother and teach him in the art of Dragon Slayer Magic. Zeref gave Igneel his permission to raise Natsu after Igneel told him of a plan to raise and train Dragon Slayers to one day defeat Acnologia in the future.