The art of listening in therapeutic relationship 2006

the art of listening in therapeutic relationship 2006

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , Theodore Stickley and others published The art of listening in the therapeutic relationship. Interpersonal Relationships: Professional Communication. Skills for Stickley T and Freshwater D (). The art of listening in the therapeutic relationship. Read "The art of listening in the therapeutic relationship, Mental Health to My Library Mental Health Practice, Volume 9 (5) – Feb 1,

Useful further reading and websites Ballard EC Nursing Standard, 20 5043—48 [PubMed: Examines the ways in which information is utilized and suggests how systems can be adapted to maximize the management of clinical information.

This text explores advocacy in relation to health and social care, offering definitions and rationale for its use. It includes information on assertiveness and negotiation.

Chapter 04

This text does not relate specifically to nursing but provides a useful view of changing methods of communication, which are applicable within our profession. Texting — a revolution in sexual health communication. This article provides information on ways that developing technology can be utilized to enhance communication and services, to better suit the needs of service users.

Effective communication in palliative care. Nursing Standard, 20 1357—64 [PubMed: This article highlights some of the issues that need to be considered when communicating in difficult circumstances.

the art of listening in therapeutic relationship 2006

Although using the example of palliative care, many elements are transferable to other areas of nursing. Learning Disabilities, Toward Inclusion, 4th edn.

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This text includes a chapter relating specifically to communication. This will allow nurses to consider the additional needs of people with a learning disability and assist in identifying ways to improve communication and the delivery of care.

Jack K and Smith A Promoting self-awareness in nurses to improve nursing practice.

Strengthening the Therapeutic Relationship

Nursing Standard, 21 3247—52 [PubMed: This article examines the benefits of increased self-awareness in both personal and professional development for nurses, with advice on portfolio development. Essential Mental Health Nursing Skills. Although this text is aimed at mental health nurses, it covers many aspects of mental health nursing, including communication, which would be of benefit to nurses from all branches.

Effects of alternative communication on the communicative effectiveness of an individual with a progressive language disorder.

the art of listening in therapeutic relationship 2006

This study explores alternative methods of communication with individuals who have lost the ability to communicate verbally. It highlights the possibility of communicating using a variety of alternative methods. Nurse-patient communication in dementia: Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 31 443—52 [PubMed: Explores the use of conversational strategies to improve communication with individuals with cognitive impairment. Rogan Foy C and Timmons F Improving communication in day surgery settings.

Nursing Standard, 19 737— This article highlights the need for effective communication and engaging skills even when supporting patients in settings that permit only brief contact. Communication and the hearing-impaired patient.

the art of listening in therapeutic relationship 2006

J Psychiatr Ment Health Nurs. The Experience of Community Psychiatric Nurses.

  • The art of listening in the therapeutic relationship

A dichotomy of expectations. Int J Ment Health Nurs. Communication skills in practice. Treating depression through the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. Nurs Clin North Am. Interpersonal relations in nursing. Therapeutic friendliness and the development of therapeutic leverage by mental health nurses in community rehabilitation settings.

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. Building a therapeutic alliance in brief therapy: The experience of community health nurses. Communication skills during the clinical examination of the patients.

Bach SGran A. Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Nurses. Communication among health professionals.


Evaluating a community nursing service: Clinical Simulation in Nursing. Valuing knowledge from patient experience. Crabb J, Razi E. Stickley T, Freshwater D.