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abe mihashi relationship quizzes

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Ren practices by himself, at home with a homemade practice board when he can. His new teammates come to understand how serious and hard working Ren is when they come to see this. This was actually a moment I wasn't expecting. Here you really come to understand that Ren, is really serious.

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He practices like no one else but still thinks he's bad. He's the one putting the most effort into being the best pitcher he can be and you can really see that.

His hard effort really pays off because the way he divides the strike zone is more advanced then how a professional would do it. Plus he has four breaking balls, with a really weird but tricky fast ball. His speed may be lacking but he's pretty advanced with everything else. Now the kind of funny thing about Ren is that yes he's so amazing at pitching.

But when it comes to anything else he isn't good at all. I understand that pitchers are pitchers and they practice that more often, but even the pitchers should be able to do another position at least decently.

He can't hit the ball, or really run bases.


Ren is really clumsy and takes some nasty falls it's actually a blast to watch. But he does really needs help with his "baseball" skills. Yes his pitching skills are on point but everything else is just a mess. I guess it's okay because it fits his characters and it's actually funny to watch, but he really does need to improve not the other positions. Another hilarious thing about Ren is his freaking facial expressions. They give this character some of the funniest expressions and you just can't help but laugh.

Ren is a rather talent yet funny character. Anyways Rens main relationship would have to be with Abe his catcher.

abe mihashi relationship quizzes

These two have a rather complicated relationship. Abe gets really annoyed with Ren and ends up yelling at him a lot which makes Ren even make nervous around him. Despite that Ren actually is very happy to have Abe, he thinks Abe is such an amazing catcher and doesn't want to play with anyone but him. Abe on the other hand is pretty much tasked with taking case of Ren, sometimes he seems like a nagging parent but it shows that he sees something in Ren and believes that he will be able to take them far.

To calm Ren down Abe actually tells him that he won't get sick or hurt at all so he will always be able to be the catcher. In reality this ain't true but it was a statement that was able to get Ren back in the game. Their friendship isn't a happy, happy, best friends forever type of deal, but they do respect each other and believe in each other and that's a key to friendship.

Abe isn't the only person Ren is seen interacting with. Now yes Rens first teammates were really bad to him and didn't have faith in his abilities at all. But his team in high school is legit a breath of fresh air.

They are all goofy, really nice and actually believe in their pitcher. They don't believe Ren was just given the mound they all know that he worked for it and continues to work hard for it everyday. They actually try to lift up Ren instead of putting him down and their motivation really helps Ren. They are all really supportive and Ren is actually able to make some friends. For Ren his old baseball team was a nightmare but his new one for sure is the best thing that could of happened to him.

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Watching Ren interact with others without being super nervous is great to see. Thanks to them he is able to open up more and express his feelings. So there is probably more to Ren that I haven't discovered yet. But overall from the anime Ren to me is a rather interesting character because he isn't the type you see all the time. I do find his personality to be annoying sometimes but that doesn't stop me from likening his character. Thanks to Ren we are able to see what bulling can really do do a person.

The bulling wasn't physically hurtful but it sure was mentally. Thanks to his former team Ren became this wimpy guy who doesn't have a inch of self confidence. He is also starting to learn how to pitch the "proper" fastball with backspin and throwing the ball from the windup position. Appearance Mihashi has medium-long, orange-ish brown hair and hazel eyes.

He is either seen wearing the baseball club's or the school's uniforms, or sport clothes. Personality Edit Ren during the game against Tosei Mihashi is often seen anxious and has a very low self-confidence. He is shown to have always had this personality; however, it became much more pronounced in middle school during the time when he was bullied by his teammates on the baseball team. As such, he has struggles on saying his opinion which often leads to Abe's irritation.

Despite his low self-confidence, Mihashi is very stubborn, refusing to give up the mound even when so exhausted that he starts losing control of his pitches.

abe mihashi relationship quizzes

He also feels upset at the idea of the team needing a reserve pitcher, going as far as having Tajima write the number "1" on his uniform's back in order to accept the idea half-heartedly.

He loves pitching so much that his mother mentions he's always holding a ball, even in his sleep. Mihashi's grades are very poor, and he says he had to work hard in order to get into Nishiura.

abe mihashi relationship quizzes