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tantus little flirt boutique

Buy Tantus Little Flirt Silicone Butt Plug from Harmony Store. Fast, discreet delivery from the high street name you can trust. Tantus is definitely that brand, and their Little Flirt plug did not disappoint! A smaller version of their Flirt plug, the Little Flirt is the perfect. Buy Tantus The Little Flirt Silicone Anal Plug online from Cupid Boutique - Canada's leading online sex toys shop for vibrators, dongs & dildos and more - Free.

These are my opinions based on things I've read, experiences I've had, and research I've gone over. Everyone has the right to choose whatever sex toy material they'd like, but as I mention in this post, I won't ever suggest porous toys to anyone. The opinions below are mine and mine alone, and I do not speak for anyone except for myself.

Now that that's aside, on to the post: Choosing the sex toy that's right for you can be difficult.

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Whether you're looking for something to help you achieve your first gspot orgasm, or you're looking for a harness to strap your favorite dildo into, finding the shape, size, and color, etcetera, that's right for you is no easy task. Adding the material to that list can make it even more difficult, andwith packages shouting things like "phthalate-free" "realistic feel" "Japanese millennium silicone" and more at you, it can all be very overwhelming.

tantus little flirt boutique

Hopefully the information here can help make that a little easier. Sex toys come in many shapes and forms, from jelly rubber to wood, but they all essentially fall onto two categories: Often, cheaper toys that have the warning "This Toy is a Novelty Only" or "Sold As a Novelty Only" are made of porous materials, which are cheaper to produce. Sometimes, 'novelty only' toys claim to be silicone, but they are more likely than not a mixture that includes silicone and are still porous, though slightly less so.

You should keep in mind that 'Novelty Only' toys do not need to disclose ingredients and can say whatever they'd like on the label. Smell a cheap toy sometime. More often than not they have an incredibly unpleasant chemical smell or, worse, a fake fragrance to cover the chemical scent. This is because the toy is offgassing chemicals. I don't know about you, but that's a huge turn off for me. Care of porous toys: Since they are porous, they are going to trap dirt, bacteria, and bodily fluids inside of the material over time, effectively soaking them up like a sponge- no matter how frequently or well you clean them.

It is commonly recommended that you use a condom over a porous toy during use and you should definitely do so if the toy is being used by more than one person or being used vaginally and anally.

tantus little flirt boutique

Dangers of using porous toys: Non-porous toys are things like hard plastic, silicone, wood that has a special coating that seals the toy, such as NobEssence toys or Penetralia toysglass, or metal. Non-porous toys are easy to clean and generally much better made, but are also therefore often much more expensive than their cheaply-made counterparts.

Non-electronic non-porous toys can even be boiled to be completely sterilized, which would be ideal if the toy is being shared between people. Since non-porous toy materials are very different from eachother in many cases, here's a breakdown: Hard plastic toys can vary significantly in price. Whether its a cheap no-name bullet or the Lelo Nea egg vibe or their Miahard plastic toys are some of the easiest non-porous toys to access, though the electronics inside, and thereby the price, can vary significantly.

Silicone toys also vary, whether you're choosing from one of three densities of Bad Dragon toys, enjoying the dual density silicone of Vixen Creations' VixSkin dildos or Tantus' O2 line- the softness of silicone can be from highly pliant to very stiff, and some toys only use a coating of silicone over hard plastic, like many of the Lelo toys.

tantus little flirt boutique

Though expensive, silicone toys are an investment, generally lasting much longer than other man-made materials. Many of them are rechargeable, which saves batteries, and some even have warranties. Caring for silicone is straightforward: This isn't always the case. In this interview with Metis Black of Tantus, she explains that true silicone toys should never 'melt' or 'fuse' with other toys. She links this myth with toys that are branded as silicone but are in fact a hybrid of materials, likely including things like TPR or TPE- according to Metis, "Thermoplastic materials melt because they are unstable they have free electrons that try to bond with other materials.

A silicone toy like the O2 [Tantus' dual-density silicone line, as mentioned above], with extra soft silicone, may burn off some of the dimethicone- flaming a little and becoming sooty- but still not melting. The best way to tell whether or not they're compatible is to do a spot test- dab a little lubricant on the base or a small section of the toy. If it doesn't become gummy very shortly after application, they're fine together.

If it does, you can scratch it off with a finger nail. Here is another post from Dangerous Lily where she does some investigation using flame tests on toys.

