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No its a scene that happens in your cabin when you sleep. And whats Anwar talking about after you remove his void code when he says that. Let's Play Avalon Code by Didja Redo - Part The Real Deal: Part It's Been From my updates, you might think the unshackling scene is just part of the story . . If you actually had to get to know the spirits and build a relationship with Anwar conks you on the head once, then does nothing for the rest of the game. Anwar is one of the hero characters in Avalon Code. He's possesed by his This again? Relationships: Choose love (this is accepting his Love Scene/Basic).

Did you get back from the desert? Ah ha ha ha ha! Then you must've outsmarted the desert witch Olly! Yumil, I must apologise to you. Olly ordered me to watch over you. She said she'd kill my grandma if I disobeyed her. So it's her fault we were dragged off to the desert?! I thought I'd abandoned my past, but I'm still a prisoner of it. I've hated this life. That is, until I met you.

You defy all my readings. My traps, Olly's plot Like I said, I just can't beat you. To be honest, I don't quite know what to do. But I want to tell you the truth. Grandma's going to stop Olly? No, but that's what she told us to tell you, so let's just go with it. I'm going to think more about what I must do.

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Until we meet again, Yumil. And earlier, I saw a swarm of giant locusts flying overhead! A bad omen, indeed. I should point out that these locusts are aggressive. As in, they become enemies in Chapter 3 and attack you. Still, nobody's concerned for their safety or their food. It's just a "bad omen. What a bad omen so close to the tournament. Nobody's worried about the here and now? Are we really that hung up on omens? What a bad omen.

Now he's asking for my wallet, that's an even worse omen. Now he's stabbing me in the gut! That's the worst omen yet! Something terrible must be about to happen!

This is your first time! Athletes from all over the world come here for the event! There are six days left! If you're interested, go talk to Mayor Georg in the arena! A quick nap in your house and time will fly right by! But there's only six days left! Spend your time talking and giving gifts to people in town! Try getting along with them! Just remember, before giving a gift, check to see what they like and don't like!

Now's your chance to make a good impression on everyone! If you're lucky, you could have a lover before the tournament! That oughta get you pumped! If you use exclamation marks! More often than full stops! They start losing their impact! It makes your character!

Sound like a crazy dude! Who is shouting all his lines! Oh yeah, and Anwar shows up. I realise it's because he's a love interest and they didn't want players having to run back to Samiad just to talk to him, but they could have given him some narrative justification for following us here.

You can't even blame it on hormones, since we're not a girl. This is all he has to say to us. If you don't like crowds, don't hang out in a capital city! You came at a perfect time! Today marks the passing away of Fana's mother Lena. We planned on visiting her grave, but with Fana stuck in bed, I thought I'd go alone. She says this like it's some unforeseen setback. Who would have thought that your granddaughter, who is bedridden every single day, would continue being bedridden on this particular day?

I'll come too, grandma! I'm feeling better today! You must rest in bed. I'm sorry, Yumil, but would you come in her place? I'd like you to place flowers on the gravestone for Fana.

You go on ahead while I put Fana to bed.

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I thought I'd finally tell you the real reason she lost her parents. I'd heard of a healing medicine. A miracle flower said to cure any illness! He went out in search of that flower, costing him his life After that, his remains were brought to town. I told Fana he'd simply gone missing, but that's not true. That man lost his life to save his daughter. I never told her that. They're both facing in the direction she arrives from, and yet they don't notice her standing right in front of them until she talks.

Why did you come out here?! I'm so sorry, Yumil. I must get Fana back home. Please come again later. Rempo accessorizes with a pair of tapered earrings and a green belt, upon which are hung ornamented, gong-shaped metal discs. He is never seen without a good deal of eye makeup. Personality "Fire Spirit with his arms sealed.

Like his Spirit element, Rempo is hot-headed and quick to challenge any enemy on sight. He can be rather blunt and easily loses his temper when teased. His will tends to overpower others', and is usually action-oriented.

As stated in his Book entry, he vastly prefers to skip the strategizing stage, pulling others right into engagements at his side and adjusting his plans on the fly with analyses made in the heat of battle.

He displays an affinity for hiding in elemental form, though he does not use this ability for more than trivial purposes. He claims that the shackles that bind him to the Book keep him from unleashing magnificent power, though he seems to have lost faith in their potential removal following Kullervo's catastrophic career. It may be speculated that his friendliness at the beginning of the game is either involuntary meaning that he was created to guide the ininitiated new hero, always appears first, and cannot control his desire to be helpful or the result of a close friendship with the failed previous Chosen One.

Rempo looks closes in age to Neaki, his equally temperamental Ice Spirit foil with whom he fights in a typical younger-brother manner. Mieli, the group's eternal peacemaker and older sister figure, recieves the least of his complaints. In the same familial vein, his relationship with Ur seems to be composed of half admiration and half resentment; while Ur and Rempo share the tendency to lecture the player and, in the case of the latter, those around himit is possible that Rempo specifically tailors his informative talks to fit a tone entirely unlike his fellow Spirit's.

The player should be cautioned not to take Rempo's advice lately, for while he is deficient at providing non-subjective words of wisdom, he is goal-oriented and will remain with the player throughout most of the game. In-Game Text "I'll tell you what you need to know! She's as cold as ice! He's as loud as thunder! She's as relaxed as the forest! You ready to do it now? There's nothing left to say!