The relationship between francis and nicole in heroes

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the relationship between francis and nicole in heroes

Heroes is a novel written by Robert Cormier. The novel is centred on the character His relationship with Nicole Renard and the way he interacts with her reveals that Francis is an extremely dramatic to her, as he was previously unaware that Francis had knowledge of the events between LaSalle and Nicole. Larry. Online study guide for Heroes, Plot & Action Francis before the arrival of Larry there was the suggestion of the relationship that will develop between them. Start studying Relationship between Larry LaSalle and Francis - Essay metaphor of chilvaric Knights /Larry and Francis battle for Nicole's affection F is uncomfortable in the apartment with Larry as Larry tries to convince Francis is a hero.

His eyes met here and a "flash of recognition" passes between them and he sees "a hint of mischief". She awakens love and devotion in Francis who gains confidence through their relationship. Nicole always makes the first move: She shows confidence when she says "Don't fall off, Francis" as she passes him after visiting her friend Marie LaCroix.

She speaks to Francis again at the Wreck Centre, "Hello, Francis" with "that same strange teasing in her voice". She flirts with Francis and invites him to a party.

Francis and Nicole discuss their favourite books, which leads Francis to ask Nicole on a date. Francis and Nicole have their "weekly dates at the Plymouth". She transforms Francis by offering him the attention and affection that he has lacked in his life so far. Nicole's relationship with Larry before the rape - Nicole joins the dancing group at the Wreck Centre and she "instantly caught the attention of Larry LaSalle". She seems to enjoy the attention of Larry without understanding the implications.

She is flattered by the attentions, as Larry has special status among her friends. Francis is jealous as he watches Nicole dancing with Larry LaSalle, "he allowed her to slip down against his body". Larry treats her as if she is special, arranging a dance number entirely around her, "Dancing in the Dark". He has a spotlight installed especially for her. He makes it clear to Francis that "you and Nicole are special to me.

Nicole uses Larry's first name "casually", unlike the other "kids". Larry's "fist homecoming during the war changed our lives forever".

Chapter 2: The arrival of Nicole Renard Francis before the arrival of Larry LaSalle Heroes

When Larry returns from war on furlough he sees Nicole, and Francis notices "the rush of affection on his face". As Francis is about to leave, she frowns and asks him to stay. She whispers to him "Don't go", indicating that she is apprehensive about Larry.

Nicole comes into the hallway "clutching the front of her blouse" after she has been raped by Larry.

the relationship between francis and nicole in heroes

She is angry and her eyes demonstrate betrayal by Francis. She shakes her head "as in disbelief". When Francis sees Nicole four days later, "her voice was harsh" and there was "accusation in her voice".

She blames Francis for not protecting her from Larry's assault, which becomes the key moment in his life. She becomes angry and resentful. She feels betrayed by Francis and has contempt for his weakness. Nicole at the end of the novel - Francis doesn't recognise her as the girl she used to be, "The long black hair that fell to her shoulders is gone". The way she speaks and acts to Francis has changed, "Her voice is sharp and brittle". She apologises for blaming Francis for what happened.

She tells him "I'm starting to find out what I am, who I really am". Nicole admits that she has never told anybody what happened to her and the memories of Frenchtown only bring her pain.

She speaks honestly to Francis at the end of the novel, indicating that their relationship is at an end and that it is time for him to move on. She still wants a seperate life. When he introduces himself for the first time they applaud. He has a "smile that revealed dazzling movie-star teeth" and he had "a touch of Fred Astaire in his walk, his feet barely touching the floor".

He had been both an athlete and a dancer, but it is as a teacher that Francis remembers him, leading classes in crafts and dancing, directing choral groups and organising shows. As a youth worker he reorganises the Wreck centre and with carefully targeted encouragement, he helps young people find unexpected talents. There is an air of mystery about him, as if he is not what he tries to appear to be, "We knew little about him but he discouraged questions". There were rumours that he had been in show business and had got into trouble in New York.

However, this only adds to his glamour and mystery. It enables him to gain control over those less experienced than him. He is multi-talented and admired by all. This gives him power which he exploits for his own purposes. He grooms Nicole, developing her talents as a dancer.

As they dance there appears to be a sexual attraction between them, "their lips only an inch or so from a kiss, before he allowed her to slip down against his body". Here Nicole is innocent and inexperienced, whereas Larry is a powerful adult.

Larry encourages Francis to take up table tennis and helps develop his confidence, "Just as he lured awkward girls into ballet classes and ball players and bullies into being singers and dancers".

