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However, that title is the first magical girl anime as Himitsu no Akko-chan was not in the role of Akko-chan and singing the opening and ending themes) and in primary focus on the relationship, there are many subgenres of the romance. Her relationship with Prince Frank, while genuinely affectionate, . Secret Akko- chan is the last of the three grandmothers of magical girl anime. Had Tezuka's vision for Mushi Pro succeeded anime may have ended up in a. Himitsu no Akko-chan () Himitsu No Akko Chan, Magical Girl, I wish i had their kind of relationship, full of love and a little bit weird - Soredemo .. of deduction,we will punish you! the music was in my mind from the begining to the end!.

There must be lots of people like her in the world.

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I began working for Akatsuka because I wanted to create cosmetics for those people. You reminded me of that, Akko. Will she be able to save the company? And what will become of their relationship?

He passed away on August 2, from pneumonia at the age of A nationally famous work that represents the best of Japanese comics, this work depicts a 5th-grade girl who transforms herself with a magical mirror as the protagonist.

It gained instant popularity when the serialization began in in the magazine Ribon, and the TV animation was broadcast in The show marked an average viewer rating of It was remade twice since then.

The band played its legendary 2-day final Tokyo Dome concert and dissolved into the disappointment of its fans. Her third album joy ranked No.

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They found the treasure in the cavern, Until Plipeye suddenly found the answer from the magical Buddha Idol. But then, Banballa and Plipeye hear the sound of the cry coming out from Banballa's ship.

Tan Yin kit warns them that Tan Yeong hup and the evil Sea Lock is going to use the treasure to rule the world. But it was too late And the sailors are horrfied that they've failed to stop them.

In his ship that sails to the whirlpool, Plipeye has suffered the most of the causes, done by his own misdeeds. Until Somchai the other magical soul came to Kiko Soul. But it's the toughest command that causes themselves to merge and never return.

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However, they have only one way they could return home happily, by not pushing the kids who will do whatever they can to make new things that will change the world and help them more from disaster.

Kiko's heart suddenly pumps with a returning love. Kiko vows that there's going to have an exaggeration changes for world's romance and relationship. Even if Kiko still loves Somchai very much. By Maitreya and the Bodhisattvas. Kiko and Somchai are back!! As Kiko bursts her tears in joy. She will tell everyone the world that there's going to be an exaggeration.

She and The empress agree with Somchai.

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As Somchai's Popeye Hero business is back again!! Only this time, Kiko will join Somchai's action adventure with her friends. In his world, They left an another Kiko Soul who suddenly change and transform into a new soul of a Hero!! When soul Kiko has transformed into a new Masculine hero soul!!

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Plipeye becomes Popeye No. Oligo is proud that he became so brave.