All three can be put in a bowl of warm or cold water which can add temperature play to your repertoire of tricks its not recommended you go too extreme temperature-wise with glass, though, as this can cause microscopic fractures in the glass that could cause it to shatter, even if it is borosilicate or Pyrex glass, which is supposed to be able to handle more extreme temperatures, its better to be safe.

There are interesting and unique toys made out of these materials- whether the Crystal Delights TwistNjoy 's metal Pure Wand which is endorsed by many users as the toy that helped them discover their gspot or their Pure Plugsor Laid 's D. If you're looking to spend ridiculous amounts of money on luxury toys, Lelo produces some of their popular models in stainless steel and gold.

Wood toys- Nobessence and Penetralia being the frontrunners in wooden toy production- are a very interesting kind of toy indeed. Sealed specially so as to be smooth and nonporous, the main difference in these toys are the visual beauty of them and the weight, being much less than many other materials. I haven't tried one yet, but I certainly will in the future.

Another natural, nonporous material that isn't very common is ceramic. Similar to glass, metal, and stone in quality and applicaton, they can also be put in warm or cold water to facilitate temperature play. I would like to see more of these toys on the market.

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Caring for your Toys: With any kind of material, you should clean your toy after buying it and preferably before and definitely after each use with a plain dye and fragrance free antibacterial soap such as Seventh Generation's 'Free and Clear' which is what I use, or a feminine wash, which is good for people who are very sensitive.

I generally rinse thoroughly, apply a dollop of soap, smoosh it around that is the technical termrinse it off, and let air dry. If your toy is textured or has a lot of crevices or seams on it, using a soft-bristled tooth brush or the like to really get in there is recommended.

Super comfortable and super sexy. Slip on like a pair of underwear and wear all day.

tantus little flirt boutique

Experience a closer connection between you and your partner with just a soft, thin layer between you.

Requires a snug fit for proper functioning; if between sizes, order one size down measure hip size not waist. Proper care required for maximum longevity: Made from easy-to-clean medical grade hypo-allergenic silicone.

Each dilator is designed with a tapered tip for ease of insertion and a large base for added control and leverage. A user guide and waterbased lubricant samples included Sizes: Please consult your healthcare provider for proper therapeutic use. The smooth design makes the Silk Small an ideal dilator for those needing help with vaginal tightness and penetration difficulties. Made of premium hypoallergenic silicone.

The smooth design makes the Silk an ideal dilator for those needing help with vaginal tightness and penetration difficulties. It's shorter length and distinct curve aims perfectly towards the female G-spot or male P-spot.

Suited for beginners or more experienced alike. Its subtle angle is ideal for female or male g-spot stimulation. Made of premium hypoallergenic, flexible silicone, easy to clean and maintain. The narrow tip makes for easy entry, and its long, smooth length lends gentle fullness. Made of premium hypoallergenic, flexible silicone.

tantus little flirt boutique

Measures a petite 0. Hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean.

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The purple velvet harness is comfortable, adjustable fits up to 60" hipsand machine washable. This kit also includes an O-ring that can be changed for play with larger toys, as well as, a built-in pocket that fits a bullet vibrator included.

The pocket holds the vibrator in place and allows access to the controls throughout your experience. Velvet Harness With Bullet Massager This comfortable, secure harness has 4-way adjustable straps that fit up to inch hips. Perfectly placed pocket holds bullet vibrator included for clitoral stimulation.

Includes 3 interchangeable rubber O-rings 1. These heavy stainless steel plugs are plated in gold and beautifully finished with a gem-like stone. It's the ideal training kit to further explore the body and undiscovered erogenous zones.

The plugs are beautifully finished with a gem-like stone. It's the ideal training kit to further explore your body and undiscovered erogenous zones. These wands are used in a wide variety of pelvic therapy treatments including pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, painful intercourse, anorgasmia and many other conditions.

As well, these wands can be used for pleasure and play such as G-zone and prostate stimulation. Premium TheraWand has a narrower body. The gently tapered end and the end with the three balls have both in indicated in pelvic therapy, although the end with the three balls is more widely used as a handle.

This Wand is more commonly recommended for prostate massage. Curve has different sized ends 1. Designed for personal exploration and G-zone stimulation. Completely nonporous and easy to keep clean with soap and water or can be boiled for sterilization.