The relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention

the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention

Affective commitments mediate in the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention of nurses. Relationship between occupational commitment. Abstract. The main objective of this study was to investigate job satisfaction variables related to turnover intentions of software programmers. Problem statement: The objective of this study were to determine the effect of job satisfaction on turnover intentions among the employees in XYZ Sdn. Bhd.

The ates a work environment based on teamwork and results may aid organizations in improving overall mutual respect between workers will improve the job satisfaction or in explaining organizational is- commitment, honesty and integrity Zurier, Spector ar- ing, pension, and welfare Hansen, Meares gued that job satisfaction measures facets such as and Sargent found that when an employer appreciation, job conditions, communication, co- has an increase in a benefit based on performance, workers, fringe benefits, nature of the work, rec- e.

the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention

The current study adapts the updated the job satisfaction model proposed by Spector Job conditions The following sections discuss each facet of his model. Job conditions are related to employees work- ing in a good atmosphere, with safe and support- Recognition ive equipment in the IT organization Spector, ; Challenging and stimulating assignments are important in many surveys of IT workers. For example, managers should explain not only what needs to be accomplished but also the Nature of work reason behind it.

In addition, a supervisor that has work or task that employees are currently doing, good communication with a subordinate will in- including the work-life balance Spector ; crease the job performance and job satisfaction of People can be motivated by the intrinsic the subordinate as well. Mobley has suggested that employee perceptions and evalua- Co-workers are defined as others who work tion of job content are among the more consistent with an employee. Building allies across the orga- correlates of turnover.

Forming posi- with their jobs if their work is not stimulating. IT professionals who are managerial-oriented in technical jobs and technically-oriented IT profes- Operating Procedure sionals in managerial jobs have revealed several kinds of negative work attitudes, including low Operating procedure is defined as the proce- satisfaction and shortage of commitment to the dures, rules, and regulations imposed by the orga- organization.

This study asserts that employees nization Stewart, In addition, fair pro- portunities for advancement, money, respect from cedures for allocating rewards in the organisation top management, and power that these jobs offer. Push and Pull Factors Fairness of organizational policies and procedures regarding pay, rewards, recognition, etc. Push Supervision factors are aspects that push the employee towards the exit door. Hacker has claimed that IT employ- to a new place of work.

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In some studies, pull fac- ees seem to change jobs more quickly when they tors are named as uncontrolled factors because they do not feel comfortable with their supervisors.

The are out of the control of organizations. Various relationship employees have with their supervisors pull factors derived from literature are: Turnover Intention Pay Turnover intentions are identified as the im- mediate predecessor to turnover behaviour. They Pay is defined as employee payment or salary also refer to the probability that an employee will for their work Spector, ; Lee and Mitchell tracted IT workers.

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Insix out of 10 US found that voluntary turnover involves three main employees indicated that compensation was very components. First, job dissatisfaction initiates leav- important to their overall job satisfaction, putting ing the job. Second, the employee searches for new it only three percentage points below opportuni- job alternatives prior to leaving the organisation. Compensation, along existing job and the new job alternative, but then with job security, has consistently remained on the select the better one.

Research Framework Promotion Figure 1 depicts the research framework for the current study. There is an association between job satis- At present, firms are members of the Soft- faction facets recognition, communication, co- ware Park. From the firms which have mem- workers, benefits, job conditions, nature of work, bership in the Software Park Thailand, the re- operating procedures, supervision, pay and pro- searcher randomly selected a total of 80 firms.

Once the email addresses software programmers employed in the IT indus- were received from HR managers, an email was try in Thailand. According to SIPA it was sent to all software programmers at the selected found that there are approximately local IT organizations to complete the survey. Therefore, the sample of pro- The questionnaire consisted of 4 sections.

The grammers in Bangkok was chosen as it is the cen- first section contained questions related to respon- tre of the IT industry in Thailand. Section 2 contained 40 ques- The sample was chosen from among program- tions which measured the 10 facets of job satisfac- 46 tion as shown in the Research Framework.

Eleven questions were monthly income between 20, to 30, and used to measure the Pull and Push Factors in Sec- 10, to 20, Baht, at These were adapted from the work of Kim, percent, respectively. The largest group of respon- Price, Mueller, and WatsonIgbariadents Fig- An analysis of validity and reliability was con- ures 2 and 3 show the hypotheses test results on ducted to determine whether the survey questions push and pull factors based on multiple regression were generalizable and indicative of what they were analysis.

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Four research experts em- ployed as HR consultants checked the survey tool for content validity. The researcher dis- Extant literature supports the idea that pay and tributed 30 sets of questionnaires to the program- promotion are important factors impacting turn- mers in 3 companies in the Software Park Thai- over; however, as per the findings of the current land. From the results of the test, the alpha scores Pull factors had a stronger relationship with soft- for all variables were greater than 0.

