What episode do gajeel and levy meet

what episode do gajeel and levy meet

Currently Gajeel and Levi are in a relationship or maybe they are friends with benefits. We do know they When does Gray get feelings for Juvia in Fairy Tail?. Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon When Gajeel is hit by Narukami—which slices right through his body—Levy bursts .. Later, Levy meets the members of Team Natsu, as well as Wendy and Carla. In the Phantom Lord's hall, Gajeel is eating iron when is interrupted by an ally, Lucy is left behind to tend to the wounded, and remembers the first time she met Levy. Tears roll down her cheek and promises not to forgive whoever did this.

However, Rogue's shadow comes to life and possesses him, and tries killing Gajeel with his shadow magic. Determining that Future Lucy cannot be lying about her traumatic experiences, Arcadios leaves the group to confront Hisui about the time traveler's statements. While Erza, Gray, and Juvia's battles continue, Jura takes out Olga with a single strike and attempts to do the same with Laxus.

However, Laxus recovers quickly, and the two engage in a duel. Sting, their last opponent, comes out of hiding and challenges Fairy Tail, intending to claim victory by taking out all five battle-weary wizards at once.

However, seeing the five wizards' determination causes Sting to falter and forfeit to Fairy Tail, allowing them to win the Grand Magic Games. Millianna then reunites Sting with Lector, having found the Exceed during the games. When Hisui tells Darton that Sting's surrender is the outcome foretold to her, she initiates Eclipse 2, the Eclipse Cannon.

In Mercurius, Arcadios confronts Hisui at Eclipse, where the princess reveals that her advisor from the future is not Lucy, but a man; the advisor reveals himself to be Rogue after using his shadow powers to wipe out the soldiers attacking Natsu's group. After telling the group that he comes from a timeline where Lucy closes Eclipse before it can be used against the dragon horde, Rogue fires a magic blade to kill her.

However, her future self jumps in the way to intercept the attack, which kills her instead.

what episode do gajeel and levy meet

Grief-stricken by her sacrifice, Natsu engages Rogue in battle. After exiting the castle, Lucy and the others meet Hisui as the princess prepares to open Eclipse. Crocus is evacuated while Hisui's father, King Toma E. Fiore, requests that the wizards remain in the city to help fight any dragons that survive the Eclipse Cannon's attack. When Eclipse opens, Lucy suddenly says they must close the gate and moves to do so. To the horror of everyone present, dragons from the distant past suddenly begin to emerge from the gate, which has been sabotaged by Rogue's future self to remain open under the eclipsed moon.

Lucy and Yukino summon the twelve zodiac spirits, who use their power to close Eclipse, leaving only seven dragons outside. Future Rogue takes command of the dragons and orders them to lay waste to Crocus; the wizard guilds fight the dragons, but are completely overpowered and unable to harm them with their magic.

Recovering from his injuries, Natsu appears on the city rooftops to confront Rogue again. Realizing only dragon slayer magic can harm the dragons, Natsu calls out to the dragon slayers in the city to fight against them.

As the dragon slayers fight each dragon, Wendy encounters Zirconis, whom she is reluctant to fight. However, after Zirconis mercilessly strips Lucy and the soldiers of their clothes in preparation of eating them, Wendy resolves to defeat him.

Zirconis tosses Lucy away, sending her crashing into Natsu; when Lucy complains about the situation with Zirconis, Natsu gets an idea and immediately returns to the battle. Lucy discovers her future self's notebook among the rubble. Meanwhile, Jellal comes to Erza's aid in the city, but is confronted by a furious Millianna. While Atlas Flame attempts to shake him off, Natsu's technique reminds him of Igneel, whom Atlas Flame says is his friend. When Natsu reveals Igneel to be his adoptive father, Atlas Flame is freed from Future Rogue's control and assists Natsu in fighting him.

Meanwhile, Rogue's present self is horrified to learn from one of the dragons that his future self is responsible for the attack on Crocus. Ultear plots to kill Rogue while eavesdropping on him, therefore undoing his future self's plan. She prepares to kill Rogue, who remains disheartened by his future self's actions until Sting arrives and reinvigorates him.

Ultear loses her resolve and determines she no longer has the right to live for attempting to kill an innocent person. Meanwhile, the wizards continue to struggle against the miniature dragons. Gray rushes to shield Juvia from the mini dragons' blasts and is shot to death with lasers. Ultear decides to atone for her lifelong misdeeds by using the spell to avert the dragons' arrival in the present. Afterward, she discovers that only one minute has been reversed and collapses.

As a result of her spell, however, the wizards avoid their own deaths, including Gray's. At Mercurius, Lucy reunites with her friends near Eclipse and, using her future self's notebook, she reveals that they can return Future Rogue and the dragons to their respective time periods by destroying Eclipse.

In the sky, Natsu realizes that Frosch is dead in Future Rogue's timeline, which Rogue confirms is the cause of his own corruption. The dragons, Rogue, and the alternate Lucy's body disappear into their respective timelines as a result; the alternate Lucy awakens in a golden grassland and meets the spirits of her friends who were killed in her timeline.

As he disappears, Rogue tells Natsu to protect Frosch in one year's time, shocking him with the mysterious name of Frosch's killer.

While there, everyone is troubled when they realize Natsu's absence. Meanwhile, the Saber Tooth wizards reconcile with Yukino and offer to let her return to their guild.

