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Aquarius & Libra

aquarius relationship tumblr

Apr 11, I am an Aquarius woman in love with Libra man. This is about us. notyourtypicalasrology: “(Male) Libra & Aquarius (Female) Relationship ”. Aquarius are pretty straightforward in the object of their affections, initially. If an Aquarius doesnt see you as someone that is relationship material, they will play. Dec 1, In order for an Aquarius/Pisces relationship to work: Both people must have reached an equal level of mental and emotional maturity, or the.

Both people must have reached an equal level of mental and emotional maturity, or the Pisces must be more mature than the Aquarius. Pisces in general is a more patient sign, and has an overwhelming instinct to nurture.

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Because of this, Pisces often find themselves in relationships with people who are further behind in maturity and need to be taken care of. A Pisces can be a lover and caretaker all in one; it does not faze them to have their lover in a position of dependency upon them. In fact, Pisces likes to be needed by their lover.

Aquarius likes to feel needed, but it does not take long before they start to notice the actual, constant, 24 hour demand for attention, and the Aquarius like it or not simply does not have the necessary temperament to deal with a lover who requires the attention of a child.

The Pisces must understand that there is a very real chance that the Aquarius will want to deal with a large portion of their emotional issues and struggles on their own; and must be able to recognize that this does not mean that the Aquarius does not trust them or does not want to talk to them or is upset with them, etc. They want to be around you all the time, but they will never show it or tell you it. They are very expressive through sex and other physical touch.

Scorpio will listen to your problems and will give you the advice to stay safe. They want to fuck until 3 AM and watch movies with you the rest of the time. They will talk all night with you about good memories, friends, and their dreams.

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They want to take you on adventures and take pictures to document it all. Sagittarius will make you coffee at 3 in the morning to keep the story going and drive down long highways playing heartfelt music the whole drive. They can be selfish sometimes when they always chose what date to go on, but they will stop to ask you what you want sometimes. Capricorn tend to be traditionalists.

They will start out in the talking stage, but will move fast to movies, dinner out, and holding hands often. Capricorn want to kiss you in the rain and turn the fire on for you to warm you up. Capricorn will spend a lot of money on you. Aquarius will make you their favorite person and will teach you things no one else knows about the world.

In their dogged pursuits of their goals in life, Aquarius is very much stubborn, and that emboldens the Libra too. They share their fascinations and dreams together and spur to higher heights as their love grows. If the man is a Libra, he will be very expressive and vocal about his feelings.

aquarius relationship tumblr

He will always design new ways to make the Aquarian loved and special. On the other hand, the Aquarius woman will always keep him mesmerized with her depth, intelligence and mystery.

aquarius relationship

The Libra guy will be always perfect to handle her moody, eccentric streak. Both of them are free birds at hearts, so the possibility of domination is at bay. She will be especially fond of his intelligence and adventurous nature while he will be smitten by her liveliness and intellect.

aquarius relationship tumblr

The duos will have a great time together.