The phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

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the phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

Today, we dip into another fan favorite, The Phantom of the Opera. But, in the movie version, based on the dates shown on her gravestone, the connection with Madame Giry, it's also safe to say that the Phantom is at She then professes her never-ending love for the Phantom(How is this possible?. Set in , ten years after the end of the original, “Love Never Dies” brings anything away, in a sense, I was wanting to develop the relationship and close it. “The Phantom of the Opera” is about love, it's as simple as that. The Phantom of the Opera () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Why does Christine kiss the Phantom at the end? According to the scene.

But the process has not been without its challenges.

“Phantom of the Opera” Book v. Musical

Early work on the production, which imagined the Phantom in a Manhattan penthouse, fell apart in the s. After seeing a documentary about Coney Island, Webber decided to move the Phantom there, picking up the project again in Inproduction was delayed further when Lloyd Webber's kitten Otto climbed onto his digital piano and deleted the score. The show finally opened in London in Marchand closed just 18 months later -- a disappointing run, considering the long-term success of "The Phantom of the Opera," Broadway's longest-running show.

With lush, romantic music and a plot to match, the story of the mysterious musical genius living underneath the Paris Opera House and his love for a young soprano has captivated audiences since So what happens when you take the Phantom out of Paris?

the phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

Once there, they're brought into Phantasma, the Phantom's new theater featuring carnival freaks and variety shows starring Meg Giry Christine's friend from the old days. Fans protective of the original mythology might disapprove: Raoul, once an aristocratic hero, has devolved into a dissolute gambler.

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But when Christine and the Phantom meet again, it becomes clear that theirs is the love story we are meant to root for. It's even revealed that the two had a passionate night before the Phantom fled Paris -- resulting in a son, Gustave.

the phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

Song, dance, and chaos ensue. Though the show was expected to open on Broadway this spring, these plans were put on hold following unfavorable fan reception.

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Instead, a production filmed in Melbourne in will be released to the big screens in America for two nights on Februrary 28th and March 7th. The Melbourne production features stage pyrotechnics even more baroque than the original, with one key scene set amidst the dancing bodies of Coney Island's freaks.

Andrew Lloyd Webber On 'Love Never Dies,' 'The Phantom Of The Opera' Sequel 20 Years In The Making

We sat down with Lloyd Webber to discuss the process behind "Love Never Dies," and his hopes for the show. Why is "Love Never Dies" being released on film before it comes to stages in the U. What I think is very exciting is that the skill and the technology now exists to the degree you can film a stage show in that way. You can add a completely new dimension to all musical theater with the ability to get up so close to the performers. What compelled you to write a sequel to the original?

the phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

While some details in the novel and musical remain the same, there are a lot of differences. One example is the maze of mirrors, which was mentioned in the stage adaption, but came to life in the film. In the book the deformity covers his entire face and he is forced to wear a full face mask.

the phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

In the stage version, the deformity only covers half of his face and he wears a half mask. The decision Prince and Webber make to give the Phantom half of a mask allows them to captivate the audience even more.

We can see his expressions and emotions more clearly than we can visualize it in the book.

In the book, he is jealous, has a temper problem and is a bit of a stalker. Why Christine fell in love with him, I may never know because he does not seem pleasant to be around.

the phantom of opera 2004 ending a relationship

Depending on how he is portrayed in the musical, Raoul can be the biggest sweetheart and very adorable. He also has a backbone, can hold his own against the Phantom and is very much in love with Christine. The character is easy to fall in love with, but it depends on who is playing him. Another character difference is Madame Giry. She does not have a large role in the novel compared to the musical adaption. In the musical, Madame Giry is a mother figure to Christine and knows more about the Phantom than anyone in the opera house.

She is also intimidating and one of the strongest women in the novel and stage version.