Larry has a confident belief that everything he does is right. He does not consider the feelings of others, allowing Francis to know that he let him win the table tennis competition, "no one but me realized what he was doing". He holds power over over, "I stood spellbound by his words". War fever hits Frenchtown - LaSalle is one of the first men to enlist in the army and seems to make the war his personal crusade. The war is seen as an adventure and just as the young people followed his example at the Wreck Centre, they too join the army.

Being a soldier is seen as glamorous. This mirrors what happens to Nicole and Francis.

the relationship between francis and nicole in heroes

Unfair to Francis How is Nicole like this? Nicole blames Francis for not helping her when Larry raped her. Evidence You were there all the time.

Tell him to stop. Analysis A few days after the assault, Nicole blames Francis for what happened to her. She does not even consider the fact that Francis was just obeying Larry, as she was. In addition, it should be remembered that Nicole stayed with Larry of her own accord; nobody forced her to stay. Finds closure How is Nicole like this? Nicole admits that she was flattered by Larry but accepts that what happened was his fault.

Evidence I know what he was. For a while there he made me feel special. What I did to you that day. The long black hair that fell to her shoulders is gone. Analysis It has taken a long time for Nicole to stop blaming Francis for what happened to her.


It is clear that, because she felt unable to accuse Larry, she lashed out at the only other person who knew about it. He is shown to bring out the best in people and uses his talents to teach others to dance and play sports. He introduces Francis to the sport of table tennis and teaches him how to play. Francis goes on to beat LaSalle in a table tennis competition and becomes well known as a 'table tennis champion'. His success in this sport at the Centre gives Francis a feeling of confidence and accomplishment, something he had not previously experienced.

However, Larry had simply let him win. She had moved from Albany, New York, and Francis described her as "the most beautiful girl" he had ever seen despite the fact that he is around twelve years old at the time. His relationship with Nicole Renard and the way he interacts with her reveals that Francis is an extremely dramatic character and describes emotions well beyond what most boys his age would experience.

Shy and 'timid', Francis had thought of Nicole constantly but never had the courage to talk to her until she started dancing at the 'Wreck Centre'. Nicole immediately becomes an important person in the world of Francis. They begin to hang out and often visit the Plymouth the local cinema with each other.

Their relationship is innocent and gentle, emphasizing their youth and inexperience in love. However, the main plot of the story destroys their love when Larry rapes Nicole in the 'Wreck Center', the local community center, one night on furlough. The 'Wreck Centre' had previously been a wedding hall until a disastrous event happened: The hall was later re-opened as the Recreation Centre, the locals of Frenchtown immediately referred to it as the 'Wreck Centre' instead, a name that foreshadows the assault.

Francis is pressured to leave the 'Wreck Centre' by LaSalle so he could have "one last dance" with Nicole and does so because he always did what "Larry LaSalle told them to do". Despite the fact that Nicole specifically asks him to stay, Francis leaves, as he trusts LaSalle and has been manipulated into doing whatever Larry LaSalle tells him to.

Francis is nevertheless concerned about Nicole and so stays outside the hall until it was over.

the relationship between francis and nicole in heroes

However, Francis then heard noises and realizes the assault. In a major panic, Francis has no idea what to do, perhaps out of cowardliness or innocence and does not go to help or protect Nicole.

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After the attack, Nicole, distraught, sees that Francis is still there and was extremely horrified by the thought of Francis not saving her. She feels extremely betrayed by Francis, whom she previously regarded as her protector. Since Francis had told her that he would "never leave" her, their relationship breaks down at this point.

For weeks afterwards, Francis tries to apologize to Nicole, but Nicole will not give him a chance to explain his actions. Therefore, Francis sees their relationship entirely broken and heartbroken himself, decided to enlist for the army in World War II.

Underage at fifteen or sixteen his age is never specified in the novel but if he is based on Cormier as he seems to be, he was born inand if he joined the army inthat would make him sixteenhe forges his birth certificate and goes to fight in France. During his army experience in France, Francis obtains his facial injuries by jumping on a grenade, saving many men's lives.

After receiving a Silver Star Award for his bravery, he returns to Frenchtown with "plenty of money" but no happiness. In the end, when he meets Larry, LaSalle is surprised that Francis is distraught about what happened to her, as he was previously unaware that Francis had knowledge of the events between LaSalle and Nicole.

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Larry, now lost his legs however, claims that "we all love our sins" and appears to show no remorse or regret for his actions, opting instead to accept his flaws.