Fairy Tail and the other wizards begin to argue over letting Yukino join their respective guilds, resulting in a massive brawl.

what episode do gajeel and levy meet

They calm down when Arcadios announces the king's appearance, only to discover Natsu impersonating the king as a practical joke. Later, Toma forgives Hisui for her role in the nearly causing Fiore's destruction after he punishes her to wear a pumpkin mask for one week. He also reveals that Cobra has turned himself in, and forewarns them about the dark guild Tartaros. The two later receive a letter written by Ultear from an elderly woman that informs them about her sacrifice, unaware that the woman is Ultear, aged as a result of her magic.

On his carriage ride back to Magnolia, Gray recognizes Ultear on the road and grieves for her, realizing that she is the one who saved his life. Feeling at peace with herself, Ultear privately bids her loved ones farewell. As a gift, the city mayor unveils the guild's original guildhall, newly renovated. Afterwards, Natsu and his friends embark on a mission to save a village that has been flooded with mud by a "mole" a giant mudskipper.

Learning from the villagers that the monster is looking for a mate, the wizards trick Lucy into capturing it, after which Virgo finds a female "mole" a giant crayfish for the male to mate with. Later, Mavis finds Zeref at the forest near Magnolia, where he reveals that the conflict at the Grand Magic Games has inspired him to destroy mankind for their continuing conflicts; Mavis responds that Fairy Tail will destroy him instead. Rogue desperately searches for Frosch alongside Sting, Lector, and Yukino, asking several wizards for Frosch's whereabouts.

The group eventually finds Frosch trying to return to the Saber Tooth guildhall alone, and decide to follow in secret, averting various hazards to Frosch along the way. After spending the entire day searching, Frosch ends up at the Fairy Tail guildhall by mistake, to Rogue's dismay.

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In a flashback, Erza learns during the game that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been posing as a member of Fairy Tail in order to commit crimes. Erza tracks down and subdues Moulin Rogue, who confesses that she is unable to find work to pay for medicine for her pet mouse, Sonny. Each spirit's request gradually exhausts Lucy until she passes out from summoning all of her Zodiac spirits in a row after performing a comedy routine for an angered Aquarius.

what episode do gajeel and levy meet

Natsu and Lucy embark on a job to investigate major changes in celestial bodies, but when they arrive at the supposed destination, they find that the job is a trap and are attacked by a giant sea slug. Lucy tries summoning her Zodiac spirits to fight, but they ignore her calls.

Meanwhile, Yukino visits the Fairy Tail guildhall and reveals that she is unable to summon Libra and Pisces as well. During his battle with Bradman, Gajeel claims that he will bring Levy home safe and sound, no matter the cost, and risked his own life by inhaling poisonous magical particles.

what episode do gajeel and levy meet

As the battle continues, Levy watches as Gajeel is continuously beaten upon. Levy then watches in fear as Gajeel is being strangled, screaming for "Shadow" to stop, lest the Iron Dragon Slayer die. Levy cried when she sees Gajeel's suffering.

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However, Gajeel's eating of Rogue's shadows warrants Levy's full curiosity as she wonders what is happening. Levy later shows up to help Gajeel, much to his dismay, but she proves to be an asset. This is until her Solid Script: Mask is shown to wear off, though she revealed it gave her no true defense against Bradman's anti-magic particle release. This angers Gajeel as he didn't want to put Levy in any danger and says he will defeat Bradman quickly so he may take Levy back to the guild safe and sound, remarking that he will protect 'the girl he fell for'.

Being that Bradman couldn't be affected by physical attacks, Gajeel then ingests all of the anti-magic particles from the air, similar to his actions during his battle with Torfuzar which allowed him to achieve Dragon Force. Gajeel then swiftly defeats Bradman, but right as he is defeated, Bradman begins to absorb Gajeel into his body in order to drag him into the underworld with him.

Levy immediately rushed to Gajeel's aid, but he protests as Levy would likely be sucked into the trap and Gajeel noticed that he was beyond saving at that moment. Levy continues to fight to save Gajeel, claiming she is no longer the weakling or damsel in distress he once knew. Gajeel begs her to stop, only for Pantherlily to step in and restrain Levy.

As Gajeel is being pulled into the portal, he confesses how being in Fairy Tail with Levy by his side opened his eyes to what the future could be for him, his love for her and of his thoughts about their future together with a family in such before finally thanking her for showing him love. Lucy overhears the young boy Romeo Conbolt arguing with the guild master Makarov Dreyar over disappearance of his father, Macao.

what episode do gajeel and levy meet

Sympathizing with Romeo due to the disappearance of Igneel, his own father figure, Natsu sets out to find Macao himself, with Lucy and Happy accompanying him. The three encounter a monkey-like Vulcan monster that kidnaps Lucy. Natsu follows the Vulcan to its cave, but is thrown outside into a crevice. Lucy summons her bull celestial spirit Taurus to fight the Vulcan, but Natsu re-enters the cave and knocks out Taurus, whom he mistakes for another monster.

Natsu defeats the Vulcan and discovers it to be Macao, who had been possessed by the monster. Lucy demonstrates her magic by summoning a celestial spirit that she names Plue, who suggests that Natsu and Happy form a team with Lucy.

Natsu tricks her into accepting a job to steal a book entitled Daybreak from its owner, Duke Everlue, while disguised as a maid.