Bantu holomisa relationship with mandela nelson

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bantu holomisa relationship with mandela nelson

Desmond Tutu, a longtime friend of Nelson Mandela, has said he will Bantu Holomisa, a former ANC politician close to the Mandela family. The figure of Nelson Mandela towers behind UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, who had a special relationship with Madiba. Pictures: Simphiwe. UDM leader Bantu Holomisa came out guns blazing, accusing coalition over broken-down relations between the DA's Nelson Mandela Bay.

Both came back empty-handed. I never asked to join the ANC. The ANC sent a delegation to me. I said to them they must go to the soldiers. In the early s, Holomisa was one of the most popular leaders in the country and revered for collaborating with the liberation movements despite being a bantustan leader.

Mandela, Bantu and the politics

He formed bonds with ANC leaders, especially Chris Hani, and made the Transkei a haven for MK combatants and activists while he presided over a homeland where he'd seized power in a coup.

It was not surprising when the ANC recruited him soon after the end of apartheid. I said to them they must go to the soldiers," said Holomisa, then still a military commander in the Transkei.

bantu holomisa relationship with mandela nelson

Holomisa recalls that the generals were suspicious of the ANC's intentions. We thought he was going to assist with the integration of armed forces because of his experience and training and so on. We are worried that once you have a fallout with him you'll ditch him. InHolomisa appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and his testimony irked some ANC leaders when he revealed that he had led the Transkei coup to oust the premier, Stella Sigcau, because she and her cabinet had accepted R2-million from casino magnate Sol Kerzner.

It's strange — there must have been a breakdown. Mandela and Tutu were like brothers. Mandela had time for Tutu and Tutu had time for Mandela. It doesn't sound good at all.

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Is it the family or is it the government? Did the family come under pressure not to invite him?

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In the absence of a convincing explanation, it looks petty. I would have thought he belonged there. Tutu has been quite a vocal critic of the ANC. It comes as a surprise and arouses suspicions of a political motivation behind it.

bantu holomisa relationship with mandela nelson

When I'm not kissing babies, I steal their lollipops. In his post-Robben Island political life, Nelson Mandela has always risen above the label.

Courageous Mandela was like a father - Holomisa

He's been a statesman; a saint almost, but never a politician. But in a new biography, penned by the editor of Time magazine, Richard Stengel, the world's best-loved nonagenarian seemed to have stooped down to the level of politicians - the scum of the world. The book, Mandela's Way, Lessons on Life, weaves into it "remarkable stories of Mandela as the protege of a tribal king, of his early days as a freedom fighter, of the year imprisonment that could not break him, and of his new and fulfilling marriage at the age of 80".

But it is in Chapter 9 - Keep Your Rivals Close - that the grandfather of modern politics engages in the back-stabbing and double-speak that is the hallmark of politicians. Stengel quotes Madiba speaking very unflatteringly about General Bantu Holomisa, someone he's always been seen to be close to, especially publicly.