This finding is surprising because in west- able Sekaran, Multiple regressions were ern studies, reward, recognition, and feedback were applied for ten factors of job satisfaction which mentioned as important strategies for retaining IT were associated with turnover intention.

In addi- talent Tulgan, ; Zemke, ; Zetlin, Despite pay being a factor that was not signifi- Of the questionnaires sent via hyperlink, cantly linked to turnover intention in this study, questionnaires were valid and used for the benefits were significantly related to the partici- analysis of this study. In Thailand, lenging and costly endeavour. Given the shortage social assistance from the government is not suffi- of qualified personnel and the cost of hiring and cient, it is therefore important for Thais to save training new IT personnel in Thailand, it is para- for old age as a source of income security.

The mount that organizations learn ways to retain their failure of many Thai employers to provide long- most qualified IT personnel. The first step in do- term security to their employees encourages nei- ing so is to delve into the underlying causes of turn- ther loyalty nor adequate investment by employ- over with the goal of developing and refining ap- ers in skills improvement Beevor, This is similar good career-management practices.

It was not sur- ries of opportunities that satisfy their career re- prising that the younger respondents, those who quirements. Amabile con- the preferences of IT professionals clearly show firmed this by stating that the most creative IT that high turnover is not an inevitable consequence teams boast autonomy and cohesion. If the job is of the technology field but rather a problem that not well defined, the work that the programmer can be successfully addressed by understanding the does may not create any value.

For example, an root causes and adopting proven strategies such employee who accepts a job as a senior analyst as work redesign. First, fur- Whilst studies conducted in the west have ther research is needed to develop a simplified found significant correlations between many of the model to measure job satisfaction and turnover of job facets and turnover intention, this study has other professional groups, i.

This implies that HR managers in the IT in- der, age, nationality and location. These elements dustry in Thailand need to pay special attention to should allow the researcher to compare and inves- these factors in order to retain their skilled IT per- tigate the findings across several levels at the na- sonnel.

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Third, researchers should use longitu- IT personnel play a vital role in organizations. Fourth, because this technology and organizational business processes study was quantitative and correlational, an evalu- and procedures.

Finding the right talent is a chal- ation of the impact of cause and effect was not 49 possible. Conducting a phenomenological study cessed 2 June Avail- deeper insights into what IT professionals are look- able at http: Retrieved on ing for in their jobs and why they leave organiza- 2 December, The analysis of the software industry in Thailand.

Coping with 4 2 The detailed questionnaire items and references are as shown in Table 1. Questionnaire items and references 4. Results and Discussion 4. Statistical Methods Used Is the light of the objectives of the study and its hypotheses and the nature of variables, and the methods of measurement, a set of statistical method have been used, based on the statistical package for social science SPSS v21 in the entry and processing of data collected from the form, and we used Honesty coefficient and alpha Cronbach to verify the degree of stability and sincerity of the form.

Applied Study In this part of the study the problematic had been processed to test the hypotheses, and the applied study was as follow: Study of Stability and Sincerity of the Form To check the trust and stability of the questionnaire, Cronbach Alpha is used, so its value was found 0. It means that the coefficient of stability is good.

In order to check the trust, the square racing on Cronbach Alpha coefficient is entered and its value was found 0. Table 2 bellow clarifies this.

Stability coefficient Cronbach Alpha 4. Sampling Design and Data Collection Sample characteristics were analysed in order to identify the demographic variables, and how sample individuals are divided according to each variable. Model of study and its output Table 4. Latente Variable Correlation - Table 5 above clarifies that the coefficient of correlation is significant: The coefficient of correlation between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment is 0.

There is a statistically significant effect of job satisfaction on Turnover intention. There is a statistically significant effect of job satisfaction on Turnover intention with the existence of Organizational Commitment and Intent to Stay as an intermediate variables. Recommendations An important recommendation of the study is that managers should take initiatives to increase job satisfaction with a view to amplifying organizational commitment and intent to stay as well as reducing turnover intentions of employees in their organizations.

Limitations Despite the positive implications for management, the study has suffered from some limitations.

the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention

The most important limitation was to use a convenience sampling technique that might limit the generalizability of the findings. A random sampling procedure could be a better alternative to assure the generalizability of the results.

A larger and more representative sample is needed to investigate further the relationships among job satisfaction, organizational commitment, intent to stay, and turnover intentions. Further Research In terms of future research directions, subsequent studies should be attempted to investigate the relationships among job satisfaction, organizational commitment, intent to stay, and turnover intentions in different departments.

Future research would benefit from a large sample size, using a variety of samples. References [1] Brikend Aziri: Job Behavioral Factors and Turnover Intention: A study of job stress and turnover tendency among air traffic controllers: The mediating effects of job satisfaction, Transporation Research part E 57,p.